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Wednesday December 2nd, 2009

lighting, photography, products by 5

adam brackney + sophie

we’ve got a big day lined up today but before i launch into gift guides and diy projects i wanted to kick things off with this gorgeous hanging light from adam brackney at workerman. this will definitely be making an appearance in my under $100 gift guide, but until then, i couldn’t resist sharing it…

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Monday November 30th, 2009

photography by 3

young artists at the d*s guest blog

good morning! i hope this post finds you all rested and relaxed after the holiday- because today we’re hitting the ground running. today is the first day of our holiday gift guides (you requested that we run them earlier, so we’ll start today at 1pm!) and today the guest blog is back in full-swing with…

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Tuesday November 10th, 2009

photography by 7

heidi romano

heidi romano is a fine art photographer based in melbourne, australia. she recently finished a new series of botanical photographs that are seriously tugging at my heart strings. i don’t know what is is about getting older, but for some reason all the things i liked to do when i was really little, like saving…

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Thursday November 5th, 2009

photography by 11

leaf prints by jeff friesen

when life and work are crazy sometimes it’s nice to focus on something simple. i’m loving the zen-like simplicity of these leaf photographs from artist jeff friesen in nova scotia. they’re such an interesting, peaceful contrast to yesterday’s bold sailboat prints. you can check out jeff’s collection of autumn-leaf ships right here at etsy. ps:…

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Friday October 23rd, 2009

photography, weekly wrap up by 20

weekly wrap up + kari herer

i’m a big fan of kari herer‘s photography. i love the way she combines illustration with still life and turns it into a breathtaking photograph. so i was thrilled to hear from her about her latest collection- a series that combines fresh flowers with bird illustrations. when it comes to gorgeous florals, i’m pretty much…

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Friday July 3rd, 2009

photography by 8

happy july 4th + summer photo winners

today is a holiday day-off for some of us (happy almost july 4th!) so i’ll be light-posting today (but stay tuned for a new weeder’s digest and recipe post next!) but i wanted to kick things off by sharing some gorgeous pictures from alissa and ryan‘s guest blog. today they’re sharing a beautiful art exhibit…

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Monday June 22nd, 2009

photography by 18

la dolce luce

i’m a huge of jen altman’s photography (and cooking and city guides!) so i was thrilled to hear from her about a beautiful new shop she just opened for the summer- ‘la dolce luce‘ – the sweet light. jen just returned from an amazing two weeks and italy with a bag full of gorgeous polaroids…

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Tuesday March 17th, 2009

photography by 23

gary heller photography

i wanted to take a quick visual-time-out to share these beautiful photographs from gary heller. gary is a phenomenal photographer based in brooklyn who now sells his work on etsy. all of gary’s photographs are under $30 ($29 to be precise) and are available right here. [thanks, gary!] stay tuned for a second biz ladies…

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Monday March 2nd, 2009

photography by 16

alissa hunsaker

alissa hunsaker is a los angeles based photographer who focuses on still life and interiors. she recently graduated from art center in LA and i’m completely smitten with her work. i want to blow up a giant version of her aprons print below and frame it for my kitchen. click here to check out alissa’s…

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Tuesday February 24th, 2009

photography by 4

she hit pause studios

on cold days like today i always love soft, faded photographs- they remind me of summer and warm afternoons reading in the park. these photos are from matt schwartz of she hit pause studios and are available on matt’s e-commerce site for $65 right here. [via d*s reader, rose. thanks, rose!]

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Friday January 23rd, 2009

photography by 17

kari herer photography

in honor of the delicious recipe coming up later today, i wanted to kick things off with these beautiful spoon photographs from kari herer at etsy. these prints (ranging from 5×5 to 8×8 inches) would be perfect for a dining room or kitchen that needs a little dressing up, but on a tight budget. kari’s…

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Friday November 14th, 2008

paper, photography by 4

handmade photos by impactist

kristy at two if by see sent over these beautiful photographs by impactist. the collection is called “paper” and everything you see in the photos is hand cut and assembled to create patterns. such a beautiful idea. click here for more information. [thanks, kristy!]

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Friday September 26th, 2008

photography by 17

blissful images

i know, i know (really, i know). enough with the owls already. but how cute is the photo below? when i look for too long it elicits the sort of noise i make when i see a puppy on the street. if owls aren’t your thing, artist traci french at blissful images has plenty of…

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Friday September 12th, 2008

photography by 5

monika elena photography

sorry for the short posts- i’m still in new hampshire right now with not much time to write. so i’ll have to let the photos do the talking today. these beautiful photographs are from monika elena, who you can check out right here and here.

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Thursday September 11th, 2008

artwork, photography by 9

photoshelter print sale

here’s a great chance to pick up some fantastic photography from up and coming artists: photoshelter is launching an artist print sale with great work at affordable prices. i’m loving the two prints above and below but you can view the full collection right here. thanks, rachel! [photo above by julie kuceris, photo below by…

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Tuesday June 17th, 2008

artwork, photography by 17

kari herer photography

lately i’ve been feeling a slow internal switch from feeling the need to collect patterns and prints, towards investing in large-scale photography. the other week i woke up and every bit of me felt like taking everything off the wall and just starting over- with a few (big) framed photographs on the wall. right now…

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Thursday June 12th, 2008