15 Rugs To Swoon Over

by Grace Bonney

hamletinteriors copy
One of my favorite things to do when I need a pick-me-up is to scroll through the amazing photos you all share in the #DSNiceRug feed on Instagram. I love it mainly because it’s a color and texture fest, but also because I like seeing if people can come up with creative ways to display huge rugs outside of the “hold it up in front of your face” style that most rugs and posters are photographed in. Today I’m sharing 15 of my favorites that make me want to drop everything and head to the nearest vintage store or flea market to see what sort of treasures are hidden in stacks just waiting to be discovered. xo, grace

Image above by @hamletinteriors

anson_london copy
Image above by @anson_london

allisonlindinteriors copy
Image above by @allisonlindinteriors

carlaypage at hamletinteriors copy
Image above by @carlaypage at @hamletinteriors

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Image above by @carlaypage

graybenko copy
Image above by @graybenko

katandmaouche copy
Image above by @katandmaouche

katiehodgesdesign copy
Image above by @katiehodgesdesign

luloomlife copy
Image above by @luloomlife

morugco 2 copy
Image above by @morugco

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Image above by @morugco

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Image above by @retrodentulsa

shage.co copy
Image above by @shage.co

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Image above by @simply.bohemian

territorydesign copy
Image above by @territorydesign

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  • Love every one of those rugs. The kitchen orientals are super! I love that they used two small rugs next to each other to create a wide runner. Looks good and is also utilitarian.

  • Thanks for the tip about the “rugs-hashtag”, will definitely check that one out for inspiration. Loved the first rug with its colors and pattern. Which we only had the space for it… :)

  • These rugs are amazing. Decorating with rugs is one of my favorite ways to reinvent a space. They are a great way to add texture, pattern, and color which creates depth in a room. Thanks for sharing, I am definitely going to check them out for some inspiration.