30 Modern Stained Glass Artists To Follow on Instagram

by Grace Bonney

Yesterday on Instagram I mentioned how much I’m living for the renaissance that’s happening in the world of stained glass. In addition to the existing community of talented stained glass artists, a new generation is learning this incredible tradition and finding ways to make it their own. Artists are trying more minimal styles and embracing the graphic nature of stained glass to create contemporary patterns and designs. Whether they hang on the wall, against a window, in the corner of a doorway or get installed in a window frame, these new designs are continuing the tradition of stained glass in a whole new way.

I was blown away by the number of amazing recommendations left under my Instagram post about stained glass, so today I’m sharing 30 of my favorite stained glass artists and designers to follow online. But be sure to visit the post to check out the recommendations in the comment section as they continue to grow and evolve! xo, Grace

Annahita Hessami

Neile Cooper

Bespoke Glass

Glass By Butler

Debbie Bean

The Round Window

Nadine Keegan

Janel Foo

Friend of All Glass

Rock Crest Glass

Pizza Donkey

David Scheid

Glass House Studio

Gold Fever Glass

House of Pale

Sara Strickler

ABJ Glassworks

Holly Hutchenson Glass

Brewer and Marr

Mizassi Glassworks


Forest City Stained Glass

Lockhart Glass

Runa Glassworks

Colin Adrian Glass


Vivrant Things

Soft Shapes


Penumbra Glassworks

Soda Ash & Sand




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