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Shop Tour: Moorea Seal’s New Space In Seattle, WA

by Rebekah Carey

Moorea Seal is a Seattle shop owner, author, entrepreneur, and designer. This fall has been a big one for Moorea — her second book was released and her shop got new digs. We’re delighted to be offering a peek into the newly reopened and designed Moorea Seal (the shop), all of which is gorgeous, but we’re particularly smitten with the enviable dressing rooms! Moorea’s business initially grew out of her massive Pinterest following; she began her online shop with the same style people had come to know her for from Pinterest, opened her brick-and-mortar shop (which is now in its new downtown Seattle location) and authored two books. Moorea describes her books, The 52 Lists Project series and Make Yourself At Home: “I like to think of my books as beautiful objects that trick you into knowing yourself well, loving yourself on a deeper level, and tricking you into giving yourself therapy with your own internal wisdom.” With so many titles personally, it’s no doubt that the shop Moorea Seal also has a myriad of offerings — there’s still the online site, the newest storefront, a jewelry line, desktop products, and over 150 handmade items curated from across the country. And since her shop’s beginnings, Moorea Seal has given 7% of all proceeds to non-profit groups (you can even shop by cause on their site).

When it came time for a new location after outgrowing the previous one, Moorea Seal teamed up with the design team at Parker, first with branding in the beginning of last year. That branding was then used as part of the inspiration behind the design of the new space. Parker wasn’t just a good design match, Moorea and Tyler (one of the founders of Parker) have known each other since college. Brooke, the other founder of Parker, was a perfect fit, Moorea explains, “Brooke was honestly the only person I could trust to bring to life the vision I had hoped for with our store. And her interior design turned out perfectly.” This isn’t the first time Moorea Seal has expanded, but it’s the first time they’ve had to do a complete build-out, with the new space being a true blank slate — so much so that it didn’t even have electricity or HVAC. The 100-year-old building space began at 4,000 square feet; it was split in half for the Cone + Steiner store, then the Moorea Seal team made 1,400 square feet the storefront, 1,000 square feet became the shipping and inventory section in the back, and then a second floor was added to accommodate offices above.

Arguably, the biggest challenge was installing the HVAC for the building. After being installed in the wrong place, twice, it was finally installed a third time that enabled the offices to still be usable. “Needless to say, it took longer than we expected, was a major learning curve with HVAC, and electricity and more,” Moorea admits. “Building out an entire space from scratch meant a lot of headaches along the way, but thankfully, the result was exactly what we had dreamed of. So for now, the storefront is perfect.” There were also other big projects that thankfully were less stressful, like the enormous piece of custom-made arched pink glass on the front window. It acts as a literal rose-colored glass that you can take photos through from outside, and it’s also one of the special elements that sets Moorea Seal apart on the busy Seattle street. “We are beyond thrilled with how everything turned out. It was lots of work from our whole team to make happen — we were merchandising the space up until the last half hour before we opened, eek! But we made it happen. And we have been amazed at the response from customers, fans and press thus far,” Moorea shares. If you can’t visit Moorea Seal in person, hopefully these photos can transport you to their new, warm and inviting space! —Rebekah

Photography by Moorea Seal 

Image above: The Moorea Seal nook is a favorite among staff and customers alike. Whether they’re taking a short shopping respite, or a selfie, it’s the perfect corner for a break. 

The Seattle Storefront Of Moorea Seal Tour On Design*Sponge
"Our 18-foot windows are one of my favorite parts of our entire storefront. I love the historical look of our storefront with the bright pops of modern color coming from the inside," Moorea shares.
Moorea In Her Element On Design*Sponge

“When you have a company that has your name on it, sometimes it feels like the weight of the company lies on your shoulders, in positive and negative ways. But with this store, I feel like the space speaks for itself in a way where I (the person) don’t have to prove anything. It stands completely on its own and as a very private person, I am so thankful for that as I can more clearly separate myself from my work, knowing that this store is fully its own beautiful, sustainable and healthy thing. I’m so thankful that creating this store was a team endeavor, that every single person in my company had a literal hand in it and that we all get to celebrate the big move-up together in our new space each day.”

Seattle's Moorea Seal Shop Has Enviable Corners Tour On Design*Sponge

“How dreamy is our nook?! I wish I could transport it into my own home. The Mine was kind enough to help us have a custom sofa made for our front nook by Taylor Burke Home. I didn’t know that you could even have custom sofas made! But they made a sofa in our signature rust color, in the exact size that we needed for our little nook. It’s now the favorite spot of our customers to take selfies and chill. The rug, rattan chair and chandelier are also from The Mine, who are based here in Seattle,” Moorea explains.

Corner Of Moorea Seal In Seattle Full Tour On Design*Sponge

“We have filled our space with lots of plants to bring life and warmth to a somewhat industrial space,” Moorea explains. “We partnered with our favorite local nursery, Swanson’s Nursery, which has been in Seattle for 100 years, to bring in lots of greenery. And we also sell small potted plants by The Plantuary which we display on that beautiful Blu Dot table in the window.”

"Along our front window we built out two steps as display for home decor and our in-house desktop products as well as my books. The pink hue of the arched glass adds such a happy glow to the front of the space," Moorea says.
The Front Window Of Moorea Seal Gives Viewers The Option Of A Literal Filter Tour On Design*Sponge

“The entrance to our storefront is along the right front side of the space, as seen from the inside of the store. We share an entrance with Cone + Steiner which we love as we have a lot of customer crossover, and we love being able to grab treats and lunch just next door,” Moorea shares.

Shoes Are A Big Hit At Moorea Seal In Seattle Tour On Design*Sponge

“Our customers and staff are all huge shoe lovers. So we built a nice, long display to highlight our collection at the front of our store. Our top sellers are definitely the handmade minimalist shoes by Osborn,” Moorea tells us.

Bag And Shoe Display In Seattle's Moorea Seal On Design*Sponge

“Our rattan basket bags have been huge this summer and fall. And the Mersey Mule is a new favorite, too,” Moorea shares.

Moorea Seal In Seattle On Design*Sponge

“We sectioned off our storefront with movable custom-made ‘pods’ which make the space super adaptable for special events. We host a variety of workshops, parties, speaking engagements and even shows in our space,” Moorea explains.

Moorea Seal Store With Moveable Pieces For Display On Design*Sponge

“Having 18-foot ceilings has been a huge improvement over our first storefront which was much more petite. The space feels even bigger in person if you can believe it!”

A Card Display At Moorea Seal In Seattle Tour On Design*Sponge

“Our customers are paper goods fanatics and trust that they can always find quirky and unique cards for the ones they love at our store. Our Happy Birthday Suit card is by far our best selling card. I mean, it’s so cute.”

Home Goods In Seattle At Moorea Seal On Design*Sponge

Even though the new Moorea Seal space is much bigger, it doesn’t mean that Moorea isn’t still thinking about clever small-space tricks. “Each of these pods has secret storage inside for easy organization. We rotate out the displays in these spaces dependent on what new products we have received in the store or speciality items we are are loving. The black and white top by UZI is a customer and staff favorite.”

Moorea Seal's New Location In Seattle Has Great Open Spaces Tour On Design*Sponge

“Our number one goal was to create a storefront that was completely different than anything else in Seattle, and ideally different than anything else you can spot via Instagram. Our goal with our brand from the beginning has been to curate products that push the design envelope and give you a new perspective of jewelry, home goods, clothing and more. We are definitely a design focused brand, and with that, we wanted to highlight the industrial elements of our 100-year old building while also offering a really fresh, clean, minimal, and bright vibe of what we added to the space. Our interior designer Brooke Eide likes to call it ‘Feminine Industrial.’

Our company also deeply values inclusivity, warmth and positivity. So it was important to us to make sure the space didn’t feel too austere or serious. We want anyone to walk into our store and feel like they can find something that will be perfect for them or someone they love. And our staff will always be there to help, encourage and inspire. With lots of pops of playful colors, lots of bright light, rich textures and lots of plant life, I think we’ve balanced the love of modern design with a warm and cheeky attitude well,” Moorea explains.

The Moorea Seal Dressing Rooms In Seattle On Design*Sponge

The dressing rooms at Moorea Seal are simply stunning, “I love the arched motif that flows throughout our space, most especially seen in the arched entries of our dressing rooms.”

Gorgeous Dressing Rooms At Moorea Seal In Seattle On Design*Sponge

“Our dressing rooms are my favorite space inside of the store. Our friend Teresa Grasseschi worked with me to come up with a playful but minimal and modern mural for the dressing rooms, and they turned out so beautiful. We then added a light and a chair in each room from The Mine as well as custom-made arched mirrors that echo the arched entryway to the dressing rooms. So dreamy.”

The Moorea Seal Clothing Display Is Conveniently Located Next To The Gorgeous Dressing Rooms Tour On Design*Sponge

“We carry a wide array of clothing, from handcrafted pieces, designer brands, and surprisingly more affordable options. We really seek to offer a range of clothing and accessories that can suit a variety of people.”

Cozy Clothes For Colder Weather At Moorea Seal In Seattle On Design*Sponge

“Cozy clothes for the colder months here in the Pacific Northwest.”

Moorea Seal's Bath And Body Corner Tour On Design*Sponge

“This display was custom-made to offer a really unique interaction with the products with a mirrored back wall, great for trying on sunglasses and testing beauty products.”

Seattle's Moorea Seal's Layout With Full Tour On Design*Sponge

“Our storefront and offices have been located in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle for three years. But in that time, we expanded twice, and were overflowing at the seams in our store and office by year three. So this year, we decided to take a huge leap and build out a new storefront from scratch in a more heavily trafficked area of the city, in downtown Seattle. We love being right in the heart of everything on First Ave. And in a funny twist of fate, Pinterest’s tech headquarters in Seattle are literally right next door to us! Pinterest is actually how I got my career started when I cultivated a following of almost a million followers off of just pinning for fun. From there I opened my online site and the rest is history!”


Paint Colors- Appleblossom by Sherwin Williams

All Plants- Swanson Nursery

Pink Nook
Custom sofa- Taylor Burke Home, The Mine
Rug- The Mine
Brass Side Table- The Mine
Rattan Chair- The Mine 
Chandelier- The Mine
White Console Table- Blu Dot

Dressing Rooms
Accent Lighting on Interior- The Mine
Exterior Sconces- The Mine
Yellow Chairs- The Mine
Curtains- Restoration Hardware

Center Of Storefront
Cashwrap Lighting- The Mine
Front window lighting- The Mine
Rug- The Mine
Yellow Ottomans- Blu Dot
Large White Table- Blu Dot

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