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Think Pink: 16 Pink Homes To Lift Your Spirits

by Grace Bonney

andreannu copy

Sometimes when I’m having a rough day, I’ll scroll through the #DSPink hashtag on Instagram and find myself smiling at all of the amazing pink homes people share around the world. From elegant pink townhouses in London to bright pink Victorians in San Francisco, there’s nothing quite like a pink house (or room, or wall!) to cheer you up when the winter blues are hanging around. So if you need a little pick-me-up, check out these amazing pink interiors (and exteriors) from our fellow pink-loving friends in the #DSPink feed. xo, grace

Image above by @andreannu

patrix15 2 copy

Image above by @patrix15

architectabroad copy
Image above by @architectabroad

awfullybigadventureblog copy
Image above by @awfullybigadventureblog

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Image above by @aworkshopofourown

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Image above by @elisehanna

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Image above by @kellyalack

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Image above by @liapicard

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Image above by @llkcake

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Three images above by @londonispink

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Image above by @melissabeat

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Image above by @ninapoopsie
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Image above by @patrix15

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Image above by @tichamercado

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  • Pink is making a come back and it takes me back to the good old days of high school. I really enjoy the pink accent doors. I can find an entirely pink space or all pink home decor to be overwhelming but it is a great color to decorate with, which is why a splash of pink on the door is perfect for me.

  • Thanks Grace
    we live in the Blue Mountains, 2hrs west of Sydney Australia and we have a lot of rain, cold, misty, gloaming weather. Theres was one beautiful little cottage painted the perfect pink…until someone purchased it and repainted. I was so sad, PINK is such a great colour for a house.Makes me smile everytime.

  • I can’t believe that I love pink. I’ve always hated it, but now I’m absolutely loving it! Especially pink with black..so good. That pink fire station is the best!

  • A few weeks ago, I made a new rule for myself – no looking at news on my phone beginning one hour before bed. Now I have another new rule, scroll through #DSpink before bed!

  • YUM! The perfect pink is so flattering – if I had my druthers my home would be a pale pink inside and out (first pic but a little paler) – ceilings, walls, floor, furnishings – with bright pops of really loud patterns. Not many peoples’ cup of tea but I’d be in heaven – thanks for all these delicious pics and links! :)

  • I grew up in a pink terrace house in Sydney and remember it with such fond memories. Pink is so often overlooked as a “serious” design color, but it can be so beautiful/lively/fresh/optimistic! Especially some shades of blush… I’m tempted to paint my bedroom pink :-)

  • You need to get to Suffolk in the U.K., we have so many pink houses there is a shade of paint commonly known as Suffolk Pink.