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Tuesday May 6th, 2014

kitchen by 15


I love very few things in life more than cake. You know how people sometimes ask you that question about what you would bring on a desert island? My answer is simple: I would bring cake. It’s the fastest way to my heart and always makes me smile. But as much as I love cake,…

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Thursday November 3rd, 2011

before and after, kitchen by 57

before and after: modern kitchen redo

Like most people who live with a rental kitchen, I dream of what I would actually do if I could replace cabinets and move things around. (My dreams are filled with black painted cabinets and sailboat hardware, à la Nate Berkus’ old kitchen.) In her Philadelphia kitchen, wedding and interior designer Claire King wanted to bring a…

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Thursday October 13th, 2011

before and after, kitchen by 63

before and after: airy kitchen redo

This kitchen renovation from Lauren Zerbey of Chezerbey proves a very valuable design lesson in my mind: “All-white” does not always necessarily mean “all-light.” The decision to vault these ceilings and add a sky light must have been a huge commitment, even for a couple of architects, but it completely opened up and lightened this…

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Thursday April 28th, 2011

Thursday March 31st, 2011

Friday March 18th, 2011

Thursday March 17th, 2011

Monday March 14th, 2011

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chop chop

This weekend AC and I stopped by our new apartment to pick up our keys and poke around again one more time before our move tomorrow. When I walked in I was immediately drawn to the kitchen, where I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time. Not because I’m an amazing cook…

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Thursday March 3rd, 2011

Friday February 18th, 2011

Thursday February 17th, 2011

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viola park

Have you ever had one of those dreams that was so perfect, it’s just heartbreaking to wake up and realize it wasn’t real? Last night, I had this incredibly vivid dream about an apartment we’re going to see today. In my dream, this so-so Greenpoint apartment turned into a beautiful, rambling treehouse home that had…

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city towels by brian everett

I think it’s going to be one of those mornings where I might need to break out the big guns (a large coffee) to get through these first few hours. My cats managed to crack the code (AKA, break into their automatic feeder. Doh!), so they’ve been pouncing on my face since 6am wanting more…

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Tuesday February 15th, 2011

Tuesday February 1st, 2011

kitchen by 6

d*s at currency: 5 tips to whip your kitchen into shape

Over at the D*S blog at Currency, Amy and Kate have been focusing on “Getting Organized in the New Year.” They’ve already covered organizing your home office and closets, and today Amy’s tackling one of the toughest areas: the kitchen. She’s sharing 5 great tips for whipping your kitchen into shape (one tip: see-through storage)…

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Thursday January 20th, 2011

Thursday January 6th, 2011

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