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Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost

by Garrett Fleming

Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge

Walk the cherry-tree-lined neighborhood in which artist Diane Hill and Matt live outside London, and I guarantee you’ll be pinching yourself at the end of every block. Its charms are simply that unbelievable. Within minutes of meandering out their front door you can find yourself skipping through a neighborhood zoo, boarding the train to London, dropping the kids off at school or feeding the nearby pond’s family of ducks. All in all, the house’s setting couldn’t be dreamier. Its interior though… well, that seemed more like a nightmare before the couple renovated the quaint space.

Completed in the 1960s, the postwar house was in desperate need of an overhaul when Diane and Matt bought it in 2015. The kitchen had to be gutted, the entire home needed rewiring and carpet, and old furnishings had to go. Luckily, Matt and Diane are one determined pair of perfectionists. So much so, they even tackled the updates themselves to ensure the results were exactly what they were after. All it took was time and a few YouTube tutorials. “[I’m] so proud of myself and my husband,” Diane gushes. “For every screw, every brushstroke, every tile [and] every inch of this house has our own hard work all over it.”

Once the construction period was complete the home seemed to rise anew, like a blank canvas ready to be dressed with the one-of-a-kind artwork Diane is known for. Her pieces don’t live behind glass or in a frame, though. Diane is a muralist, so she is able to create graphics both romantic and bold that burst from their confines and unabashedly take over entire walls. Peek inside the couple’s bedroom, and you’ll find her most abstract work: a mountain of rock in metallic gold and pink. Stroll through the dining rom or into one of their daughters’ bedrooms and you’re greeted by chinoiserie patterns, their floral details and pearlescent birds mesmerizing in every way.

While these paintings and Diane and Matt’s attention to detail have made this home a winner, stylistically speaking, the duo says the most valuable thing about their space is something absolutely intangible. Not soon after moving in Diane gave birth to their second daughter, and the comfort and calm vibe of this home has made them feel more blessed than ever before. Click through to take a look, and enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Diane Hill

Image above: Diane and Matt love the calming vibe of sophistication the hand-painted mural lends to their bedroom. “The design was inspired by all sorts of natural textures: of marble, concrete and plaster…,” Diane explains. Many of the works throughout the pair’s house are as vibrant and colorful as this one here. To keep these details from visually cluttering up the various spaces, Diane has balanced them out with bright and white accessories.

Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
Matt built this dressing desk for Diane so she could have more space to get ready in the morning. "I always sat on the floor to do my makeup in our flat, and now I have this, which is just heavenly!" Diane says.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
When painter Diane and asset manager Matt found out they were expecting their second child, the pair knew it was time for more room. They left behind their quaint flat and snagged some more square footage in Cheshunt, one of London's leafy suburbs. Since moving in, Diane has done a number on the home's walls, amplifying them with four murals and colorful accessorizing. The house needed a total renovation, and - thanks to some clever YouTube tutorials - Matt was able to save some cash by doing the rehab himself while Diane painted away.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge

Diane wanted her IKEA shelving to stand out amongst the soft pinks and creams of the rest of the bedroom, so she painted these black lines on the edge of each shelf. Lamp by Very.

Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
It took Diane about a year to paint her youngest daughter Bonnie's mural since she had to stop and go as the kiddo napped. She says all the hard work has been worth it, though. Especially when she sees her daughter's eyes light up as she plays beneath it: "She points to the birds and butterflies. I hear her in the morning talking about the birds. It's so sweet to hear!"
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
So much love went into the mural, Diane couldn't bring herself to cover it with bulky and distracting furniture. She's instead opted for a streamlined IKEA unit.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
Long before she ventured into painting walls, Diane painted London's various vistas onto canvases and pillows. A reminder of these humble beginnings hangs above the sofa in the living room.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
The room had to be "cozy, comfortable and liveable" as it is the most used space in the house. On some days it functions as a gym and others a dance club, but it's mainly just a cozy spot for relaxation.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
"What I love most about my home is... when the living room becomes our dance floor," - Diane Hill
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
Originally this chimney breast was going to be removed, but Diane fought for it to stay so she could create a focal point for the living room. With its teal hue, it now commands attention and offers a great distraction from the TV and clutter that sit to its left.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
A year ago Diane quit her job designing wallpaper for a big brand and began creating pieces for herself. Until she's able to turn her house's loft space into a full-fledged home office, Diane will continue working from right here at the dining room table surrounded by one of her murals. She's cleverly layered two paints - one matte and one in a devastatingly beautiful pearlescent silver - to add depth to the piece.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
From the tile to the paint job, all of the bathroom's updates were done by Diane and Matt. The room was initially painted in a more muted mustard, but the color bugged Diane like no other. So much so, within a week of finishing it she had gotten a more vibrant hue and repainted the space.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
The mural in Rosie's room only took a few days to complete, and Diane and Matt are eternally grateful that the process cranked along quickly. At the time, Rosie was really struggling with living in a new home and with the idea of having a younger sister. This space's makeover helped ease her stresses and worries.
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
The couple tells us the mural matches Rosie's personality: "soft and calm."
Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge

A new dishwasher – a “life changer” according to the foodie couple – and pretty teal tile from Walls and Floors rebooted the kitchen very quickly. They chose every fixture and detail themselves.

Painterly Touches Give a British Home a Boost, Design*Sponge
The Hill family's home features three bedrooms and one bath and was built in the 1960s.

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  • I had the heart-eyes emoji going on looking at this lovely home. The personal touches that took so much time and care really make this space so unique and warm.
    I also love that it’s a smaller home without sprawl and still plenty of space for a family. Americans, take note!

    • Awwww thanks so much for such a lovely comment!! I am so yearning to extend the home however! Such a lack of storage hehe!

  • So beautiful. The colours are so fresh and the murals are amazing. Such a talented couple.

  • O.M.G.

    This is literally the most beautiful sneak peek I’ve ever seen here. I love every single inch.

    • OMG no wayyy!!!! That is about the best response I could have asked for!! Thank you so much!

  • What a lovely home. The murals are so wonderful! Bonnie’s room is my favorite. I wish I could pay for you to come do my house in NY!

    • Any time – I can catch a flight or make you wallpaper and ship it! Get in contact – I make big silk artworks too ;)

  • Love this space so much! It’s gorgeous yet livable, like I would totally want to unwind there with some Netflix but would never stop looking at the lovely murals and well-chosen components! I have a thing for teal tile backsplashes right now so I really like that kitchen!

    • Thank you so much! I unfortunately watch Netflix in this house waaaaay too much lol! I love teal too! As you can tell!

  • Incredibly beautiful designs and home. Makes it a very happy home to raise your adorable family 😘

  • The most beautiful walls I’ve ever seen! You’re such a talented artist Diane. I’m already in line to be first when your own line of wallpaper comes out!

    • Thank you so much!! I think I will release some wallpaper at some point yes! In the mean time I am developing some new printed large Chinoiserie artworks for sale so get in touch soon!

  • What absolute talent! Diane, your work is absolutley stunning and beautiful. I wish you much success in whatever you do (..and wish you were in Melbourne as we have a big white wall in our bedroom crying out for a mural…)

    • Ahhhh thank you so much – I am hoping I become successful too, fingers crossed!!! I can supply you wallpaper – get in contact if you want to work on a custom project with me ;)