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Desktop Wallpaper Downloads From Ionut Radulescu: Day One

by Rebekah Carey

Today we’re excited to be kicking off seven days of Ionut Radulescu digital wallpapers! We absolutely love Ionut’s bold and colorful graphic style, and are thrilled that he wanted to share his work with all of us. Ionut is a New York-based illustrator and designer. He is constantly merging both analog and digital mediums in his work and specializes in illustration and lettering, branding for lifestyle and fashion brands, and frequently contributes to queer publications.

Ionut’s work has been shown through The Art Director’s Club, Applied Arts Magazine, and American Illustration. He describes his work as being, “fueled by kombucha, music and an unusual amount of mags, zines, and other printed matter.” You can enjoy Ionut’s “Daily Doodle” series on his site for his latest work, or pursue his Instagram for more favorites. When he’s not working, Ionut says you can find him enjoying bookstores, magazine shops, or a new favorite Asian food spot he recently discovered. –Rebekah

Download Ionut’s first wallpaper (shown above) here.

Please keep in mind that these wallpapers are for personal use only, thank you!

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