Winter Shopping Favs: Grace’s Latest Picks

by Grace Bonney



You know that time of year when it’s grey and cold and you just want to switch things up at home to feel energized again? I’m right in the middle of that time, and instead of actually buying new things, I’m emptying my desktop wish list folder and sharing my winter favs here instead. From dramatic single drop earrings and stunning art books to nubby winter white blankets and hand-printed calendars, any one of these pieces would be a nice winter addition to your home (or wardrobe). xo, grace

Image above, clockwise from top left: Katharine Watson 2017 Write-In Wall Calendar $22, Desert Dog patch (it looks like Winky!) by Eradura $48, Feminist Keychain $15, Croissant Pin $19, Safety Pin Pin $19, Black Fireplace Matches $36, Egg Card $6, Pearl and Jade Drop Earring $98, Opal Stud $130, Puff Blanket $350, Olimpia Zagnoli’s visual take on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz $25, Kilim Pillow $88, Moon Plate $48

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    • Hi Julie,

      That item sold out before we even published this, and it looks like we forgot to take out the link :) Thanks for the head’s up!

  • thanks for including product posts again – we all need a little eye candy once in a while and while i also enjoy your other content, i trust your taste and love reading about what products you are into! helps with gifts, life, all of it!