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Desktop Downloads from Schumacher: Katsugi

by Grace Bonney

I woke up to a yard full of dry leaves and the crunch crunch crunch of the dogs walking around in them — which means that fall is definitely here. To celebrate the seasonal change, we’re teaming up with Schumacher to share a series of five wallpaper downloads for your phone and computer screen. We’re celebrating florals for fall and each design will have a different take on a classic design.

Today’s design is called Katsugi and we’ve chosen the Tangerine & Berry pattern for your tech. This signature Schumacher pattern is a beautiful mix of fall colors and is a great way to spruce up your devices for a fresh start. Just click the links below to download in both sizes! —Grace

More about Schumacher: Schumacher was founded in 1889 by Paris-born Fredric Schumacher. This 5th generation family-owned company was the first in its space to do partnerships with designers like Paul Poiret, Dorothy Draper, and Josef Frank. Today they continue to have leading collaborations (they just launched a new series with Vogue this August) and are one of the few brands in their field to maintain a thriving in-house design team. Creative director Dara Caponigro (who you might remember from her days at Domino Magazine) says, “we like to think of ourselves as a 128-year-old start-up company; we have a passion for design with the belief that great design makes a positive difference in people’s lives.”

  • Click here to download Katsugi for computer screens
  • Click here to download Katsugi for smartphone screens

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