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A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living

by Sofia Tuovinen

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge
When Dominique and Syeed Harris first laid eyes on each other in a popular restaurant in Atlanta, GA 10 years ago, the connection was almost instant. The two Libras, born three days apart, found in each other the ideal partner for deep and meaningful conversation, ranging from politics, spirituality, and psychology to cultural diversity, movies, and music. The couple, who married eight years ago, has also shared a love of organic and holistic living for several years. By the time they had children, homeschooling felt like a natural choice, as did focusing on something that they felt truly passionate about. Yearning to learn and grow, and to share their knowledge with the people around them, Dominique and Syeed started their own holistic lifestyle business, All Things O’Natural LLC, in 2011. The photos and video tutorials that Dominique posted online grew popular in the natural haircare community, allowing the business to grow and expand to organic and natural apothecary products for the whole body.

By the time Dominique and Syeed decided to move their family from Atlanta to Dominique’s hometown of Chattanooga, TN, they had been business owners for four years. Although they had both been homeowners in the past, settling down in Chattanooga meant buying their first home together, as a married couple and as entrepreneurs. Home ownership has been the fruit of the couple’s hard work and devoted mindset. “It was such a feeling of infinite joy buying a house from the hard work we put into our business. We can’t thank all of our amazing customers enough for this,” Dominique says.

For Dominique and Syeed, finding the right house was as much about a gut feeling as meeting each other had been a decade earlier. Syeed, who had been actively searching for homes online, saw the house and instantly knew it was the one, as did Dominique. With plenty of space, a fantastic location within walking distance of health food stores, parks, schools and a mall, the two-story 1960s house was ideal for all their possible needs.

At first, the family started off with just a few pieces of furniture. Before investing in new ones, Dominique and Syeed wanted to feel out the space to know which way they wanted to go with the design. “We are bohemian in our thoughts and truly free-flowing. We love the option and freedom of changing and not being bogged down with a specific style,” the couple explains.

Taking things slow and letting the home evolve naturally has worked best for this creative family. Over the past year, the upstairs spaces have been furnished with carefully selected boho-chic pieces and bold colors — it’s an eclectic mix and a perfect representation of the family’s personal flair. Dominique and Syeed also emphasize the importance of artistic freedom that the home offers their children. They share, “It’s such an awesome feeling to see the kids trolley through the halls as if they are the longest hallways in the world.” Most importantly, the family’s home is a safe haven to learn, grow and love — and to spread the message of healthy, happy and holistic living. —Sofia

Photography by Dominique Harris / @allthingsonatural

Image above: The upstairs living room is Dominique’s favorite space and the ideal spot for deep conversations, glasses of wine, movies, and cuddles.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

One of Dominique’s paintings hangs above the mid-century inspired leather sofa in the living room. “I love creating abstract art pieces that reflect what I was thinking at the time… most times, I have my husband and our kids interpret the pieces.”

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

The marble and brass coffee table complements the boho-chic living room decor. The family loves to incorporate natural elements and various textures in their home — the throw blanket by All Roads Studio for Anthropologie is a perfect example.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Dark navy accent walls add drama and depth, and tie one space to the next in the Harris family’s home.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Fostering creativity in their family is something Dominique and Syeed value highly. “Our days consist of homeschool, business, deep conversations, laughter, food, family time and husband and wife time,” they share.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

A huge canvas covered in Ellie Cashman fabric is the perfect statement piece in the moody dining room. A bright, multicolored rug adds a pop of color to the otherwise monochrome space. “Recently, I am having love affairs with all things [with a] hint of pink,” Dominique explains.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Brass details add a touch of glam to the dining area.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

The Harris family; Syeed and Dominique with their children Naomi, Eliyah, Solomon and Christian.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

The view from the kitchen toward the dining room shows a vintage ladder that the family converted into a wine and beverage cart.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Dominique shares, “I love viewing my artwork that hangs above the breakfast bar with the bright colored bar stools — such satisfying details.”

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Fresh flowers brighten up the family’s kitchen. “My husband is such a thoughtful, romantic being. He brings fresh flowers home often just to see a smile on my face because he knows that I love botanicals and plants,” Dominique says.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

The sofa and armchair in the den are special pieces that were given to Dominique by her grandmother. To keep their integrity, they have only ever been upholstered twice. “I think about the conversations had on these pieces,” Dominique says. “I remember as a child my grandmother kept them covered in plastic and we weren’t allowed to sit on them too often… they were for ‘company.’”

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Various pastel tones add a soft touch to the den.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

An inviting corner of the den, complete with plants and natural textures.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

The sunroom, located off the den, is the go-to space for wine and conversation with dinner guests. During the daytime, it’s also the perfect space for yoga.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

“Our master is such a calm and serene place. Anytime guests enter, they say it feels like a spa. We have salt lamps and essential oil diffusers and it stays nice and cool,” Dominique shares.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Dominique carried the pops of pink from the living areas to the master bedroom.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

The boys’ room is the ideal space for adventure time and play. Dominique’s own art adds rich colors to the walls, while a plush rug serves as the perfect surface for playing with Legos.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Naomi’s room features a black chalkboard paint wall. “The kids love the freedom of being able to actually ‘draw’ on the wall without getting into trouble,” Dominique explains. The headboard was made using round placemats and oblong table runners, a DIY project inspired by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

A Bohemian Family Home Focused on Holistic Living | Design*Sponge

Floor plan of the Harris family’s upstairs living spaces.


Living Room

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
Coffee Table: Target
Chairs: Vintage and reupholstered
Sofa: Article
Throw: Anthropologie
Coffee Table Vase: Homegoods
Coffee Table Tray: Homegoods
Mirror: Project62 from Target
Pillows: Target and Homegoods
Rug and Stool: Target
Small Mirror and Plant Holders: Target
Artwork: Dominique Harris
Airplants: Airplant Supply Co
Floor and side table Lamp: Project62 from Target
Side Table: Target

Dining Room

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
Floral Fabric on Canvas: Ellie Cashman
Art Canvas: Michaels
Dining Table: Target
Fabric Dining Chairs: Homegoods
Eames Style Dining Chairs: Amazon
Area Rug: Esale Rugs
Table Runner: H&M
Floor Lamp: IKEA
Pink Vase: Target
Candle Holders: Target
Artwork: Dominique Harris
Round Mirror: Target


Dinnerware: Anthropologie
Cutting Boards: Homegoods and Amazon
Dish Soap: Murcheson Hume
Yellow Barstools: Target
Patinated pot artwork: Dominique Harris


Plant pots: The Barn Nursery
Pillows: Target and Homegoods
Indigo Mudcloth Throw: D K Renewal
Pink Stool: Target
Artwork: Dominique Harris
Floor Lamp: Project62 via Target
Side Table: Target
Table Lamp: Target
Cowhide rug: Southeastern Salvage
Wall Tapestry: Dominique Harris


Chair: reupholstered antique
Throw: H&M
Rug: World Market
String Lights: World Market
Pillows: Target and Homegoods
Plant Pots: The Barn Nursery
Artwork: Dominique Harris
Djembe Drum: gift from Togo
Glitter Ball: Amazon

Master Bedroom

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey
Bed: Ashley Home Furniture
Bedding and Pillows: Homegoods
Area Rug: Target
Mirrors: Homegoods
Floral ottoman: Target
Mirrored Side Tables: Target
Art and Wall Tapestry: Dominique Harris
Lamps: IKEA

Boys’ Room

Wall Color: Benjamin Moore Thunder
Area Rug: RugsUSA
Area Rug: Homegoods
Bunk Beds: IKEA
Bedding: IKEA
Throw and Pillows: Homegoods
Side Chest: Homegoods
Wall Sign and Lamp: Homegoods
Gray storage basket: Loop Design Studio
Artwork and Wall Tapestry: Dominique Harris
Plant Holder: Target

Master Bedroom

Wall Color: Valspar Chalkboard Paint
Headboard 1: Amazon
Headboard 2: Amazon
Bed Quilt: Bed, Bath & Beyond
White Metal Chairs: Target
Artwork: HappyHairGirls
Area Rug: Amazon
Pillows and throw: Homegoods
Hemp Wall Tapestry: Dominique Harris


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  • LOVE the runner/placemat headboard! That is such a fun idea and it looks great!

  • I so love the style and “feel” of this home. This home and write-up speaks to me as a natural hair Atlantan, lover of saturated walls, and owner of that fab Anthropologie throw :-) Beautiful story and beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

    • Wow! Thank you so much!!! That throw is hands down my fav!! It’s so heavy and so so gorgeous in person. Thank you again for reading, I truly appreciate you 💖

      • I have that throw too! I love the look of it more than the feel of it though.

  • Thank you, Sofia, for introducing the Design Sponge community to the Harris Family and their natural products company. I find their aesthetic beautiful, calming & balanced. The focus on mindfulness and holistic living is totally inspirational.

  • This is by far my favorite house tour I’ve seen on design sponge, and I’m a long-time reader! Wonderful all around, and such a lovely family portrait too.

    Dominique, I love your paintings, especially the one hanging in your living room. It sounds like your artwork is pretty personal, but do get in touch if you ever sell your pieces!

    • Wow!!! What an amazing compliment. Thank you so so much for your words and yes, I love creating the artwork for our home and I will definitely keep your request in mind. So honored, thank you!

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely home. The dark walls are very calming (I am about to paint an accent wall in dark blue, and seeing your home gives me the confidence that this could actually look awesome).

  • In the painting I see a bull, a crow and a cat. I love your home.The colours are so rich, calming and beautiful. My home looks like a daycare, so I am really admiring the elegance!

    • Hi there! Ha, I can definitely see that!!! Thank you so so much for reading and commenting. I truly appreciate you 💖

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    • Wow! Thank you so much, Justine!! I actually ordered the fabric, bought a huge 4′ x 5′ canvas and adhered it with fabric glue..it was sooo simple and came out great! (I did make sure that the fabric was pulled taunt as not to say on the canvas. Thanks again 💖

  • I love love love the paint color choices in this house and the way these work with the pops of gold, pink, and brown. The navy accent wall against the other beige walls? So good. The corner of the den with the chair surrounded by plants? Obsessed!

    One question: what is the pale blue paint color used in the den?

    • Thank you so much, Janice! The light blue color was applied before we moved in so I’m not sure what the color is. Thanks again for you comment.

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