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Friday December 9th, 2011

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communal table book series

I love the publishing era we’re living in; there are so many exciting small-scale print zines and book series popping up everywhere. One of my favorites is the Communal Table, a self-published book series about food and the way it brings people together. Each series has a theme, and all the proceeds will be donated…

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Monday December 5th, 2011

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vanity fair: four corners books edition

Last Friday I had the pleasure of sitting next to one of my favorite designers, Coralie Bickford-Smith. After asking her questions and watching as a rapt audience ate up every word (her accent is as delightful as her work), we discussed the importance of book covers in a market where printed books are often passed…

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Tuesday November 15th, 2011

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ww hc c

For years, I’ve embarrassed Amy by saying, “I’m not much of a reader” in posts. What was once a sad but honest admission is now happily a thing of the past due to our book tour. With so much time spent on planes and in cars, I’ve been tearing through books like I did when…

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Monday November 7th, 2011

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colorset3 by susan hable & rinne allen

One of the highlights of last week’s book tour trip was getting to spend time in Athens, Georgia. Before our event, we had the pleasure of joining Rinne Allen for a quick tour around town, followed by a delicious dinner at The National with some amazing women. I’m constantly in awe of fantastic artists coming…

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Thursday October 27th, 2011

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unbound by francisca prieto

Whenever we feature work that involves altering books, it stirs up a storm of emotion and discussion. You would think that over the years, I’d have built a resistance to that sort of backlash, but it still makes me nervous, as I brace for impact each time. However, I can’t look at these beautiful pieces…

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Tuesday October 25th, 2011

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lubok verlag books

Sometimes, when I find a new designer or design source, it feels like falling into a rabbit hole. First I’m digging for any information I can find, and the next thing I know, I’m tumbling deeper and deeper into Google searches and blog links that can bring me any tiny shred of information on the…

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Monday September 26th, 2011

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new: faber book covers + giveaway

I’m in book mode these days so I love seeing what other publishers are producing. Faber just released a gorgeous series based on the Romantic Poets and inspired by the designs of Josiah Wedgwood and I’m loving both the covers and endpapers. The collection celebrates Byron, Clare, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley, Blake, Burns and Keats through…

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Monday September 19th, 2011

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art of instruction + contest

I’m 100% certain that if the education charts in my junior high science class looked like those found in this book, I would have gotten a much better grade. A few years ago, I hunted down a chart of sea plants in Paris found at the most magical of natural history stores, Deyrolle. It is…

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Wednesday August 10th, 2011

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the good life cookbook


Normally, I wait until Friday to post anything food related, but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous new book. Suzy from A Friend of Mine design studio in Melbourne sent over this beautiful new cookbook that Pan Macmillan publishers asked her to design and art direct. The Good Life is the latest cookbook from chef Adrian Richardson…

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Tuesday July 12th, 2011

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botanical art books

Despite all the sweet and well-meaning comments I received after my last tattoo post, I’m still planning on moving forward with my own this summer. I’m looking to get a very precise botanical illustration with clean lines and a specific flower that pertains to my home state, so I’ve been hunting through vintage and antique…

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Tuesday June 28th, 2011

Friday June 10th, 2011

Wednesday June 8th, 2011

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greece on my wheels

Travelogues are some of my favorites types of summer reading. Even if I can’t get away as often as I’d like, it’s fun to live vicariously through someone else’s travel adventures. And if you can combine a great travel story with a beautiful cover like this one, I’m sold. “Greece on My Wheels” is the…

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Monday June 6th, 2011

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rooftop gardens

Outdoor space is most New Yorkers’ ultimate real estate wish. We initially hunt for more light, bigger rooms and better locations, but even after you’ve found a great apartment, it’s impossible to not eventually hope for a place to plant a garden to sit outside. While the reality of an amazing rooftop garden feels about…

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Friday May 27th, 2011

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sonya sheats bookbinding

Working on the Design*Sponge Book has made me so appreciative and respectful of the skill that goes into making books in their physical form. While cover designs often become a highly digital process these days, I always appreciate when I see books that embrace a cover or binding with an unexpected material or texture. Those…

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Friday April 22nd, 2011

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the beekeeper’s bible

I’m beginning to think that idiomatic expressions about judging books by their covers must apply to everything but books. (Coralie Bickford-Smith anyone?) The Beekeeper’s Bible is one of the prettiest beekeeping books I’ve come across (and I should know, I have over five of them!), and at 400 pages, it packs a pretty heavy content…

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