Amazing Arches and Their Classic Impact on Design

by Kelli Kehler

When it comes to architectural details, an arch never goes out of style in the interior design world. From Moroccan-inspired doorways with carved notches to sweeping arched passageways with smooth, clean edges, an arch goes a long way in elevating a room’s aesthetic impact.

Over the years here at Design*Sponge we’ve seen arches used in dramatic front doors, carved into built-in shelving, and framing quaint little breakfast nooks in sunny kitchens. Some are period elements, used to connect rooms in homes built centuries ago, and others are manmade features meant to add charm and character to an otherwise plain space. We’ve gathered our favorite arches from past interiors to celebrate this beloved architectural darling. —Kelli

Image above: In Kenya, a sweeping arch pairs handsomely with rustic wood ceilings in the rental home of Brooklyn transplants Ashleigh and Andrew.


This stunning arched doorway in Candis Cayne’s Tudor Revival was cut to echo the tile pattern used on the kitchen’s walls and look in-line with the home’s existing Moroccan-inspired archways. The result is both classic and modern.


This grand arched doorway in Chicago’s Freehand Hotel is one of my favorite arches we’ve ever published here at D*S. Substantial wood trim and double doors with paned windows make for a memorable architectural moment.


Julia Sherman‘s 1890s home in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill neighborhood needed major work when she moved in with her husband Adam, but it already flaunted stunning period details — like the entrance to the kitchen.


Tricks with paint create the illusion of an arched doorway in this midwestern home.


Arch details aren’t strictly reserved for doorways and hallways. In this historical landmark home in New York’s Hudson Valley, a sweet breakfast nook is made ever more quaint with arched built-in shelving.


Back in Julia Sherman’s kitchen, a once-crumbling area of the home is now a stunning focal point. This arched niche packs a subtle color punch with hand painted cement tiles in a Moroccan motif.


Echoing arches throughout their 1890s Brooklyn home, Julia and Adam’s front door boasts dreamy architectural details with generously sized windows to let in bright, natural light.


We can’t talk about arches without referencing the arched doors to Moorea Seal’s dressing rooms. Custom arched mirrors provide a breathtaking reflection (literally) of the architectural detail.


Back in Ashleigh and Andrew’s home in Kenya, dueling arched doorways lend charm to the home office.


For a home that is anything but standard, this entrance to Kip & Co. founder Hayley Pannekoecke’s kitchen is a beautiful black-framed archway. The arch echoes the black framing found in the kitchen cabinets and is a crisp complement to the room’s textural details.


The breakfast nook of this Portland, OR bungalow is framed beautifully by an arch, creating just enough visual separation from the kitchen while keeping the two spaces cohesive at the same time.


In East Vancouver, this home’s pretty blue front porch is carved out with charming arches, adding ample curb appeal to the property.


The 1920s home of Patti Wagner in Minneapolis, MN has a lovely pair of arches uniting a handful of rooms on their main floor.


An arch that looks original to Marisa Mason’s jewelry shop was actually built out with wood and then plastered over by her husband.

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