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Wednesday March 26th, 2014

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DIY Project: Upholstered Door

Design*Sponge | DIY Project: Upholstered Door

When I moved into my circa-1910 row house in Brooklyn, all the doors were original to the building except one: the door to our home office. This anonymous-looking hollow-core door was totally out of sync with the rest of the house. So after some consideration I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and just embrace…

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DIY Project: Painted Drinking Glasses

I’m a big fan of quick makeovers – projects that take only a few minutes to make, but make a big difference. This painted drinking glass project is a great example. In just a few steps, your drinking glasses become personalized and the possibilities for variations are endless. -Emma Noréhn Click through for the full…

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Wednesday March 19th, 2014

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DIY Project: Twill Woven Stool

This practical little footstool brings a pop of color and graphic pattern to a room with its bright woven surface. The simple twill weave creates diagonal bands, giving you the opportunity to to turn stripes into chevrons or diamonds just by reversing the pattern. -Natalie Photos above by Max Tielman Click through for the full…

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DIY Project: China Pattern Pillows

You can easily bring a bit of cottage charm to your linens by adding an elegant china pattern motif. Using antique serveware patterns (or your family’s own china pattern), you can create a stencil that instantly updates your kitchen or bed linens with a blue and white makeover. I created a template you can download…

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Wednesday March 12th, 2014

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DIY Project: Simple Magazine Holder

Sometimes my favorite DIY projects are the simplest ones. Emma Noréhn from Design and Form created this clever magazine holder for us that uses only a few supplies and takes just a moment to make. Rather than bulking magazines together, Emma’s project is all about highlighting a favorite magazine or two that you’re currently reading….

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Wednesday March 5th, 2014

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DIY Project: Campaign Style Cork Board

When it comes to keeping my office organized, I’m always up for new things. Paper stacks and various supplies tend to disappear from my thought if they’re not kept in a visible place. Although so many ways to showcase inspiration surface daily, I’ve found that if organization is the least bit fussy, I won’t do…

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Wednesday February 26th, 2014

Wednesday February 19th, 2014

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DIY Project: Pipe + Leather Wine Rack

Our apartment has few storage options, so we usually just keep our wine on the counter or tucked away above the refrigerator. But for those special bottles that I want to keep out for entertaining, I thought a unique pipe wine rack could do double duty for more storage and for a fun, conversational piece…

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DIY Project: Fabric Pyramid Bookends

I have an insatiable love of fabric. A well-designed textile is a piece of art that can bring so much depth and mood to a room. Sometimes I feel as if there just aren’t enough uses for fabrics in any given room. Combine that with my husband’s (cliche, I would argue) disdain for accent pillows,…

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Wednesday February 12th, 2014

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DIY Aluminum Drum Pendant

Pendant lights are one of the most fun things to DIY since you can work with a ton of different materials and styles all while keeping electrical work to a minimum. It’s been about a year since I walked by these pretty, perforated metal sheets at my local hardware store and knew I had to…

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Wednesday February 5th, 2014

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DIY Project: Mirror Tray

The second I heard there was a spray that could turn clear surfaces into mirrors I was intrigued. Struck by how many possibilities there are for such a product, I got to work dreaming up some off-the-wall ways to use this remarkable mirroring spray. I created these geometric mirrored trays in just a few easy…

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DIY Project: Cake Stand

Kate’s DIY Recycled Cupcake Stands were one of the most popular projects we’ve ever run. They were cute, easy to make and were a great way to make use of older plates. So when Aimee from Twigg Studios came up with a fun spin on the idea using a wooden candlestick, I was totally game….

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DIY Project: Chain of Heart Napkins

Class up some ordinary cloth dinner napkins with a charming chain of hearts for Valentine’s Day. Based on the chain stitch, this simple embroidery technique can be learned in a snap. Along with delicious food and a little candlelight, these eco-friendly reusable decorations are a sweet way to share some love. -Natalie The full how-to…

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Wednesday January 29th, 2014

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DIY Project: Sherpa Lined Plaid Cowl

It’s clear that the cold is here to stay for a while, so although I don’t usually don a scarf, it’s gotten so frigid here that I’ve broken down and created something cozy. I really detest sewing, but break out my machine only if there is something that I really want and can’t find for…

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Wednesday January 22nd, 2014

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DIY Project: Leather Organizer

Leather has become one of my favorite materials with which to work. Even though tracking it down can feel like a pain (although I’ve shared some tips below), working with leather is sort of a dream. It’s super durable. It has many of the creative flexibilities of fabric but…no fraying! And the textures are amazing….

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