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Thursday September 13th, 2012

accessories, paper by 9

vegan taxidermy

When I stumbled upon Aimée Baldwin’s work, I literally gasped and held up my laptop to show everyone in the office. Aimée spends hours upon hours crafting these birds that she’s dubbed Vegan Taxidermy. The first step is to create the design — she sketches from photographs and also goes out bird watching to really…

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Thursday April 21st, 2011

paper, weddings by 35

paper record player

When I saw this wedding invitation project from designer Kelli Anderson, the first thing I thought was, “Awesomesauce.” Despite weaning myself off of TV and celebrity gossip (which I’ve done pretty well, if I do say so myself), I can’t shake some of my favorite character-driven dialogue that’s always in my head. Top of the…

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Friday April 15th, 2011

paper by 21


After spending two jam-packed, wonderful days in Birmingham, Alabama (I wish I had a guide to link to here, any locals want to share how awesome it is?) I was mostly happy to come home. Mostly only because I absolutely fell in love with Birmingham and didn’t want to leave. I wanted someone to magically…

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Wednesday April 13th, 2011

Tuesday March 22nd, 2011

paper, prints + posters by 9

karolin schnoor floral prints

I’m developing a new obsession: floral wreaths. As much as I love the real variety, I’m getting a little “put a bird on it” over wreaths as decorative details. I love the little floral circles in Shanna Murray’s decals, Yellow Owl Workshop’s cards and now these beautiful prints from artist Karolin Schnoor. Each of Karolin’s…

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Wednesday March 2nd, 2011

paper by 13

notebook love

Morning guys! It’s SO good to be back in NYC after a whirlwind trip to LA for the Design Bloggers conference. I ended up catching a last-minute red eye back (a few rows away from Jessica Szohr*) to NY and found myself happier than ever to be home. I’m not sure if it’s all the…

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Friday February 25th, 2011

paper by 12

gigi gallery paper goods

As I get older I find myself starting to pay more attention to things that have clean lines and simple compositions. I used to prefer as many stripes, dots and patches of glitter as possible, but now the idea of something a little bit more restrained seems like a good fit. These cards fit the…

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Friday February 4th, 2011

Tuesday January 11th, 2011

paper by 14

morning obsession: pretty cards from dear hancock

Yesterday I found myself giving in to my inner design-a-holic and picking up a few pieces from the Linea Carta collection I posted about. In addition to the tiny heart napkins that will soon be fancying up our take-out dinners, I picked up a few packs of gorgeous stationery from Diva’s line (the orange flowers…

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Thursday January 6th, 2011

calendars, paper by 8

new year, new calendars + cards

I love a fresh start in the New Year- it’s the perfect excuse to celebrate change and get things started off with a clean slate. For me that usually means new calendars, desk accessories and anything that will help me be more efficient with work. So I wanted to share two of my favorite New…

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Wednesday January 5th, 2011

diy, paper by 35

morning wow: moravian star cut-out

Well hello, gorgeous. Last night I plowed through a week’s worth of emails that I had missed while we were in Vegas and found this submission from Christoph in Zurich. Christoph created this AMAZING do-it-yourself Moravian Star PDF that you can download, print and assemble for free. It will require a little cutting and folding…

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Monday January 3rd, 2011

artwork, paper, products by 9

tahiti pehrson

Today is our last day in Las Vegas so I’m trying to fit in everything on my long “to do” list this morning. At the top of my list is checking out Amy Marcella‘s paper-cut installation at the newly opened Cosmopolitan hotel (which apparently housed all the cool foodies for NYE). But before I hop…

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Tuesday December 21st, 2010

paper by 5

staying warm

Last night over dinner, AC, Kristina and I ended up having a conversation about winter hats (mainly how unattractive the best/warmest ones are), and it instantly reminded me of these cards that I’d seen in my inbox this weekend. Designed by W+K studio, these “Warm Heads” cards range from adorable pom-pom styles to a slightly…

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Friday December 17th, 2010

Monday December 13th, 2010

accessories, holidays, paper by 13

hand printed gift wrap

Few things can beat handmade gift-wrapping. It may not have the perfect lines or super-crisp edges that come with machine-made paper, but it’s overflowing with the sort of love and character that can only come from something that’s handmade. This hand-screenprinted wrapping paper from Darbie at Field Guide Design on Etsy caught my eye this…

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Thursday December 2nd, 2010

paper by 16

knit and lace letterpress notecards

I love white-on-white or grey-on-white letterpress. It’s always such a soft, subtle look and these new Knit and Lace patterned letterpress cards from Papersheep do that look perfectly. Each of these notecards are sold individually for $3.50 or in sets of five for $15 right here. They’d be a sweet and unexpected way to send…

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Tuesday November 23rd, 2010

paper by 11

world’s smallest postal service: holiday 2010

Ever since Lauren & Derek sent me a letter from the World’s Smallest Postal Service in 2009, I’ve been obsessed with miniature mail. It makes me want to see how many things I could get away with miniaturizing. Primarily bills. Maybe tiny, cute versions of our monthly health insurance bills would make them seem less…

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Wednesday November 10th, 2010

paper by 8

tuesday designs

Well hello, adorable little embossed cards. I’m already a card collecting (and card carrying) stationery freak, so these little beauties are bound to be in my giant box-o-cards soon. Each of these sweet, little embossed bird cards was designed by Taryn and Elise of Tuesday Designs and is available at Newspaper Taxi, a great Sydney-based…

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Thursday October 14th, 2010

desktop, paper, products by 13

papercut notepads from mr. yen

My love of notebooks and notepads is well documented, but sadly, so is my failure to actually use them. For some reason, I love to buy small notebooks (they’re the perfect bite-sized piece of affordable design) but I find myself stockpiling them as if they’re an endangered species. And well, I’ve found a new one…

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