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Friday March 15th, 2013

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Wednesday March 6th, 2013

Friday March 1st, 2013

Tuesday February 26th, 2013

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Flowers Inspired by Gauguin

Image above: Nature morte à l’estampe japonaise by Paul Gauguin There is so much that can inspire floral design besides flowers — a drawing, a sculpture, weavings and textiles, architecture, the colors of a city, the movement of a field being blown by the breeze and even an album cover! We love looking to the…

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Friday February 15th, 2013

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Sound Garden: Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend

Photos by Maxwell Tielman Welcome back to Sound Garden! This week’s musical inspiration is a study in paradox. Matthew Sweet’s third album, Girlfriend, was released in 1991 and is a shining example of utterly listenable power pop. Many critics have lauded it as among the best albums of the 1990s. This is all well and good,…

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Wednesday February 13th, 2013

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Flowers Don’t Have to Be Red to Mean “Love”

With February 14th right around the corner, it’s time to start (if you haven’t already) thinking about making flower orders or arrangements. If you want a last-minute way to give your significant other a clue that red roses don’t blow your hair back, then send them this way! Today we’re breaking down some alternative Valentine’s…

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Monday February 11th, 2013

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Chinese New Year-Inspired Arrangement

Yesterday was the beginning of Chinese New Year, and New York managed to dust off the snowstorm and kick things off with a bang — literally. On Sunday the annual Chinatown Firecracker Festival began and filled the streets with exuberant noise and light. I lived in Chinatown while I went to NYU, and this time…

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Monday February 4th, 2013

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Quick & Easy Heart Cards Vase

Last Friday before we packed up the office for the weekend, I had a crazy last-minute idea inspired by a DIY project that Amy is sharing on Wednesday. She was making custom wooden dice while Max was discussing a game night entertaining idea, so the concept of “playing” had been floating around all week. Inspired…

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Friday February 1st, 2013

Thursday January 31st, 2013

flowers, Sound Garden by 6

Sound Garden: Asleep at Heaven’s Gate

This week, my floral inspiration for Sound Garden comes from a very abstract album cover, Asleep at Heaven’s Gate from the indie band Rogue Wave. This 2007 album from the northern California band is richly layered and touches on themes of love and loss. This could describe my entire music collection :) Asleep at Heaven’s…

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Wednesday January 30th, 2013

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Healing Florals & Quick Tincture Recipe

It’s the prefect time of year to reconnect with the various roles that plants and flowers play in our lives. So many of the blooms we love have more to offer than just beauty. With all the sickness and sluggishness that the wintery months bring, it’s a great time to move our focus away from the…

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Thursday January 24th, 2013

diy, diy projects, flowers by 8

DIY Winter Citrus Wreath

Photos by Maxwell Tielman Making wreaths is one of my favorite things to do. I’ll never forget the first time I took a wreath class. I was scared out of my mind and convinced that it would take a miracle for my wreath to turn out well. But after a few tries, I got the…

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Thursday January 17th, 2013

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Wintry Floral Head Wreath

We are currently obsessed with floral head wreaths. I mean, who isn’t? The idea of flowers adorning your crown like an ancient goddess doesn’t get much dreamier, and it feels perfect for winter whites and cream colors. The flower crown is often seen as something a flower girl wears during a wedding ceremony, but the trend…

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Friday January 11th, 2013

Monday January 7th, 2013

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Morning Inspiration: Quick Leaf Bouquet

One of the best and worst things about coming back to the office after a long break is plant maintenance. We have a dozen or so plants around our space, ranging from bonsai trees and tiny succulents to giant false aralias and clovers. Despite my best efforts, a few of them needed some wilting leaves…

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Friday December 21st, 2012

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Flowers Under $50: Antique Roses

Although beloved by florists and brides, roses have a terrible reputation in the gardening world. Known for being high-maintenance, fickle and easily susceptible to the slightest threats, most popular types of rose bushes have a loveliness that comes at a price. So I was thrilled to learn about the existence of antique roses, a whole…

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Thursday December 20th, 2012

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Sound Garden: Elephant

Welcome back to Sound Garden!  For today’s Sound Garden post, I have chosen the deep, dark, heavy rock and roll album Elephant by the White Stripes for our floral creation.  Elephant debuted in 2003 and was most of the world’s introduction to the spooky duo of Meg White and Jack White.  The White Stripes are…

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Tuesday December 18th, 2012

diy, flowers by 7

Cypress Planted Mugs

Our hearts are aching in light of the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. One of the many thoughts that came to us recently was how much all of the teachers we’ve had have sculpted, guided, protected and challenged us to become who we are. Below we’ve outlined a simple, sweet gift for all those educators and mentors…

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Friday December 14th, 2012

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DIY Holiday Door Swags

Wreaths, trees, boughs and swags — as the nostalgic scent of evergreen springs up in malls, office buildings and homes, we’re instantly transported to the season of giving and sharing. Today, we’re sharing our favorite holiday swag: the door swag! It’s a simple, beautiful way to celebrate the season. We suggest using a mixture of…

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