Studio Tour

Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles

by Garrett Fleming

Striving. It’s a word many an artist and craftsperson uses to describe themselves. Striving to push the boundaries of their work. Striving to amp up their business. Striving for better. Simply put, creators don’t sit still, and we love them for it. This motivation to better oneself doesn’t only apply to business practices though. A brand’s space can always be amplified, too. Just ask Hopie and Lily Stockman. Two years ago we took you inside their company Block Shop Textile’s zippy, pink studio for a behind-the-scenes look at their process, and the space was beautiful. It featured giant windows, colors galore, and a plethora of pattern-filled accents thanks to the shop’s inventory of handmade textiles from India. Point blank, it was one of my favorite interior features in Design*Sponge history. So you can imagine my glee when the women told us they had reimagined the Los Angeles, CA headquarters of their popular brand. I knew it’d be a stunner.

Just as in fashion, the sisters’ scarf, pillow and quilt designs are never the same collection to collection. That being said, this new studio was given a crisp, white look in order to provide a flexible backdrop where new products could be peppered in with ease. Their latest works’ ruddy rusts, browns and the details of their craftsmanship pop more than ever now that they’re set against this neutral palette, There’s also a refreshing approachability to the space. Most of it is decked out in vintage finds and IKEA steals, and we aren’t complaining. The mix is fun and inviting. It doesn’t shout at you or scream for attention. It simply says, “Hi! Welcome to Block Shop. This is us.” Click through to see more of what two years have done for the brand’s flagship. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Laura Dart

Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
"[Block Shop Textiles'] bold geometric designs are inspired by the architecture and palette of the (founding) sisters’ three home bases: downtown Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, and Jaipur." From this space in LA, they create limited edition runs of scarves, quilts, pillows and dhurries. Table and sofa by IKEA.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
Creamy walls stand in distinct contrast to the pair's previous studio's pink ones. The color was chosen so light would wistfully bounce around the space.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
All Block Shop textiles are designed to be mixed and matched, including rugs like the one hung here on the studio wall. "Each time we design a new piece, the first question we ask is, 'Does it deserve to hang on the wall as its own composition?' If the answer is no, it doesn’t go into production," Hopie and Lily say.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
Textile books and cacti at easy reach in the west-facing studio. Marjory Garrison painted the company's sign.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
This 1950s desk lamp was the first item bought for the new studio. Vase by BZippy & Co.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
Hopie hangs one of her and Lily's Sidewinder scarves in the space. "It’s dyed natural grey, discharge printed with citric acid to release the dye, then overdyed in indigo to get that rich inky teal." she says.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
There are so many wonderfully-colorful patterns in Block Shop's latest collection, they needed a clean backdrop to help them stand out. Neutral walls have proven to be the solution.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
Pieces of inspiration always stud the studio's walls. Here, for example, the work of Leanne Shapton hangs. The handmade nature of her work serves as a constant reminder to always instill that same quality into Block Shop's creations.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
Hopie and Lily don't own Photoshop. They only work in watercolor, as seen here in a sample sent to Ru -- the dhurrie weaver in Jodhpur who brings Block Shop's visions to life.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
"We warehouse all our inventory and ship it from our studio because we’re control freaks when when it comes to packaging details (handwritten notes, small gifts for our best customers, etc.). These shelves are original to our downtown building, a bank built in 1914," owners Hopie and Lily tell us.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
Materials for Block Shop's recent collaboration with Mast Chocolates. The packaging the women developed appeared on flavors inspired by Los Angeles' rich culinary history.
Studio Tour: Block Shop Textiles, Design*Sponge
While the core of what Block Shop creates has remained the same since their inception in 2013, their processes have been streamlined. One of the upgrades has been the addition of a giant white table where they can keep all of the necessities for packaging and order fulfillment. Paper goods by Paper Chase Press.

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