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matt pierce

Wednesday October 17th, 2012

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DIY Project: Leather Cup Jacket


There’s something infinitely comfortable and classic about Kerr jars. They remind me of visiting my great grandma in Oklahoma and having jam at breakfast as a kid. Their look is timeless, they are easy to find and they are wonderfully replaceable when I fumble and drop one on the kitchen floor. However, a no-handle glass…

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Wednesday September 5th, 2012

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DIY Project: Stitched Wool Phone Case

I like perfect, but I’m a bigger fan of perfectly imperfect. The blanket-stitch is one of those imperfect things I’m ok with. It’s like the whittling of hand sewing. No fancy tools, no expensive machines. I liken it to my grandma’s embroidered tea towels combined with my Cub Scout sewing skills. Here’s a plan for…

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Wednesday June 27th, 2012

Wednesday May 30th, 2012

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diy project: sling magazine rack

It seems I have a clutter problem. Previously it was piles of mail; this time it’s piles of magazines. Riffing on the form and function of my last post, the mail basket, I thought the same construction techniques could be used for a magazine rack. I swear to you, though, I will not use this…

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Wednesday April 18th, 2012

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diy project: mail basket


Spontaneous piles seem to form around my house. Mail is probably the most often piled culprit. Why worry about opening mail and filing it when you can stack it up for a week? If you feel the same but are looking for a way to appease the neat freaks in your life, why not make…

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Wednesday March 21st, 2012

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diy project: leather watchstrap


I read an article recently about the demise of watches. It seems most folks these days don’t wear them, preferring instead to constantly pull their phones out of their pockets. Sure, it’s one less accessory to deal with, but I can’t imagine going a day without a watch on my wrist. So, as a great…

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Wednesday February 22nd, 2012

Wednesday January 18th, 2012

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diy project: record crates

I’ve been needing some more room for my growing record collection and all the while have been looking for the right sized vintage box. I was hoping for something somewhat military surplus, but never found the right size or condition. If I found something, it was always a one-off and typically poor shape. Here’s the…

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Friday November 25th, 2011

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diy project: vintage belt frame


I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of wayward western belts at vintage shops and thrift stores. Judging that most seem to be recent (early 80s) vintage, we can probably thank Kenny and Dolly for their previous popularity. So, what to do with this surplus if you’re not ready to reenact the look of Urban Cowboy? Why…

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Wednesday October 26th, 2011

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diy project: wool camera wrap


One thing I’m typically seen lugging around is a camera. Most camera bags are overkill, especially when you just want a bit of protection walking around, or you’re packing a camera in another bag for a short trip. I picked up a nice looking, heavy wool remnant from the Pendleton outlet last weekend, so I…

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Wednesday August 10th, 2011

Wednesday June 15th, 2011

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diy project: tripod camping stool

In honor of this month’s outdoor theme, why don’t we build an old-fashioned camping stool? First of all, have you seen modern folding-tripod stools? They are ugly as sin, and your grandpa would be ASHAMED if you bought one. With the help of some hefty dowels, a little hardware and a piece of leather or…

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Wednesday April 20th, 2011

Wednesday March 23rd, 2011

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diy project: matt’s woven leather stool

diy project: matt’s woven leather stool

I’ve been doing a fair amount of home cleaning lately, and I think when it’s all over, I’d like to reward myself with one of these beautiful woven leather stools. Matt, the immensely talented craftsman behind Wood and Faulk, created this versatile little stool with simple tools and a few raw materials. I love the luxurious,…

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