3 Creative Floral Installations for Gatherings

by Lauren Chorpening Day

3 Creative Floral Installations for Gatherings | Design*Sponge

The more parties, showers and events I throw, the more I realize that I like one big statement in decor over lots of small details. There’s still a place for streamers and balloons, but for some events, I’ve learned that one main focal point can look phenomenal on its own (especially if it’s made of lush greens and florals). I even opted for minimal decor at my wedding to showcase the incredible floral design. Floral installations and oversized centerpieces aren’t for every gathering but if you have a shower, wedding or dinner coming up that seems to fit, try one of these 3 showstoppers that will make the space look and smell lovely. –Lauren

CLICK THROUGH for the instructions for this DIY Spring Party Floral Staircase, plus a floating floral installation and a spring-inspired floral arrangement to try.

DIY Spring Party Floral Staircase

First up is an overflowing, more-is-more, asymmetrical staircase installation. The dreamy flowers and greens give a magical look to a traditional stair rail, as if it’s been found in the wilderness. One of the great things about this installation is that floral foam is able to keep each stem in place and keeps them hydrated for a longer display. The wild aesthetic means that you don’t have to be a perfectionist about placing each bloom either. It will look incredible in no time.

Find the full instructions here.

3 Creative Floral Installations for Gatherings | Design*Sponge

DIY Hanging Floral Installations from Anne Sage’s Spring Brunch

Anne Sage is a styling master. Instead of focusing on filling the table with decor, she left room on the table for food and plates while filling empty space above the feast. With a circular form (she used barrel rings from a salvage store), a good handful of fillers and blooms become a stunning display for a one-day event. To make the blooms last even longer, place the flower stems in green floral tubes and hide the ends under the other greenery.

Find the full instructions here.

3 Creative Floral Installations for Gatherings | Design*Sponge

Spring Floral Arrangement by Swallows and Damsons

This last idea might be the smallest, but it carries the same impact as the others. This centerpiece arrangement needs no other decor to elevate the look of an event. Its organic shape and unique mix of foliage, flowers and colors will be a welcome change-up from the expected bouquet.

Find the full instructions here.

3 Creative Floral Installations for Gatherings | Design*Sponge

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