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Friday August 2nd, 2013

prints + posters, products by 5

Help Ink: Design that Gives Back

Image above: print by Julia Rothman, buy here.This morning, I’m so pleased to start the day by sharing a project that aims to make the world a better place. Help Ink raises money for 5 charitable causes by selling prints, stationery and T-shirts designed by an impressive roster of  60+ artists that includes Jessica Hische,…

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Wednesday October 3rd, 2012

prints + posters, products by 4

winner’s wreath

After eight years (yikes!) in the same apartment, I’ve been working on a refresh. I find that my refreshes occur in cycles, and it’s been a few years since the last update. So I’ve been hard at work making some changes. I spent our summer week off repainting the living room and am now looking…

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Tuesday April 19th, 2011

Tuesday March 29th, 2011

prints + posters by 31

historic map prints

Growing up, I nursed a pretty healthy crush on a boy who was majorly into geology. He was always talking about hiking, mountains and rocks, so I took it upon myself to learn about all those things. While all the hard work never really paid off, I did leave that phase of my life with…

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Tuesday March 22nd, 2011

paper, prints + posters by 9

karolin schnoor floral prints

I’m developing a new obsession: floral wreaths. As much as I love the real variety, I’m getting a little “put a bird on it” over wreaths as decorative details. I love the little floral circles in Shanna Murray’s decals, Yellow Owl Workshop’s cards and now these beautiful prints from artist Karolin Schnoor. Each of Karolin’s…

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Thursday March 17th, 2011

Tuesday March 15th, 2011

artwork, prints + posters, products by 22

mara caffarone

As overwhelmed as I feel by today’s move (the movers will be here any minute!), I also feel hopeful and excited about the fresh start we’re getting in a new space in a new neighborhood. When I saw these prints from Argentinean artist Mara Caffarone, I felt they perfectly expressed my feelings of anticipation and happiness….

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Friday March 11th, 2011

artwork, prints + posters, products by 15

moon diamond

One of my favorite parts of our recent “yard” sale was getting to pass some of my favorite small prints on to new loving owners. As much as I love a gallery wall full of tiny artwork, I’m feeling the need to move in a different direction, toward something on a larger scale. Lately I’ve…

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Thursday February 24th, 2011

artwork, prints + posters, products by 8

new at the wayne pate shop

I love a well-curated shop. No matter how small, if the pieces within the shop are thoughtfully chosen, it’s a hit for me. And easily falling into that category is Wayne Pate’s charming web shop. Not only does Wayne sell his own fantastic work, he also carries a nicely edited selection of artwork and accessories…

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Friday February 18th, 2011

Thursday February 10th, 2011

artwork, prints + posters, products by 14

holding hands

I love stories of people leaving corporate jobs and finding a new home running their own business. Casey Ohngren left an office day job to follow her dream of starting her own design studio. She recently made the jump and opened an Etsy shop where she’s selling cards and prints. I’m a sucker for hot…

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Tuesday February 8th, 2011

Monday January 31st, 2011

prints + posters by 21

i heart hearts

Okay, I promise this is my last lovey-dovey post for today. I just couldn’t resist one last heart explosion because so many sweet Valentine’s Day submissions are starting to flood my inbox. These last pieces are all dedicated to classic heart shapes in a number of styles: a minimalist gold heart poster ($50 here by…

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Tuesday January 18th, 2011

artwork, prints + posters, products by 15

1200 posters

I’ve really enjoyed how many fantastic, affordable art sites have popped up across the web over the past few years. Original artwork is amazing but isn’t necessarily in everyone’s budget, so these print/poster sites have been wonderful for opening the door to independent art in everyone’s homes. One of the newest members of the affordable…

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Monday January 10th, 2011

artwork, prints + posters, products by 14

woody allen print

New Yorkers seem to endlessly debate how many years you have to live in New York until you’re officially a “New Yorker”. Some people say it’s seven years, others ten. Others insist you have to be born here to ever truly be a New Yorker. For me, I felt the shift towards “New Yorker” when…

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Monday January 3rd, 2011

Friday December 3rd, 2010

Monday November 8th, 2010

artwork, prints + posters, products by 6

PerlaAnne prints

Stacey at PerlaAnne just added a beautiful new series of linocut art to her Etsy shop and the former printmaker in me can’t resist. Stacey’s new Arrow, Love, Blackbirds and Deer prints have that beautiful slightly weathered/sketchy feel that comes from the linocut process and I love seeing them used in such sophisticated settings. If…

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Friday November 5th, 2010

artwork, fonts, prints + posters, products by 2

anchor typeface poster

Before anyone makes the joke, no, you don’t need to adjust your screen’s resolution. The poster above for Process Type Foundry’s newest typeface, Anchor, is a beautiful piece that has been screenprinted and then overprinted to create a hazy, multiple-print effect. I love the slightly trippy look but I also love the symbols that go…

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Wednesday November 3rd, 2010