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A Dark and Moody Home in England

by Tawnee Madlen Walker

With historic details as the backdrop of their art-filled home, Nadia and Mark Singleton live in a 1,500-square-foot dwelling in Leicestershire, England. Built in 1919, their space is full of charming fireplaces, unique details, and dark, moody walls.

Nadia runs a 3D printing business that produces prototypes for product designers, jewelry designers, artists, and sculptors. Before that, Nadia worked as a scenic artist and prop maker, painting backdrops for theaters around the country. Her husband is a financial adviser and encourages her passion for expressing herself in the home. Together they have two teenage sons. Their youngest son loves math and science, while their oldest son is artistic, creative, and is also autistic. He can be loud and excited at times, Nadia says, so they wanted to build a home that could function well for him. “We need to be able to have our own areas and he does too,” Nadia explains.

“Our house, like many, is an ongoing project,” Nadia shares. “It started life as a small, two-bed house and over the years has morphed into a four-bed house, with some additions and changes of our own.” From making the space work for her family, to literally using it as a canvas, Nadia’s creative touches make her home feel personal and completely unique. —Tawnee

Photography by Nadia Singleton


Front room
Wall Paint by Farrow and Ball in Railings
Star and Arrow light by Aldi
Bird by Abigail Ahern
Rug La Redoute
Lamp Angle at my Table
Chesterfield by @lucyslockup

Wall Paint on the left by Farrow and Ball in Downpipe
Skull print by Desenio
Cushion and mirror by IKEA
Wall Paint on the left by Farrow and Ball in Downpipe
Cushion and mirror by IKEA
Sheepskin by www.cowboyKate.co.uk

Living room
Paint by Dulux in Black Brown
Horse statue by M&S
Palm poster by Desenio
Gold vase by M&S
Sheepskin by John Lewis
Cushion by HM Hennes
Sofa by M&S
The Surprise by Claude-Marie Dubufe by Angle at my Table
Rug by IKEA

Rattan seating by eBay

Wall Paint by Farrow and Ball in Downpipe
Shelving by Wayfair
China cups by Maxwell and Williams
Kitchen cupboard paint by Farrow and Ball in Off Black
Gold cutlery by Anthropologie
China cups by Maxwell and Williams
Wall Paint on the end by Farrow and Ball in Mizzle
Cushion covers by HM Hennes
Festoon lights by Lights4fun
Sheepskins by John Lewis and La Redoute
Pendant lighting by IKEA

Hanging belly basket by www.violetandthistle.com
Toilet by Heritage
Artwork by Ibride

Master Bedroom
Wall Paint by Farrow and Ball in Railings
Butterfly prints by Rockett St George
Arrow by Aldi
Skull by TKMaxx

Nadia's front room is always the perfect temperature. With a fire, it's warm and cozy in the winter and since it's north-facing, it's cool in the summer.
"The antlers are from a local deer park," Nadia shares. "They were so big I could barely carry them."
Nadia bought her oxblood leather Chesterfield from a local supplier. "It's 40 years old and has cracks and wrinkles and isn’t the most comfortable sofa, but what it lacks in comfortability to makes up for in good looks."
"This wall had been bare for ages apart from the odd piece of art hung every now and then," Nadia explains. "I found old pictures in many different places, bought new pictures, and collected bits and pieces... I have a thing about gallery walls not having gaps, I don't know why, I've always done it that way. I like them to fit like a mosaic, but that's just me."
Nadia adds sheepskin rugs to complement her dark walls, making them warm and inviting.
Compared to the typical UK home, the Singletons have quite a large hallway.
Nadia replaced old black tiles with white ones and spent many weekends painting the cabinets. "Not a job I enjoyed," Nadia admits. "It took a lot longer than anticipated, yet I am pleased with the result."
Nadia loves to display her favorite kitchen bits and pieces in her wire shelves.
Nadia commissioned a custom table for her dining area. It's wide, which gives her space for styling and decorations.
Nadia loves hosting and spending time around the dinner table. She decided early on that she didn’t want chairs around the table. Laying in bed, an idea came to her. "I turned and shook my husband to wake him up and shouted, 'We can make a built-in seating area using our old garage door!' He was most pleased I woke him up to tell him this news. The next day we got about at planning our seating area," Nadia shares.
Above the seating area Mark and Nadia built, there was a space they wanted to fill with pictures and photos. They wanted something they could change around and opted for a shallow photo ledge.
The room is completely transformed when Nadia decorates with one of her favorite and signature pieces – her love of disco balls.
This veranda leads off the living room. When they first viewed the space, it had an old swing seat, a washing line, and an inflated football. "I knew then this could be a great outdoor undercover space," Nadia says. "I cleaned and sanded the wood and gave it all a fresh coat of white gloss."
The Singletons enjoy sitting on the veranda during warm summer evenings.
The family likes sitting and relaxing in their living room every day. "For the fireplace, I found a local stone mason to make the surround and chose limestone because of its cool but warm quality," Nadia shares. "The large print on canvas is called The Surprise by Claude-Marie Dubufe and painted in 1827."
One Friday evening, Nadia was feeling an urge to do something creative. "I was sitting looking at a plain cream wall while enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc," Nadia shares. "After my first glass of wine I decided to draw some plants... Later that evening my husband came home to find me covered in green paint, a bottle of wine had been drank and he said, 'I love it! I think you should fill the whole wall!'"
Nadia's home is full of artwork and the bathroom is no exception.
Some days, the family shares a bathtub with their plants.
"The master bedroom has a balcony and views of the garden," Nadia explains. "It’s lovely on a Sunday morning when we can hear the church bells ringing."
"The fireplace is original to the house," Nadia mentions as she describes her master bedroom's decor. "I painted it the same color as the wall. The skirting and picture and dado rail for a more contemporary look. The butterfly pictures are hung by ribbon on the original picture rail."
What Nadia loves most about her home are her dark walls and a kitchen that's large enough to dance in.
Nadia with one of her favorite pieces in the home.
The first floor is for shared spaces and entertaining.
Downstairs is for individual rooms.

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    Nadia, thank you for sharing your inspiring decor and mix of modern and antique showing how IKEA and original pieces can really live side by side.

    • Thank you so much, what a wonderful thing to say, I really appreciate it Paula. So glad you like it. I’m on instagram as @artynads if you’re interested in following what I do.
      Nadia xx

  • So very lovely. Goes to show that, if executed right, black walls are not gloomy or too dark. That lovely kitchen table, the art, it all POPS because of those walls. Would move into that place in a heartbeat!

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