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In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family

by Garrett Fleming

In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge

When Desha Peacock, author of Your Creative Work Space, and her husband Matt first peeked at this home, they were overwhelmed by its abundance of retro wallpaper: mauve fruit baskets here, flocks of duckies there. Add in a tiny kitchen and icky carpet galore, and all Matt could think was “NEVER!” Desha, on the other hand, only saw possibilities.

What about this Craftsman in Brattleboro, VT caught Desha’s eye, you ask? That’s simple. She was sparked by the opportunity to build a charming family home exactly to her and Matt’s liking. There had to be wood floors under that gross carpet, right? And the wallpaper? Sure it was tacky, but it was outlined in original wood trim. Wouldn’t that look great next to a fresh coat of paint?, she thought.

After some back and forth, Desha and Matt took the plunge and since then, they have slowly revealed all of their house’s potential. Gone is the dated wallpaper and dingy carpet and in their places stand crisp walls, vintage finds and a clever mix of unfussy accessories. All in all, it’s a space conducive to both getting creative and getting a little messy, two things this family has mastered. Scroll down to take a look, and enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Jo Chattman

Image above: Desha loves the look and crispness of all-white interiors, but prefers actually living in colorful spaces where she can create — free from the fear of messing anything up too badly. The family pup Molly loves this approach. It means she’s free to lounge where she sees fit.

In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
"I bought this rug in Tunisia while visiting my best friend Ayda. It reminds me of how I was her bridesmaid on a little island called Djerba where we were laden with gold necklaces and bracelets before landing inside a tent (on top of a camel) for the bridal procession," Desha tells us.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge

Desha Peacock — author of Your Creative Work Space — was on the hunt for the perfect home to raise her daughter in when this home came on the market. Since purchasing the century-old space with her husband Matt, the pair have brightened it up with fresh paint, floors and accessorizing.

In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
Initially Desha was going to paint this hutch but has opted to dress it with eye-catching wallpaper instead. Knick-knacks -- including some of her ceramic work -- line its shelves.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
Pictures from Desha's annual retreat to Mexico and a friend's book on the living room's coffee table.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
Desha and her husband's next project will be repainting the home's exterior. It's covered in lead paint so it'll be a bit of a challenge, but they're ready for it.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge

The family spends much of their summertime on the front porch. They know to soak it up while they can. The Vermont winters have taught them so.

In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
The dining room connects the living room, kitchen and home office to one another. That being said, it's become the center of Desha's universe.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
During Vermont's brilliant summers, Desha's gardens flourish. The best blooms often act as the centerpieces for parties and casual family dinners alike.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
All of the home's trim is original and hasn't ever been painted. Its pristine condition was a major selling point for the family.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
Monochromatic touches in Desha and Matt's bedroom help keep them calm amidst the chaos of kiddos and work.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
"This gallery wall is an expression of all I love. It came out of a process called 'The Holy Grail'... It's a very personal expression of what I value such as family, creativity and my business," Desha explains.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
Desha's greatest treasure is this Craigslist find: a vintage claw-foot tub. She relaxes in it nightly.
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge
"What I love about my house is that it fulfills my childhood dreams." -- Desha Peacock
In Vermont, an Unfussy Home Fit for Family, Design*Sponge

The 1920s-era, Craftsman-style home’s floor plan.

Source List

Living Room

Rug – Direct from Africa

Sofa ‑ Found on the side of the road

Concrete coffee table – Mathes Hulme Builders

Cactus chair, rose velvet chair – Secondhand

Cactus print – Vicky Webb on fabric by Green Park Studios

Black and white throw – Kestral Shop

Plant stand – Loot

Record player‑ Vintage

Chandelier – Lamps Plus

Hutch lining – Essential


Pillows – Handmade


Dining Room

Dining chairs – Sticks and Bricks

Paint – Benjamin Moore “Silver Mist”



Sketches – Catalina Rodriquez

Bolster pillow – Kestral Shop

Chandelier – World Market

Large wooden mirror, feather comforter – IKEA

Paint – Benjamin Moore “Acadia White”

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  • Design Sponge great article on Desha Peacock. Loved reading her story and looking at the beautiful photos of her home. I love her reasons for why she bought the house and how Desha has renovated it to fit their relaxed style. A relaxed home always makes guests feel welcome and at home. I tend to be less relaxed about my house so this was a good tip for me…I guess its just a matter of finding your “Sweet Spot Style” inside your home.

  • Absolutely LOVE Desha’s collected, laid back, and inviting home. Her decor, sense in style and business is all such a clear visual reflection of who she is… a warm, creative multi-passionate soul. Love working with this kind hearted woman!

  • I cannot wait for my copy of Desha’s book! I loved this peek in to her home and the story to go with it!

  • Wow what a beautiful article! I love that I got to see parts of her home I’ve never seen before! Beautiful home and she’s such a beautiful soul! Love it.

  • Absolutely love this interior.. It’s just the right combination of retro and vintage. I’m sure they’re both really stylish as well. It looks like such a cosy home and they really made it their own, you can really tell. Beautiful use of furniture and decor.

    • What a thoughtful reply Leon, thank you! Above all I want my home to feel comfortable and a place where people feel good, including myself…. like having tea on the porch with your best friend and not worrying about the time.

  • Your home is definitely welcoming and relaxed, and seemingly full of light. Love the wallpaper-in-the-back-of-the-hutch thing! I too was impressed with your answer to “What I Love… It took me back to my own childhood when I used to create homes for my dolls out of my mom’s potato and onion bins, cardboard and miniature bits of nature, or rake pine needles into floor plans. I’d love to know more about the process called “The Holy Grail”. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

    • Thank you Kitt for your sweet words! I love hearing a bit about your childhood doll home creations, that’s too cute. :) The Holy Grail is a process developed by my client Robyn Mcclendon as a tool to help you develop your style + branding. It’s a really fun process, super personal. Here’s a link to her website if you’d like to learn more about it…https://www.robynmcclendon.com/

  • OH MY GOSH – I was so lost in and delighted by the serene and Gor-Geous photos, but, as if that wasn’t enough, I got all choked up on the “childhood dream” bit! Good for you, Ms. Peacock!!!

  • I am completely smitten by Desha’s sweet, beautiful and cozy home! After working with Desha for over a year it’s nice to get a peek into her magical home. One of my goals is to road trip to Vermont so I can have a beverage on her porch on a warm summer day! Thanks Desha for sharing your home! xoxo Pippin

    • Aww thank you my dear friend for stopping by here, I appreciate your sweet words! We gotta make that road trip happen for you this next summer. I’ll be waiting for you on the front porch with tea! :)

  • Desha, I am so inspired by your home! Particularly that first caption about your rug from Tunisia… I actually JUST returned from a trip to Tunis & Djerba, where my fiance is from! Until a couple of years ago when I met him, I hadn’t known much about the country nor have I known anyone who has traveled there who isn’t a native, so it makes me so happy to see a fellow American / designer who has traveled there and brought back some warm memories like I did! I would love to somehow here more about your experience in Tunisia.

    Your home is truly warm and gorgeous, you’re definitely an inspiration.

    • Hi Natalie! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words!:) That’s too funny you recently visited Tunisia & Djerba and that your fiancee is from there! My best friend from graduate school, Ayda Robana, has roots there. She was born in the states but her parents are from Tunisia and still have homes in Tunis + Djerba. She had a huge blowout wedding on the island, and I was lucky enough to be her bridesmaid! It was an unforgettable experience that I will forever cherish.

  • Hi Desha, your home is beautiful! We also have a house covered in lead paint and I’m trying to see if there is a safe solution for repainting or if we need to remove the siding and replace it. I’d love to save it if I can but I have two little ones and am nervous about safety! Can you share anything about your plans?

    • Hi Emily! Thank you very much!:) Ugh the lead paint is a daunting project for sure, I’m leaving it to the pros. I would recommend hiring a lead certified paint professional to scrape off the lead and repaint if you can or if it is siding, it’s probably best just to replace it.

  • Hello! Thank you for sharing your charming home. Where is the white slipcovered sofa with the sweet ruffle in your living room from? XO

    • Hi Liz! Thanks so much! The sofa was a “side of the road” find. I bought painters cloth, like the kind you can find at the hardware store, and took it to my local seamstress to make a custom cover for this loveseat. It was inspired by a design I found on Miss Mustard Seed’s blog.