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Grace Bonney

Friday September 19th, 2014

flowers, video by 2

Tallulah Rose Flower School


If I could spend all of my time immersed in flowers, I’m pretty sure I would be the happiest girl around. From growing and cutting to arranging and delivering, almost every aspect of floral life makes me insanely happy. So this week I thought it would be fun to get a special, behind-the-scenes peek at…

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Thursday September 18th, 2014

interviews, radio by 2

After the Jump: Lisa Congdon

One of the most difficult parts of running a creative or arts-based business is just that – the business. From pricing and licensing to negotiating gallery shows and agent fees, the world of being a full-time artist can be incredibly complicated, confusing and isolating. Thankfully Chronicle decided to tackle the fine art world for their…

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Wednesday September 17th, 2014

diy, diy projects by 2

10 Creative DIY Stair Runner Ideas

This weekend I found myself dreaming of having a home with a second floor. I’ve spent most of my life (and dorm years) living in single-floor apartments or homes, and there’s always been something so grand about the idea of a dramatic staircase leading to bedrooms or other spaces that are a good distance away…

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Monday September 15th, 2014

accessories by 2

The September Issue

Every year fashion-lovers wait in anticipation of Vogue‘s epic September Issue. It’s the magazine’s huge issue full of trends and ideas for the full year going forward that’s become so legendary they even made a movie about it. We’ve had so much fun being inspired by fashion this month that we thought we’d cap off…

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Friday September 12th, 2014

Best of the Web by 7

Lisa Congdon Signing + Best of the Web

One of the most challenging parts of running an arts-based business is well, the business part. It’s certainly not the only hurdle, but I’ve found it’s one of the biggest and it always helps to get advice from people who have been doing it successfully for years. I was thrilled when I heard that Lisa…

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Thursday September 11th, 2014

Wednesday September 10th, 2014

diy, diy projects by 20

DIY Embossed Cards

I always think of embossed cards as the little black dress of stationery. A simple embossed card always feels in style and detailed enough to be interesting but isn’t so in your face with decorative details that the message is lost in the design. I’ve always wanted to know how to make my own embossed…

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Tuesday September 9th, 2014

interior design by 8

Fashion Week 2014: Perfect Pairings

New York City is abuzz with the insanity that is fashion week. I say that like I know anything about it, but I’ve actually never been to a real live show. But just being in the city this week feels like being a part of it because every street seems to be packed with glamorous people,…

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Monday September 8th, 2014

travel by 10

Our Hawaiian Dream Vacation

At the end of every summer I like to make a list of places I hope I can visit next year, ranging from the tiniest southern towns (especially those with great barbecue) to the most exotic and far-flung destinations that I can imagine. Even if I don’t manage to make it to all (or any)…

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apps, tech + online by 11

Real Genevieve

When I sat down to write Design*Sponge at Home, I knew a great deal of space would be dedicated to Genevieve Gorder. It was her spirit, creativity and can-do DIY attitude on Trading Spaces that made me fall in love with design. I didn’t even know design was a thing until I saw her work…

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Friday September 5th, 2014

before and after, drinks by 6

Erin Scott’s Ruby Red Grapefruit Fizz

Last week I had the pleasure of rounding up some of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks to celebrate a lighter option for summer sipping. Then, earlier this week we had the honor of sharing the beautiful Berkeley, CA home of blogger, stylist, photographer and cookbook author Erin Scott of Yummy Supper. Today I’m thrilled to combine…

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apps, tech + online by 4


One of the apps I shared yesterday in my obsessions list, Happier, has really made a difference in my daily life lately. It asks me to record a little moment each day, in image or text form, that makes me feel happy and appreciative. At the end of each week it feels so good to…

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Thursday September 4th, 2014

apps, tech + online by 26

11 App Obsessions

I’ve spent the majority of my life being the last one to the tech party. My parents all but forced me to get a cell phone my senior year of college because they didn’t want me driving between college and home without one. I keep every computer I’ve ever owned until they literally fall apart…

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Wednesday September 3rd, 2014

diy, diy projects by 12

DIY Tassel Curtain Tie Backs

I spent the last week soaking up the final days of summer in my hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia. If there’s one thing I learned in addition to how nice it is to start every morning at the beach, it’s that I really need to get some window shades going in our home. My parents…

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apps, tech + online by 13

The Design*Sponge App by DWNLD

It wouldn’t be fall without a few new projects getting ready to see the light of day. While we put the finishing touches on a much-needed Design*Sponge redesign/make-under (to launch later this month), we’re happy to have one new web project ready: a free Design*Sponge app! It’s been driving us (and many of you) crazy…

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Friday August 29th, 2014

dsbig10 by 51

Design*Sponge 10th Anniversary

10 years ago today, I was working on the ground floor of my boss’ home office in Brooklyn about to hit “publish” on a blog that I had no idea anyone else would ever read. I picked a name, wrote about some of my favorite things (an Eames chair and vase by the Bouroullec brothers)…

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