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Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Ionut Radulescu: Day Six

by Rebekah Carey

The answer to whether we’d like more Ionut Radulescu digital wallpapers: “yes please!” Somehow we only have one more day in our seven-day series with the New York-based designer and illustrator. If you’ve missed any of our other five days you can find the download links below. Rebekah

Download today’s wallpaper here.

The other five days of wallpapers can be downloaded here: “It’s Not You It’s The Internet,” “What Matters Most,” “Some Things Can’t Happen Twice,” “Your Nonsense Makes Sense,” and “I Like You, You Like Me We Like Each Other.”

These wallpapers are intended for personal use only.

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  • All of Ionut Radulescu’s wallpapers are so fun!
    This one is a little small compared to the other’s. The size of the jpeg is small FYI

    Thank you for featuring him!