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Thursday February 21st, 2013

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Paris, Line by Line

We’re ending the day with a grand Paris-themed dinner party, so it seemed only fitting to start off with something Parisian, as well. Some of you may be familiar with the illustrator Robinson’s work. Born Werner Kruse, Robinson became well known for his beautifully detailed line drawings of cities and his X-ray-like manner of drawing building…

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Thursday February 14th, 2013

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10 Great Books about Love

As a sappy romantic, it doesn’t need to be Valentine’s Day to get me in the mood for a good love story. I’ll take it whenever I can get it — the sappier, the better. I’ve been leaning toward nonfiction lately, so most of these are real-life love stories, but please add your faves to…

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Irving Harper: Works in Paper

The month of February seems perfectly suited to paper crafts. Whether you’re cutting red construction paper to create handmade Valentine cards or just trying to take your mind off the seemingly endless winter outside, paper craft offers an easy and calming diversion. That’s what Irving Harper, one of the head designers for George Nelson Associates,…

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Friday January 18th, 2013

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15 of Our Favorite Healthy Cookbooks

We’ve been focusing on health and wellness this month, so I rounded up some of our favorite healthy cookbooks. I try to eat pretty healthfully year round (sometimes more successfully than others), and I actually love this time of year because I can make a big pot of soup that lasts for nearly a week…

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Wednesday January 9th, 2013

Tuesday November 27th, 2012

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Past & Present Book: Cover Reveal + Preorder

I’ve been blogging for almost a decade now, and I can say that, without a doubt, writing a book is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Not only does it challenge you to have a clear, focused vision and voice, but it also requires a level of dedication and passion that can be difficult to maintain…

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Wednesday November 21st, 2012

Thursday November 15th, 2012

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Inspiration Library: Style by Saladino

I love coffee table-type books that you just want to read straight through, and this one certainly hits that mark. When I was reading Style by Saladino, I continually annoyed everyone in the office as I made them stop what they were doing and listen to me read parts aloud. In fact, I would venture…

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Friday October 19th, 2012

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Inspiration Library: The Surf Cafe Cookbook

Every inspiration library should have a healthy food section. After all, most of are eating three times a day. Before I started flipping through The Surf Cafe Cookbook, I hadn’t realized a surfing community even existed in Ireland. But now the seaside village of Strandhill on the West Coast of Ireland is on my list…

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Friday October 5th, 2012

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inspiration library: scottish country

I love to read. In middle school, I obsessively entered all the reading competitions in my school, winning such prizes as a ski map of Mammoth Mountain and a copy of Where the Red Fern Grows. As a teenager, I still loved to read but became more than a little self-conscious about the number of…

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Wednesday September 19th, 2012

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phantograms from nature by barry rothstein

If anyone had walked into our office last week, they would have witnessed quite a sight. Max, Amy and I took turns wearing the geekiest 3D glasses while we stood over Barry Rothstein’s Phantograms from Nature book, oohing and aahing like crazy. I stumbled upon Rothstein’s book at Beautiful Dreamers in Brooklyn and ended up…

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Tuesday July 10th, 2012

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matchbook stories: issue one

I’m fully in love with all of the creative ways artists and writers are embracing print these days. From hand-printed zines to well-crafted quarterlies, it’s really wonderful to have so many options to hold and admire in your hands. Matchbook Stories is a new project that presents a literary magazine in matchbook form. Each issue…

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Thursday June 7th, 2012

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10 Best Decorative Arts History Books

An embarrassingly long time ago, someone left a comment on one of my Past & Present posts asking for my favorite Decorative Arts history books. I meant to come up with a list, but one thing led to another, and it got buried in the to-dos. And honestly, I was a little worried that I…

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Thursday May 31st, 2012

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america’s other audubon

In the spring of 1995, Joy Kiser walked into the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio ready to begin work as a newly hired assistant librarian. At the foot of the staircase that led to the museum’s library, a Plexiglas display case exhibited volume one of Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds…

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Wednesday April 11th, 2012

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The French Cat + The French Dog

A couple weeks ago, while working at the Stewart, Tabori & Chang offices (Did you know that if you’re late with a book project, your editor might actually make you work in the office? It’s like study hall. Or detention. For me, it was detention.), I passed these books in a glass display case. If…

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Friday April 6th, 2012

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Weekly Wrap-Up + Bringing Nature Home

Over the past five or so years, there has been an amazing movement in the floral world toward loose, natural, garden-inspired arrangements. Inspired by Constance Spry, an incredible new community has grown from coast to coast that focuses on lush flowers arranged in a way that suggests natural growth rather than overly formal or forced…

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Wednesday March 28th, 2012

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Living in a Nutshell

Image above: Classical columns on the front door drawn in chalkboard paint Living in a Nutshell (just released yesterday!) showed up in the office last week. We’re pretty picky about books here and can be particularly hard on craft books, but I literally found myself saying “wow” on nearly page. The book is packed with…

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Friday March 9th, 2012