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Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp

by Garrett Fleming

Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge

Working within an air-tight timeline can do a number on you. It starts with overthinking the details. Then maybe you purposefully procrastinate in order to just let yourself breathe for a bit. That helped for a second, but now you’re behind. And you’ve spent just as much time thinking about the deadline as you have actually working towards it. How exhausting! Not everyone is like this, of course. For some, this intensity is the very push they need to create something great. Which brings us to Jessica Reilly and her husband, John. When they moved to Lubbock, TX, the pair only had three months to find a house. The pressure was on, but *spoiler alert* they nailed it.

During the house hunt, Jessica and John held themselves to some pretty high standards. And rightfully so. This wasn’t only going to be a huge monetary investment for the family, but this was a chance to leave the rental market and put a permanent stamp on a space. Hoping to find the ideal nest, they only set up showings of the most-perfect options in the most-perfect neighborhoods. That is, until they hit a dead end. It was during this stressful time, with their move looming ever closer, that Jessica decided to revisit a 50s-era house she and John had passed up earlier in their search.

It was the home’s location that initially kept it out of the running. While they hadn’t lived in Lubbock before, according to Jessica and John’s research the house’s locale wasn’t in prime territory. With their three months ticking away, however, Jessica desperately sent her husband to take a peek. Thankfully, not only was the neighborhood much better than they expected, but the 2,800-square-foot home was full of potential. Tall ceilings, original molding and large rooms had the pair simultaneously gawking and sighing in relief.

So they’d found a house. Now all they had to do was turn it into a home both quickly and affordably. Luckily, Jessica is well versed in all things interiors, and transforming the bare box was right up her alley. Since moving in she’s painted walls black, doused cabinetry in lilac hues and even strayed from white molding a bit. Overall, I’d say there’s a great chance you’ll love its look just as much as the Reillys do. Scroll down to check out the results, and enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Jessica Reilly

Image above: Jessica and John have lived in their fair share of rentals. Buying this mid-century home last year has given them the rare opportunity to put down more permanent roots and the ability to design a space exactly to their liking.


Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
Jessica, John and their children moved into this home after an extensive search throughout Lubbock, TX. Initially, Jessica wasn't thrilled about the location. As their strict moving date drew near, however, she reconsidered. It was love at first sight.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
The wallpaper and collection of memorable finds make the dining room/studio the couple's favorite space in their home.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
Original partition doors help to close off the dining room/studio when it's time for Jessica to work.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
Jessica sets the tone for her eclectic home base by dousing its foyer in rich earth tones. Just behind the chair to the left is a charming mail slot. A wicker basket below catches the family's deliveries.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
Across from the dining room/home studio sits the living room. The previous owners cut the room in half in order to accommodate an extra bedroom, so it doesn't have any crown molding. This initially seemed like a bummer, but the detail actually ended up working out perfectly for Jessica. Those extra inches of wall space near the ceiling allow her to display her giant mirror.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
Prior to moving to Texas, the family owned five vintage couches. This chenille number was the only one to make the cut come moving day.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
Typically, beautiful collections like this come together through planning, but that's not the case here. Jessica and John's son is scared of the busts so they have to hang out here, out of sight and out of mind.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
At 2,800 square feet, the home isn't small by any means, but large rooms, high ceilings and scarce walls give it the illusion of being massive.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
If I had to guess, I'd say the lilac steals guests' attention upon entering the family room, but Jessica says the artwork and shelves of collectibles actually alway steal the show.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge

Jessica knew she didn’t want to paint the built-in black or white. The former would’ve overpowered the space, and the latter would’ve washed the cabinets out. Lilac though? She didn’t see it coming, but was surprised at how well the exceptional hue worked as an accent. I’m in!

Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
The pair's daughters asked to have a hand in designing their bedroom. "They wanted color (and a lot of it), so they picked out the wallpaper, accessories and curtains that are in their room," Jessica says.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
The girls' room was the only spot in the house to get new floors. The rest are original.
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
"What we love most about our home is... this is where love and happiness resides!" -- Jessica Reilly
Wall-to-Wall Color in a West Texas Revamp, Design*Sponge
The space was built in 1957 as a model home but was later renovated by its previous owners.



Walls – Behr Marquee “Private Black”

Wallpaper – Hygge & West “Andanza” from Wallapaper Direct

Chair – thrifted

Console Table – Target

Rug – Rugs, USA


Formal Living Room

Walls – Behr Marquee “Private Black”

Couch, brass side table – Craigslist

Black pillow – Big Lots

Plum abstract pillow, poison pillow, round side table – Target

Arc lamp, mirror: Wayfair

Mobile, malachite boxes, succulent plants – DIY

Brass shelf, busts, chinoiserie vase, lamp, ‘The Entertainer” art, brass candleholders– thrifted

Skull Planter – Michaels

Buffet – Inherited

Black candles – Hobby Lobby

Coffee table, cream rug, green rug, curtains – World Market


Studio/Dining Room

Walls, molding – Behr “Fading Fog”

Doors, baseboards – Behr “Private Black”

Wallpaper – Tempaper “Silhouette Peacock” in blue

Shelving – Sutherlands

Dining Table, metal apothecary drawer, curtains – Craigslist

Chairs, rug – Thrifted

Captains chairs – World Market

Mirror – Serena & Lily

Bar cart, brass antelope head – Estate sale

Prada Marfa Art, Non & Oui Art, collage art – DIY

Chandelier – Lamps Plus


Family Room

Doors, windows – Behr “Private Black”

Trim, beams –  Behr “Fading Fog”

Built‑in cabinetry – Behr “Standing Ovation”

Curtains – Urban Outfitters

Medallion art – DIY

Coffee table, TV console – Craigslist

Daybed – World Market

Black and white rug – The Home Depot

Red rug, cream club chairs – Lamps Plus

Mirror – Big Lots

Girls’ Room

Walls – Behr “Long Meadow”

Crown molding, baseboards – Behr “Underwater”

Beds, mirrors – thrifted

Rugs, desks, vintage chair– Craigslist

Dressers – Wayfair

Ghost chairs – Lamps Plus

Unicorn lamp – Target

Curtains – World Market

Flooring –WOCA USA “Diamond Oil Carbon Black”

Wallpaper – Walls Need Love “Vintage Garden”

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