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Tuesday April 15th, 2014

Essay by 13

Learning to Unplug: Confessions of a Tech Junkie

Alright, you guys. Confession time. I’m a technology addict. Like so many of my twenty-first century peers, my life has become hopelessly, utterly consumed by devices and their requisite apps and programs. On one hand, I love my technology. Like, really, really love it. My smartphone, my tablet, my computer—all of these things have helped…

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Tuesday March 18th, 2014

Tuesday March 11th, 2014

Essay by 56

Facing Your Fears: Learning a Language

I remember the exact moment when I realized that I was lying to myself about facing my fears. I was in the car, with my friends Lacey and Gina and was congratulating myself for how brave I had become in my thirties. I had, after all, learned how to long board – even falling face…

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Tuesday March 4th, 2014

Essay by 58

Face Yo Fears, Etc: Learner’s Permit Edition

Like any good overly-neurotic male of the homosexual persuasion, I have a lot of irrational fears. Some of these fears—like my inability to keep windows open in the summer on the off-chance that a bat might fly in and give me rabies in my sleep—are so outrageous and incurable that I’ve pretty much resigned myself…

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Thursday January 30th, 2014

Essay by 20

30 Day Minimalist Challenge

Last week I stumbled onto the amazing website The Minimalists. Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus run a website devoted to minimalism in every sense of the word, from what they own to the way they approach the world and the emotional baggage they (try not to) carry. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve…

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Tuesday January 28th, 2014

Thursday January 23rd, 2014

Essay by 23

Mindfulness at Home: Letting Go

If you live in a small apartment, frequent closet cleaning is something that comes with the territory. Considering this cold weather has me housebound, I decided to tackle mine. I don’t know why it’s hard to get rid of things you haven’t worn in years. (And by years, I’m talking about ten.) The general rule…

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Thursday January 16th, 2014

Thursday January 9th, 2014

Tuesday November 5th, 2013

Essay by 36

Living Online: Stay in the Moment

I used to think that when it came to sharing my life online, I landed somewhere between Max and Grace. And if you asked me this question before April 3, 2013, I would have said I was pretty much an open book. After all, I’m one of those people who thinks by talking things out….

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Thursday October 31st, 2013

Friday October 25th, 2013

Essay by 73

Living Online: What I’ve Learned

I’ve learned a lot about living online over the past nine and half years of blogging. It’s impossible to put yourself out there for close to a decade and not make a few huge mistakes, learn some major lessons and eventually come to an understanding with the very thing that both supports and sometimes scares…

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Thursday October 24th, 2013

Essay by 75

The Pinnable Life: What Do Your Pins Say About You?

Ever since its creation, the social media site Pinterest has been the target of both celebration and derision amongst the creative community. The site, which allows you to digitally “pin” inspirational photographs to virtual bulletin boards, has become an immensely popular tool among everybody from home bloggers to brides-to-be, a streamlined and easy way to…

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Wednesday October 16th, 2013

Friday October 11th, 2013

Essay by 139

My Most Meaningful Decision

A few weeks ago, our team decided to start writing some longer, more personal posts. Inspired by essay contests we saw in magazines, we thought it would be more meaningful to reflect on the decisions we made at home that weren’t related directly to products or the latest design trends. While we all love being…

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Thursday October 10th, 2013