Embroidered Jewelry by Céleste Mogador

by Grace Bonney

I am completely and totally obsessed with French artist Céleste Mogador‘s incredible handmade embroidered jewelry. I first discovered her work on Instagram and I’ve been saving and collecting photos of her beaded and embroidered cards, eyes and arms. All of the bright colors and shiny beaded details are too beautiful to resist. They’re like the jewelry version of candy. Her work has inspired me to try out a few beading projects I’ve been eyeing online. Click here to check out Céleste’s work online and on Instagram. xo, grace


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  • Anything combining Embroidery and Beading gets my yes vote. These are very fun, and cool. And in another artist’s hands – completely different.
    Thanks for posting!

  • Saw her work in a french magazine last summer, but didn’t remember the name – jut those wonderful eyes! Have to check her instagram immediately now :)

  • Grace, what beading activities did you find online? I used to do beading embroidery as a kid and would love to give it a go again!

  • The eyes ones are stunning! A bit pricey I suppose but I can understand why, there must be a lot of work ( and quality beads and threads) behind each piece…