10 Ways to Infuse a Space with Color & Warmth from Designer Regan Baker

by Kelli Kehler

Mountain View Kitchen 1
It always amazes me to see what color and texture can do to elevate a room to its full design potential. These are the elements that can take a space from appearing one-dimensional and cold to feeling warm, welcoming and full of depth.

When it comes to implementing these design workhorses of color and texture, Regan Baker is beyond proficient. Based in San Francisco, CA, Regan uses her 12 years of interior architecture and design experience to craft spaces that are a balance of comfortable, modern and personal.

“A well-designed room should provide a visual journey when you first walk in, and it’s the textures, patterns and colors that guide this journey,” she says. “If a space doesn’t invite you in, that is a good sign more warm design elements need to be added.”

To easily break down this art form of hers, Regan is sharing with us 10 tips that anyone can use to pull off a warm vibe in their own home by leaning heavily on color and texture.

“The use of warmth and color in your home is key to creating an inviting and comfortable space where you enjoy spending time,” Regan shares. “Warm textures, patterns and colors, such as the use of woods, patterned wallpaper or rugs, are also the design elements that show off your personality and make the space uniquely yours.”

Check out all of Regan’s tips after the jump — with gorgeous design examples of how to execute them — and get the inspiration you need to make your space feel even more like home. —Kelli

Mountain View Kitchen 2

Photography courtesy of Regan Baker Design

Mountain View Kitchen 3
1. Give New Life to Reclaimed Materials – “Not only is it an eco-friendly option, but using reclaimed materials also provides a space with an added sense of character and history,” Regan shares. Here, Regan brings various tones into this kitchen by using “Newburg Green” paint by Benjamin Moore on the kitchen island and accenting with organic textures like reclaimed hemlock wood on the storage wall and a hammered metallic drum shade from Crate & Barrel.

Marin Master Bathroom
2. Tile in Unexpected Places – “Sometimes, a kitchen or bathroom becomes more intriguing based on where you choose to put your tile. Extending a simple tile backsplash in the kitchen to cover the stove range hood will keep the design clean and fluid. In a bathroom, create an accent wall with a patterned, colored tile, while using a neutral tile for the rest of the bathroom.” By keeping the rest of the space a neutral white, bold patterns like the Granada tiles on the wall and a rug by HD Buttercup can exist in harmony.

Glen Park Living Room 1
3. Warm Up with Wood Accents – “Wood accents immediately add warmth to any room. Using wood flooring on walls, for example, is a creative and bold way to make any space warm and cozy.”

Glen Park Living Room 3

Walnut wood paneling enriches this cozy nook while a distressed coffee table from Cisco Home continues the earthy theme.

Lake District Entry
4. Mix Traditional Architecture with Geometrics – “Spaces with traditional architecture design can become more inviting with geometric patterns mixed in, such as a black and white patterned tile,” Regan notes. Floor tile by Mosaic House, pendant lighting by Lumens.

Glen Park Spanish Modern Bedroom
5. Light Fixtures – “We already know that lighting sets the mood of a room, but the shape, material and color used in light fixtures also play an important role in creating an alluring ambiance.” Pillow by ABC Carpet & Home, sconce by Design Within Reach.

Glen Park Spanish Modern Family Room
6. Combine Textures – “The use of varying textures helps add dimension and interest to [a] space, whether it’s through pillows, artwork or a rug.” Here Regan layered a West Elm rug on top of an Overstock rug.

Dolores Heights Dining Room
7. Bring in the Old with the New – “Vintage pieces, such as furniture or rugs, are a great way to infuse comfort into a room,” Regan shares. Wallpaper by Anewall, table by Design Within Reach, light fixture is De Sousa Hughes by Jonathan Browning.

Diamond Heights Nursery
8. Set the Tone with Wallpaper — “Wallpaper is a fun and easy way to set the tone in any space, and bring warmth and texture through various colors, patterns and prints.” A neutral but detailed wallpaper by Cavern Home combines with a pouf by Tazi Designs and a rug from Etsy to add both contemporary and rustic styles to this nursery.

Diamond Heights Entry
9. It’s All in the Details – “Smaller design details, such as tongue and groove on a wall, help add texture and subtle curiosity to a space.” Rug by Stark Carpet, basket by Made Goods, light and mirror from Room & Board.

Glen Park Kitchen 2

Glen Park Kitchen
Textures can work wonders to bring interest and curiosity to an otherwise neutral space. In this bright, white kitchen, warmth is brought into the design by way of geometric backsplash tiles by Heath Ceramics, concrete pendant lights by Benjamin Hubert, and a warm reclaimed wood on the island.

Soma Living Room
10. Turn Open Wall Space into a Gallery Wall – “Gallery walls are very popular, and for good reason,” Regan adds. “It’s a simple way to personalize a space with your own photographs or favorite art, adding more character to the room.”

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  • Excellent ideas! I’ve never really thought about different textures in a room, but boy does it make a difference. Love the look of this place! Thanks!

  • Wood paneling on the walls is such a great idea! I love how it defines and warms up that space. Wonderful post!

  • I really enjoy the tip to add wood accents and gallery walls. Wood accents always bring warmth to a space and can work in nearly any home decor style. I love adding wood walls to modern home to give them a cozier, homey feel.

  • Thank you so much for including Granada Tile’s wall of Fez patterned tile in the first image! We agree – you can make a world of difference with color and texture.