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Desktop Wallpaper Downloads from Cotton & Flax: Day Four

by Grace Bonney

The week is coming to a close, but we still have two more sets of downloadable desktop and phone wallpaper from Cotton & Flax  to go! Each of these new designs are from her California-inspired textile collection called Arroyo. If you missed her earlier downloads this week, you can get them right here:  two bright pink designs, three versions of a hill-and-valley pattern, and three colorful confetti styles. Today Erin is sharing a DNA-inspired pattern in two colors: cobalt and peach.

You can download both colors below and check out the fabric online here. Thanks so much again to Erin for sharing these with us- you can check out her new designs and much more at her Instagram feed right here. xo, grace
  • Download the cobalt wallpaper in phone and desktop versions here!
  • Download the peach wallpaper in phone and desktop versions here!

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