Pre-Order: Meet Our New Magazine, Good Company!

by Grace Bonney

For the past eight months, I’ve been working on a project that has been, without a doubt, the hardest of my career. And it’s finally here and ready for pre-order. Meet our new biannual magazine: Good Company!

After the success of In the Company of Women, our publisher asked us what the next book would be. But I wanted to do something different. I didn’t want to wait another two years to celebrate the stories of talented creatives. I wanted to write about more people, in more depth, and with different themes and focuses to their discussions. While the book was an overview at creative life and work, I wanted to focus on a new project that could get into more complex and long-form discussions. Enter: Good Company.

Good Company is our new biannual magazine that is now available for pre-order across the web. It will be on stands in just a few weeks: May 1st, 2018! What’s inside? I’m so excited to tell you about our first issue, which is all about COMMUNITY. The first issue features:

  • Discussions with over 75 creatives sharing their stories, advice and wisdom about all stages of their careers.
  • Beautiful studio features with glossy photos of spaces from across the country.
  • Interview with some of the biggest and most interesting names in the creative community, from painters, designers and actors to writers, cartoonists, bakers and woodworkers.
  • In depth features on: women who run book stores that are changing the publishing world, tattoo artists, representation for people living with disabilities, companies that make giving back a part of their business model, physical and mental health, living life online and off, creative life in a rural area, women changing the face of stock photography and online media and MUCH much more.
  • A cover story on the women of Premme: an amazing new fashion line that is size-inclusive from beloved fashion pioneers, Gabi Gregg (aka, Gabi Fresh) and Nicolette Mason.
  • Practical guides and advice for turning your dreams into real life projects and businesses.

I am so proud of the people in this issue and the people who worked with us to bring it to life. From designers and artists to photographers and subjects, this issue, like In the Company of Women, celebrates the voices and stories of people from underrepresented groups, with the majority of the content written about, and by, people of color, people from the LGBTQ community, people living with disabilities and people whose identities and points of view have been traditionally marginalized by mainstream media.

I’ll be hitting the road in just two weeks to celebrate the first issue, with a series of panel events in seven cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Athens and Washington, D.C. You can click here to check out more info on all cities and to grab tickets before they’re gone! *All tickets will include a copy of the new magazine and a custom tote bag designed by Loveis Wise (see below) which will only be available at events. We’ll be doing a fall tour for the second issue in a new set of cities, so stay tuned if there isn’t an event near you this spring! 

Below is a little sneak peek at some of the content inside. I can’t wait to share this project with you. In the meantime, I hope we’ll see you at our spring tour events- and if you’re able, pre-ordering is such a huge help and support for print projects. Thank you so much! xo, Grace

*We are also raising funds to make our events more accessible. If you can help, details are here. Thank you!


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