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Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Lea Carey: Day Two

by Rebekah Carey

It’s time for another amazing digital download from Lea Carey! If you’re wondering if part of why I love Lea’s work is because we are related, sadly, we haven’t confirmed this yet. But like all Carey women (fact not yet verified) we love art that transports us to another place. Speaking of women, Lea loves working with women-owned and women-run businesses. Earlier this year she collaborated with Court and Grace from the maternity clothing line Storq, designing textile and print projects that will be coming out soon. We’re looking forward to checking those out for sure.

Today’s wallpaper from Lea makes us wish we were not screen-side, but in a lovely garden, listening to the sounds of nature and smelling flowers. Lea is (now) a New York-based illustrator and artist, and we’re incredibly excited about sharing a whole week of her digital downloads! Rebekah

Day one can be found here, and you can download today’s wallpaper here.

These wallpapers are intended for personal use only.

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