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Thursday January 9th, 2014

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Amy’s Pinterest Obsessions

Grace, Max and I try to document our favorite products over on Pinterest. We’re pretty much always surfing the web looking for new products and it’s an easy was to catalog our finds. I love how different (yet similar) we all are when it comes to things we love – you can actually chart the…

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Thursday September 5th, 2013

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Amy’s Fall Obsessions

We’re rounding the corner into my absolute favorite time of the year. I may not be going back to school, but fall will always feel full of possibilities to me. I always make a huge list of the things I hope to accomplish – this year on the list is: take a class at the…

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Monday October 29th, 2012

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Obsessions: Lauren Wolf

Not only does Lauren Wolf have a namesake rough-beautiful jewelry line, but she also has a store in Oakland’s Temescal, a ‘hood that is basically the height of awesomeness. At Esqueleto, she sells jewelry, bags, scarves and the kind of items that make a home “Sneak Peek” worthy on this very site: found Navajo rugs, mind-blowing geodes…

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Tuesday September 25th, 2012

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Obsessions: Asia Ragland of Feliks + Adrik

When working with fashion designers for our e-commerce site (with stories!) Of a Kind, my business partner, Claire, and I are always blown away by how freaking creative these creators are, turning a card catalog into supply storage, going nuts with mood boards and stuffing their spaces with soul. For Asia Ragland, the lady at…

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Thursday September 6th, 2012

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obsessions: tara st. james of study

The designer behind the super-polished but still low-key apparel line Study isn’t a very consumptive person. Everything that Tara St. James produces, from shibori-dyed tees to dresses that can be worn four ways, is made with sustainability in mind. She produces as much as she possibly can in NYC and is all about no-waste pattern…

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Thursday August 23rd, 2012

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obsessions: erin considine

On Of a Kind, the website that my pal (and biz partner) Claire and I launched a year and a half ago, we unearth amazing, under-the-radar fashion designers you need to know about. We commission them to create limited-edition pieces, and we tell their stories. But we’re always looking to dive deeper into the things…

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