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Stephanie Todaro

Tuesday November 18th, 2014

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Reno, NV City Guide {UPDATE}

Reno, NV City Guide {UPDATE}

The Biggest Little City has had quite the Renaissance since we last posted a guide (2010!). As more businesses flock to the area to start their restaurants, retail stores and more, the area has become a bustling desert city and local artist and photographer Sarah Stevenson knows all about it. She spent most of her professional life…

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Tuesday November 11th, 2014

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Biz Ladies Profile: Bridgid Coulter


With a family to support and an amazing job offer on the table, Bridgid Coulter decided to follow her gut instincts and jump into the world of self-employment before leaving design school. She launched her eponymous design firm with the goal of creating “warm, livable homes filled with beauty and personality” and has continued to do…

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Vancouver City Guide {UPDATE}


Katrina Stock, an encaustic artist, potter and blogger, along with her coffee roaster husband, Andrew Stock, fell in love with Vancouver 10 years ago. For a couple that loves to discover quirky neighborhoods, have food adventures and go biking, this was the perfect city. Recently they packed their bags and headed to Winnipeg, a city…

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Tuesday November 4th, 2014

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Venice, Italy City Guide

It may have recently been in the headlines for the epically gorgeous wedding of George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin, but Venice has long been in the spotlight for its stunning scenery, incredible cuisine, amazing artisanship, and its all-around classic Italian loveliness – not to mention its historic value, of course. Today Skye McAlpine, a freelance writer, blogger, cook,…

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Tuesday October 28th, 2014

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Biz Ladies: How to Pull Off a Stress-Free Collaboration

There’s no shortage of tools and resources to help you pull off a team effort, but successful collaborations require you to use all of your communication skills as well. Jen Dopazo, founder of branding and graphic design studio Candelita, joins us today to share how you can avoid derailing your next collaboration with misunderstandings and miscommunication…

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Little Rock, AR City Guide


Stephanie Maxwell is a near-native Arkansan, having moved to Little Rock with her family when she was just three. After college in Mississippi and a post-grad year in London, Stephanie moved back to her hometown, where she writes and edits for an entertainment weekly, Sync, and her local arts and entertainment blog, Off The Record….

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Tuesday October 21st, 2014

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Greek Islands City Guide

Hopping around the gorgeous Mediterranean islands of Greece doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. So if you’re thinking of taking a cruise of your own, you are going to want to check out interior designer Sophie Carr’s amazing guide to shopping, dining and lodging around these historic island locations. Her insider tips are…

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Tuesday October 14th, 2014

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Biz Ladies: Discover How You Work Best

Are you a morning person, or a night owl? Are you most creative when you’re alone, or do you come up with your best ideas when you’re in the middle of a team brainstorming session? We’re all wired differently, and the benefit of being a biz lady is that you have the option of structuring…

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Tuesday October 7th, 2014

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Biz Ladies: Annie Sloan of Chalk Paint

Biz Ladies Profile: Annie Sloan

Image above by Penny Millar As a trained painter and artist, Annie Sloan knew the medium well. So when she went looking for a specific type of paint and came up empty, she knew to take matters into her own hands. Now nearly 25 years later, Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint has become a standard in furniture and…

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24 Hours in Philly with Free People’s BLDG 25

For our first ever multi-tiered 24-hour city guide, we have the writers behind Free People’s blog, BLDG 25, sharing their ideal 24 hours around the eclectic city of Philly. From an assortment of restaurants, boutiques, bars and even some yoga, these ladies take us on an extensive tour of the Philly area. If you have a…

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Tuesday September 30th, 2014

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Bilbao, Spain City Guide

Just the name of the region – “Basque Country” – evokes scenes of rolling hills, gorgeous people dining al fresco, and a calm serenity of the sea…among many other glamorous things. While I’ve never personally been, Basque Country native, Patricia Palacios, confirms my visions and shares the many gems the city of Bilbao (part of the Basque…

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Tuesday September 23rd, 2014