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Thursday August 22nd, 2013

Thursday June 6th, 2013

Wednesday July 25th, 2012

ceramics, products by 5

little wren pottery

My inner hippy always comes out when I’m around pottery. I’ve been trying to give up caffeine (25 days and counting . . .), so naturally all I seem to be attracted to are huge earthy mugs that would be perfect for coffee. Though the rest of my home is pretty minimal, I like bright…

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Tuesday June 12th, 2012

accessories, ceramics, tabletop by 17

Blue Eagle Pottery

I’m a sucker for a huge mug. I like to wrap all four fingers around the handle, and the mug itself should be big enough for a vast quantity of coffee. So when I popped into the new Williamsburg shop Mociun, my gaze flew right past the beautiful jewelry (and there was lovely jewelry) and pillows…

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Thursday April 26th, 2012

artwork, ceramics by 8

molly hatch plate paintings

I’m always interested to see what artist Molly Hatch is working on. In addition to being the maker of my beloved morning coffee mug (thanks, Kristina), she is one of my favorite ceramics artists on the scene. Molly recently debuted a new series of “plate paintings” at SOFA NY that use source imagery from the…

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Tuesday March 1st, 2011

amy azzarito, ceramics by 23

elephant ceramics

Good morning! Grace hopped on the red eye from LA back to New York last night. So while she gets a little more shut eye, I thought I’d share these ceramics from Elephant Props that have been sitting on my desktop for a couple days. I’m a sucker for pretty much anything blue or gray,…

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Monday February 21st, 2011

artwork, ceramics, graphic design + illustration, products by 8

janine rewell

I love seeing illustrators who branch out beyond paper to tackle different materials and product types. Janine Rewell is a Helsinki-based illustrator and graphic designer who studied at the University of Art and Design Helsinki as well as RISD here in the US. Janine says she’s inspired by surrealist painters and children’s toys, and it’s…

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Monday January 17th, 2011

ceramics by 10

victorian bunnies

Maybe it’s because of that Alice in Wonderland clip they had on the Golden Globes last night (How glamorous did everyone look? I loved it!), but rabbits in outfits seem like a good idea this morning. These sweet little porcelain cups ($35 each) are from Elm Design in Australia and would be perfect for juice…

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Friday December 17th, 2010

books, ceramics, cookbooks, entertaining, fleamarkets, gift, guides, holidays, kristina gill, product, products, tabletop by 7

2010 gift guides: for the kitchen

2010 gift guides: for the kitchen

Nothing makes me happier than giving a unique gift, or one that has taken significant personal investment.  I have divided my guide into two parts.  The first part are all samples of work that some of my favorite artisans make.  The images you see are just representative of their work.  I have worked with almost…

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Friday October 29th, 2010

ceramics by 17

dressed for dinner

I’m a huge fan of Marianne Van Ooij. Her work is always creative and I still consider turning her cute chair pillows into chair covers for events. How fun would they be at a wedding? Marianne explained that she needed a break from pillows, so she decided to explore the idea of dining with a…

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Thursday September 30th, 2010

ceramics by 12

raku water vases

When it comes to collecting vases for flowers, I tend to own everything except actual vases. Mason jars, coffee tins and drinking glasses make up the bulk of my collection, but I think I could definitely make room for one of these beauties from ShopSCAD. SCAD alum Irene McCollam’s Raku water vases might be too…

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Tuesday September 28th, 2010

ceramics, tabletop by 10

heath ceramics winter 2010 collection

I can’t believe it’s almost October. Seriously. Where did the year go? My brain is still warming up to the idea of winter coats and impending snow storms, but product launches like this one make it a little bit easier. Heath just released images of their new winter 2010 collection* and those deep cherry reds…

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Monday September 27th, 2010

ceramics, resources by 25

top 15 tile resources

The prison-gray tiles that cover our apartment’s bathroom are the bane of my existence. More than our slanted floors or oddly cut-up rooms, those tiles torture me on a daily basis (they make every color look depressing). If we owned our apartment, I would have ripped them out long ago, but we’re renting, so as…

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Wednesday September 22nd, 2010

Tuesday September 7th, 2010

ceramics, outdoor, products by 6

paige russell for fossil

good morning guys! i have officially made up for all of the sleep i’ve missed over the past few months of book work and i am finally feeling rested, ready to work and back to feeling like myself! the d*s site re-design is just around the corner (i’m so excited!), i just hired a fantastic…

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Thursday August 5th, 2010

amy azzarito, ceramics by 11

toni park: wall pillows

don’t get me wrong. i love living in new york. but sometimes, i could do with a little less skyscrapers and a little more sky – i’m talking about that big huge, all-consuming sky that you find in places like colorado and montana… so it’s no surprise that i’ve fallen in love with these ceramic…

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Wednesday July 21st, 2010

ceramics, prints + posters, products, textiles by 8

new at papa stour

how badly do i want that blanket? really, really badly. if combined with our dotted green couch i would explode with stripe and dot joy good morning! i’m writing from ac’s computer this morning, as mine decided to make the three beeps of death that signify RAM problems. i’m going to be blogging from tekserv…

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Wednesday June 23rd, 2010

ceramics by 25


last year i did a sunprint diy video after falling madly in love with the sunprint fabric you can buy online. so i was excited to hear from d*s reader claire kramer about a new collection from studio glithero in london that uses sunprint techniques. working in dark rooms, the studio glithero team created tiles…

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Wednesday June 16th, 2010

ceramics by 28

cynthia vardhan ceramics

cynthia vardhan is a ceramic designer working in downtown columbus, ohio. specializing in intricately patterned work, cynthia produces a beautiful collection of tableware and vases that are inspired by a wide range of sources like moroccan tiles, indian henna, and french pastries. i was immediately drawn to the piece above, which has the henna feel…

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Tuesday June 15th, 2010

ceramics by 27

molly hatch: mimesis

i’m a huge fan of molly hatch‘s ceramic work, so i was excited to hear that she’s got a new show, molly hatch: mimesis, at the clay studio in philadelphia. molly is showing a wide range of work, but i think her cup-on-cup designs are my favorite. i’d be happy to drink my morning tea…

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