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amy merrick

Tuesday August 14th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 40

living in: grease

Grease: We all know it; we all secretly love it. It’s a throwback to middle school slumber parties and high school plays — semi-naughty, semi-tame and 100% hummable whether you can get down with musicals or not. While the plot is a bitter pill for feminists to swallow (If you like a boy, completely alter your…

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Tuesday July 24th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 19

living in: thelma & louise

A classic summer flick if there ever was one, Thelma & Louise harkens back to a simpler time when women could roam the wild west with nothing but a Thunderbird, an atlas and a loaded handgun. Joke! But in all seriousness, the pair of firestarters launched a thousand road trips, and their tough but feminine…

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Tuesday July 17th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 55

living in: moonstruck

Moonstruck is the one movie we can all agree on. It’s a double whammy of entertainment, working both the romantic comedy angle and the violent Nicolas Cage angle. When both angles collide? A real crowd pleaser. The love story of a widowed accountant and a maimed baker wouldn’t seem terribly compelling, but when woven with a…

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Tuesday July 10th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 8

living in: dreamgirls

It’s hard not to drift into another world during Dreamgirls. The 2006 movie adaptation of the Broadway play tells the fictionalized story of the birth of Motown Records and its star act, The Supremes. The ladies paved the way for pop music as we know it, and their transformation from sweet soul backup singers to…

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Tuesday July 3rd, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 76

living in: you’ve got mail

It’s been impossible to be present on the internet and not read about writer/director Nora Ephron’s death last week. We’re no strangers to Nora love here, see exhibits A, B and C, and we’ve been heartened by the widespread appreciation for her warm and witty ways. The final piece in our Ephron puzzle is You’ve…

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Tuesday June 26th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 37

living in: only you

Only You is a charmer of a rom-com. With Robert Downey Jr. at the helm and Marisa Tomei in some killer clothes, it’s covet-worthy in all respects. It tells the story of a woman who follows the advice dished out by a Ouija board in her middle school days and goes to Venice to find…

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Tuesday June 19th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 23

living in: cruel intentions

Before there was Gossip Girl, there was Cruel Intentions. And before there was Cruel Intentions, there was Dangerous Liaisons. A smutty 19 90s adaption of a heavy hitting classic, the cast emanates a blinding glow of teen goodness. With Sarah Michelle Geller, Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillipe, Selma Blair and that guy who will be forever…

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Tuesday June 12th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 37

living in: lost in translation

Sofia Coppola’s second film Lost in Translation begs for a warm night and some takeout sushi. Set in a fancy Tokyo hotel, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray dance a delicate waltz of isolation in an overwhelming city until they find each other. The intensity of Japanese culture shock forms a unlikely bond between them, and…

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Tuesday June 5th, 2012

amy merrick by 22

living in: carrie

Smile everybody! It’s prom time. While most may be traumatized at the memory of glittery heels and plastic corsage boxes, it’s best to embrace the good and the bad and Carrie, everyone’s favorite telekinetic heroine, does just that. The cult classic packs a wallop of campy high school horror and genuine emotional sensitivity, all covered…

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Wednesday May 30th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 20

living in: the pajama game

Leave it to a 1950s musical to turn a factory union labor dispute into a sunshiny love story. The Pajama Game is just that, the story of an employee organizer who enters into negotiations with a pajama factory’s superintendent and gets a lot more than she bargained for. With plenty of saturated colors and patterns,…

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Tuesday May 22nd, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 41

living in: cold comfort farm

Cold Comfort Farm is a new-to-me mid-nineties BBC movie suggested by a reader and given a thumbs up by our very own Kate Pruitt. English countryside period piece? Twist my arm. The movie’s heroine, Flora, grows up amid London privilege in the 1930s and eventually moves with relatives to a rundown country farm. Emma-esque hijinks…

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Tuesday May 15th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 35

living in: empire records

Empire Records is better known for nostalgic adoration than cinematic appreciation, but we’re okay with that. Face it, we love to love the nineties and enough time has past to make Doc Martens seem like a good idea again. Who didn’t develop a massive girl crush on Liv Tyler and suddenly find themselves unable to…

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Tuesday May 8th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 33

living in: rocky

They said it couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be done. That it was impossible. A long shot. A snowball’s chance. Etcetera. Are we talking about Rocky overcoming the odds and fighting the famous boxer Apollo Creed? No. We are talking about turning Rocky into a Living In post. In the spirit of the man himself, we’ll take…

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Tuesday May 1st, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 8

living in: lady chatterley

Lady Chatterley is exactly what is should be: a lush and lascivious romp that would make even the boldest blush. Based on the scandal-inducing novel by DH Lawrence, the movie follows the affair of an aristocratic woman and her estate’s game keeper. Style rains down as an English spring blossoms, and for the love of…

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Tuesday April 24th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 11

living in: a woman is a woman

A Woman is a Woman hits all of the best style notes – feminine and French but also subtle and cool. We’re no strangers to Jean-Luc Godard fandom here, and this early musical romp is no different. Following the story of a young exotic dancer who’s anxious who have a baby with her ambivalent boyfriend,…

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Tuesday April 17th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 43

living in: mannequin

Mannequin is your typical 1980s rom-com about a time traveling Egyptian princess turned into a living store display. You know, the usual. It boggles the mind that someone in a business suit okayed the plot, but I’m not complaining. A young mannequin played by Kim Catrall woos her creator by night, romping around in fancy…

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Tuesday April 10th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 27

living in: sid and nancy

Sid and Nancy were punk rock’s Romeo and Juliet. Star-crossed lovers aside, the infamous couple crashed and burned all across the world in the late 1970s. Nancy was the Sex Pistols’ Yoko Ono — reviled by fans and fated for disaster. Sid, well, he was tragic from the start. Skipping over the methadone clinics and…

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Tuesday April 3rd, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 37

living in: auntie mame

When Design*Sponge managing editor Amy Azzarito uses exclamation points to suggest you watch a movie, you watch it. There is no saying no to Ms. Azzarito — she has fantastic taste, she shares your first and middle name and hello, she’s the pal who got you this job in the first place. Her Auntie Mame recommendation couldn’t…

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Tuesday March 27th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 36

living in: green card

Any movie whose central love story revolves around the love of an apartment is good in my book. The 1990 romantic comedy Green Card starring Andie MacDowell and Gérard Depardieu doesn’t disappoint in the home department: MacDowell marries Depardieu to qualify for her dream home in New York, complete with a greenhouse. It’s the kind…

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Tuesday March 20th, 2012

amy merrick, living in by 13

living in: pollock

If Pollock is to be believed, being a genius ain’t easy. And why would it be? As one of the first major American abstract painters, Jackson Pollock had his work cut out for him, powering through negative criticism until his work was accepted by the art community and the world at large. Though his life…

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