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Step Inside Candis Cayne’s Los Angeles Dream Home

by Grace Bonney

It can be hard to know where to start writing about someone when you admire them so much. So I’ll just dive in: I think the world of actress and author Candis Cayne. When I moved to New York City for college, her performances were the stuff of legends among my theater major roommates. Her name always seemed to be in the air and it was always mentioned with deep reverence and admiration. But it wasn’t until her appearance on I Am Cait that I got to learn more about her personal and political views. Her openness, honesty, vulnerability, and sheer joy for life immediately made me sit up, pay attention and join the legions of fans who admire her for not just her performance work, but her strong and unwavering voice.

As I followed along with Candis’ acting and activism work online, I happened upon an image of her kitchen renovation that stopped me in my tracks. Her Los Angeles home is a dreamy California oasis of sunlight, impeccable curved archways and stunning tile work. So I reached out to Candis and her design team, gamble + DESIGN, and to my delight, they kindly offered to share this incredible space with us today.

What strikes me so much about Candis’ home is the way in which natural light, historic details, the outdoors and her beautiful dogs, Sampson and Dalilah, are incorporated. Every space feels grand enough for a stylish LA party, but also welcoming enough that it’s clear that this space was brought together with love, comfort and real life in mind. Thank you to Candis for sharing your home with us today — and thank you for sharing your voice and your love of life with all of us online. xo, grace

Design work by gamble + DESIGN, photography by Echo and Earl


Additional sources:

Tile by Ann Sacks

Sconce by Rejuvenation

Outdoor furniture by Sunbeam Vintage

Candis in her sunny Los Angeles kitchen, designed by gamble +DESIGN. Candis has called this bright and airy 2,500-square-foot space home for four years. Originally built in 1927 by a female architect, Candis' home is a Tudor Revival style with a series of beautiful archways.
When Candis first discovered her home, she loved that it felt like “old Hollywood," with a mix of old and new. But it was rundown and the yard was, "a hot mess," Candis explains. After dealing with the basics (redoing the old knob and tube electrical, fixing plumbing issues, and removing thatched wall paper that had been hot glued on), Candis hired gamble +DESIGN to tackle her outdated 1970s kitchen.
The floors throughout Candis' home were stained a dark color to play off the light grey tile color and to again echo the "old Hollywood" feel that the home originally had.
Jennifer Gamble of gamble +DESIGN explains that, "The tile pattern and light fixtures were chosen to marry two elements: Candis' love of Moroccan motifs and a 1920s-era Paris metal element, which was also captured in the reclaimed metal doors used to go outside."
To open up the space and let in more light, gamble +DESIGN created a door from the kitchen to the backyard. "I love that it creates a strong relationship between the amazing backyard and the kitchen," Candis shares.
Candis' backyard is a bright oasis in a bustling city. The stained glass windows bring a sense of time and history to the home, but mostly Candis likes that this space feels welcoming. "I'm most thankful that I found a home that inspires my friends and family, and where they can visit and feel at home."
Dalilah enjoys the sunny Los Angeles weather in the backyard.
Rock wall details in Candis' backyard, with an array of succulents and plants.
The view from the backyard doors looking into the kitchen, with entryways into the dining room and sitting room. "I wanted the house to have a vintage/modern look, sort of old-meets-new. I wanted a 20s-era [opulence] but still with an accessible style," Candis explains.
The doorway from the kitchen to the sitting room was cut to mimic the tile pattern on the kitchen walls. It also echoes the Moroccan feel the house's existing archways have.
Candis and Jeni Gamble of gamble +DESIGN in the home's sunny sitting room.
The view looking into Candis' dining room, which has a mix of modern, antique and vintage furniture.
A vintage chandelier hangs above a modern glass dining table, with a view into the upstairs living room.
Another grand archway (original to the home) leads into the sun-filled living room.
Candis' fireplace was painted a light bronze color to help hone in on the 1920s Hollywood feel.
Candis and her "fur babies," Sampson and Dalilah.
A stunning portrait of Candis hangs above the sofa in Candis' main living room.
Candis says, "I think the most challenging thing [about this home renovation] was the stairs. There are so many stairs! I still need to do the the upstairs master bed and bath, guest room and guest bath -- which I'll call on Gamble + Design for again."
The view that sold the house. Candis has a breathtaking view of the Los Angeles area from her home's tall windows.

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  • Beautiful beautiful beautiful. And I love seeing the pair of senior dogs living in splendor.

  • Gorgeous!! I worked with her on a different TV series and she is one of THE nicest people in Hollywood. Professional and just a lovely woman. Now I see she also has amazing taste and a lovely home. Thanks.

  • Gorgeous home! Lovely lady! I especially admire that grey sofa. It would have been nice to see how the frig was incorporated into the beautiful kitchen. Cute pets too – always an added bonus. Thank you.

  • The tile and the color of the kitchen cabinets are amazing! Beautiful home, beautiful view, beautiful dogs!!

  • at last there is another person who loves morocco and paris besides Parisians the best reno with the cut aways I have ever seen I am saving this design team for my next renovation!

  • It was so amazing work with Candis on the design of her home. Her style was such and inspiration for the kitchen tile, the colors, and the layout. The first comment nailed it. The tile pattern was inspired by Candis’ love of Morocco motif and we then did a cutout in the archway to match.The doors and windows to the outside are new and done with re-claimed iron metal to mimic the 1920 Paris look, the light fixture followed suite. The rest of the home we channeled Hollywood glamour for the furniture, paint color, floor stain. Thanks all for your kind words.
    Jeni (gamble+Design) http://www.gambleplusdesign.com

  • When I first saw this kitchen I couldn’t find the right words so I didn’t bother to comment but I keep coming back to it. It’s like the perfect outfit. The orange flowers in the transparent yellow vase are so electrifying with the teal cupboards. The artfully displayed vegetables are so much fun and just as spectacular on that octopus stand. All beautiful and easy to change like accessories. The tiles and lamps are amazing and timeless. I just can’t express how perfect it looks. I keep staring over and over again. This would have been Domino worthy back in the days. Love it. Thank you for sharing.

  • This is one of the most original, prettiest houses I’ve seen on Design Sponge, and I’ve been reading for a really long time.

  • Hi All,
    Thanks again for your sweet words about the design. So everyone is asking what the paint color is! Candis and I looked at a series of teals by Benjamin Moore and then lighten and darken by a percent here and a percent there. In the end, it was a truly custom color which we worked together on. There is not a straight answer like a color number….. but by going through the design process, and yes it is a process, the outcome can be something special and unique for the home. And remember the lighting varies so much from home to home that what looks right in one space may look really different in another. Have fun with the process and play. gamble + Design

  • The color of the kitchen cabinets, that incredible tile pattern and the serenity of the kitchen countertop, left me breathless. The photos transported me there. Absolutely stunning!

  • Candis Cayne has exquistite taste. Her home has been beautifully done. I hope when she completes her renovations she also shares the upstairs. I’d love to see her idea for the master bedroom and bath. The colour she used on the kitchen drawers adds a stunning contrast to the light was, and dark floors.

    I feel Candis’s greatest triumph is her obvious preference for simplicity. I love clean lines and polished floors. The view from her living room overlooking Las Angeles reminds me of the great classic films of the ’40’s and ’50’s. I’m super excited to read her upcoming memoir. I wish her nothing but success in her career. Perhaps she should consider interior design as a possible career opportunity. Best wishes Candis.

  • I agree with EVERYTHING others have said. But I am surprised no one asked where the sconces in the kitchen are from. That’s what I want to know – pretty please!