15 Flowers to Try in Arrangements This Spring

by Grace Bonney

flwrshop copy
Fresh flowers are quite possibly my favorite “accessory” in the world of home decor. Nothing spruces up a room like something fresh from the yard, and nothing makes me feel more hopeful about the day than when I see them next to my bed in the morning. And while Juliet Roses, Pink Ranunculus and Peonies will always have a soft spot in my heart, I’ve been keeping an eye out for less commonly used flowers to see if one of these pops up in my local flower shop. While some of these may take a little work to find, many of these are easy to find and inexpensive, and just haven’t gotten to be the star of the flower world for a while. Happy growing, shopping, snipping and arranging! xo, grace

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[Images of one of my favorite and most versatile flowers, sweet peas, above and below by @flwrshop and @floretflower]

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victoryblooms TULIP MAGNOLIA copy
Image above by @victoryblooms: These tulip magnolias don’t bloom for long, but when they do, what beauty!

victoryblooms CAMELLIA copy
Image above by @victoryblooms: Camelias are a backyard favorite in the south, so I grew up thinking everyone had these out back. Now they’re harder to find up north and I grab them anytime I can. They come in a huge range of colors and sizes.

victoryblooms 2 copy
Image above by @victoryblooms: If I’m feeling like a splurge, Fritillaria are my go-to bloom. They are typically flown in from Japan and they come in incredible shapes and patterns — like this classic checkerboard style. I generally try to avoid flowers that have to be flown in, but these are a special once-a-year treat if I can find them.

lamusadelasflores COBEA copy
Image above by @lamusadelasflores: I had never seen a Cobea Scandens flower until I started seeing La Musa De Las Flores post about them online. They remind me of a hellebore and tulip combined.

VICTORY BLOOMS echinacea copy
Image above by @victoryblooms: The humble Echinacea is often overlooked, but they are a colorful, fun and hardy flower to grow — and they last a long time cut in water.

SAIPUA martagon lilieS copy
Image above by @SAIPUA: I grew up with Tiger Lilies in our front yard and they were never my favorite. But I’ve seen younger florists start to cultivate these dramatic blooms in softer ranges of colors, from blush and peach to pale yellow. These simpler, softer varieties feel perfect for modern arrangements. (These are Martagon Lilies)

runningwildflorals copy
Image above by @runningwildflorals: Carnations always get an unfair rap, but these dramatic ruffled varieties have all the fanfare of a peony with a much lower price point. Can you imagine a huge bunch of these as a wedding bouquet or centerpiece? #Stunning.

junesblooms copy
Image above by @junesblooms: Straw Flowers! These cheerful beauties are incredible in large masses, but they also have such dramatic shading and ombre coloring that they are strong enough to stand alone, too.

hello.halsted CHOCOLATE QAL copy
Image above by @hello.halsted: We have wild Queen Anne’s Lace in our yard, but these Chocolate QAL are a beautiful darker spin on the classic.

jennchezdesign JAPANESE RANUN copy
Image above by @jennchezdesign: Other than peonies, ranunculi seem to be today’s go-to flower star. And while I love the soft pink versions, these dramatically striped and ruffled Japanese versions are where my mind is going these days. They feel like a totally different flower and can work in an arrangement or on their own.

avaflora copy
Image above by @avaflora: Another take on striped Japanese ranunculi.

gracealexanderflowers HELLEBORE copy
Image above by @gracealexanderflowers: My favorite flower to add to any arrangement is a hellebore, no questions asked. The dramatically different varieties and styles they can be grown in blow my mind. Their delicate purple and green color palette is so lovely, but they also come in darker and more intense hues, like a deep purplely-black.

gracealexanderflowers 3 copy
Image above by @gracealexanderflowers: Another take on hellebores in a pale green.

gracealexanderflowers HELEBORE 2 copy
Image above by @gracealexanderflowers: This might be the most beautiful hellebore I’ve ever seen. The delicate purple and green are just accents in this variety and the white petals feel so delicate and sweet.

floralux SPIRAEA copy
Image above by @floralux: Spiraea is a common filler in arrangements, but I love it in long branch form as its own star of the show.

Image above by @eastolivia: Blushing Bride Proteas are one of the most dramatic blooms and come in these amazing pale pinks, perfectly named.

7th.heaven.floral copy
Image above by @7th.heaven.floral: Cosmos always have a special place in my heart because they turn their little heads up to the sun as they grow. These delicate cuties (bottom left in this picture, in white and lavender) are perfect for growing at home and come in a huge range of colors.

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