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Tuesday July 29th, 2014

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5 Videos + Talks Guaranteed to Inspire You

Everyone finds motivation in different places. Some people prefer it in the form of one-on-one conversations, some enjoy books and others like to see something that combines the power of in-person talks with the ease of a play-on-demand video. I’m working on my own speech for this year’s Weapons of Mass Creation Fest in Ohio,…

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Biz Ladies Profile: Louise Youngson-Klasfeld of Viyet

Biz Ladies Profile: Louise Youngson-Klasfeld of Viyet

With the Craigslists and eBays of the world, Viyet founder Louise Youngson-Klasfeld (check out her recent DS house tour here!) was finding it increasingly difficult to find used, high-end furniture pieces online. Turning that frustration into innovation, Louise decided to launch her own online destination for luxury furniture owners to sell their items and allow…

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Thursday July 24th, 2014

Tuesday July 22nd, 2014

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Biz Ladies: Mission Organization

Last week I did a quick roundup of some great Biz Ladies posts that may help to keep you moving through the summer slowness, and today I thought I’d share another selection of articles that offer some great advice and resources on keeping organized. Whether you are planning on taking some time off or just…

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Friday July 18th, 2014

Tuesday July 15th, 2014

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Biz Ladies: A Quick Guide to Self-Promotion

Now that you’ve got the winning product, invaluable service and/or incredible business up and running, the next logical step is to let the masses know.  When it comes to promotion, there are two routes you can go down: hire an expert to execute and/or assist or do it yourself. While I’m sure we’d all love…

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Wednesday July 9th, 2014

Tuesday July 8th, 2014

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Biz Ladies Profile: Katie Deedy of Grow House Grow

Biz Ladies Profile: Katie Deedy

Katie Deedy had always planned on going into an artistic trade, but never knew that a simple technical mistake would lead her into the world of business ownership. While she got her start in the freelance world, Katie eventually realized that she wanted to produce illustrations based on her own ideas rather than her clients’….

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Biz Ladies: Why Cheap Can Be Bad

When it comes to pricing your goods and services, there never seems to be a magic number. We’ve covered the topic quite a lot over the years and today we are adding to the collection with a post from Laura C. George, a business consultant for artists who teaches the ins and outs of building an income around…

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Tuesday July 1st, 2014

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Biz Ladies Profile: Nightwood

Biz Ladies Profile: Nightwood

photos by Lesley Unruh Their handcrafted wares were never meant to be the launch of a business. But when Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron took their goods to the Brooklyn Flea, Nightwood was born. The two now collaborate on a variety of handcrafted goods, both commissioned and otherwise, made from sustainable, salvaged and reclaimed items found around…

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Biz Ladies: Beat the Summer Slowness Roundup

It’s a natural fact that the summer season often leads to a slowness – mentally, physically and business-wise, too. We all seem to enter this “vacation mode” where everything can be pushed back or postponed…except for pool time, of course. And while I’m the biggest proponent of taking a break (or many for that matter) and…

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Thursday June 26th, 2014

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After The Jump: Growing Your Business With Purpose with Baked Bakery

This week’s radio show marks the 79th episode of After the Jump. All season long I’ve been speaking with designers, artists, writers and business owners who’ve shared their advice on several topics including risk-taking, productivity, inspiration, branding and running an ethical business. We’ve been able to dive into so many great topics that celebrate and examine…

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Tuesday June 24th, 2014

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Biz Ladies: Isabelle Palmer of The Balcony Gardener

Biz Ladies Profile Isabelle Palmer

A gardner from the beginning, Isabelle knew she wanted to share her passion for planting and growing with others. In the past, she had created her own green oasis on her small balcony and decided that she would help others create the same by offering ready-made container gardens, and most recently, by releasing her first…

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Biz Ladies: The Why and How of Trademark Registration

In the second part of his series on trademarks, attorney Ben Pollock tackles the whys and hows of going about registering your trademark. From the general differences between registered and unregistered marks, to creating a strong trademark for your goods/services, Ben walks us through the steps of ensuring a trademark that best suits your business…

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Tuesday June 17th, 2014

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Biz Ladies: How to Self-Publish

As veteran of the editorial and PR world, author and business owner Melissa Davis decided she was going to self-publish her first book, This Is Oakland: A Guide to the City’s Most Interesting Places. With the help of talented photographer, Kristen Loken, Melissa conceptualized, executed and published the This is Oakland city guide, and today…

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Tuesday June 10th, 2014

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Biz Ladies Profile: Elizabeth Rees of Chasing Paper

Elizabeth Rees of Chasing Paper

Today’s Biz Ladies Profile comes to us from Elizabeth Rees, the founder of Chasing Paper. Elizabeth grew up in the printing world and learned, first-hand, the ins and outs of paper and pattern. But wanting to forge her own path, Elizabeth decided to venture away from the print work and establish her own business in the…

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