Patterned Peel + Stick Floor Tiles

by Grace Bonney

Back when I lived in Brooklyn, I managed to live in seven apartments in 12 years, all of which had linoleum tile. In a few apartments, I got permission from my landlord to swap out the tile or rip it out to use the wood floor underneath, but I was always at a loss when it came to finding something inexpensive — but still pretty — that I could put back on top (in the case of covering cement, particle board or sub-flooring). I tried using matte black restaurant-grade rubber tiles for a while and that was fun, but I always wanted the look of something like a cool patterned cement tile.

Then I stumbled onto Quadro Style on Instagram the other day and felt like I’d hit a gold mine of peel-and-stick tiles. All of Quadro Style’s tile patterns work on floors and/or walls and come in a wide range of styles from more traditional patterns (like quatrefoils) to more modern black-and-white geometrics. If you’re looking for a quick peel-and-stick makeover in a room that needs something easy to clean, check out Quadro Style’s tiles right here, or click through the slideshow above for more of my favorite options. xo, grace

These Moroccan Agadir Tile Stickers would make a great backsplash and add a nice dose of pattern to a small-space kitchen.
I love these Cleft Indigo tiles for a bathroom. With a nice white shower curtain they'd look so fresh and sophisticated.
If you like a classic diamond shape, these Diamond Indigo tiles are a nice choice and have a soft watercolor feel.
These Studio tiles have a classic feel that would be at home in a modern or traditional space. They remind me of a classic David Hix wallpaper pattern, too.
These Zig Zag tiles remind me of my favorite cement tiles by Commune. They'd be a great way to spruce up a small bathroom that needs a quick facelift.
These Domino sticker tiles are inspired by traditional Mexican designs.
These Trefle Thistle tiles come in a nice mint/grey/white color palette that would add color and brightness to your space.
I love the color of this Zahara Baltic Green tile. It feels like the perfect sea-green for a bathroom.
The pink/gold combo in these Syracuse tiles would be fun in a laundry room that needs a little cheering up.
These Moroccan Starry Night Tiles might be my favorite, and they're an affordable peel-and-stick version of a classic style.

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  • Got so excited when I saw the headline about peel and stick tiles, which are what I’ve been looking for. Very disappointed to see that these are just stickers to go on top of existing tile. Incredibly misleading article title.

    • Hi Mariah!

      I’m sorry you feel the title is misleading. That certainly was not our intention. This product can go on top of any existing smooth surface like vinyl, formica, linoleum or varnished wood. I don’t think they were intended to go on top of existing tile and grout, which isn’t smooth. Good luck in your search for the product that works for you!


      • Also felt a bit mislead by this…the title/article repeatedly state they’re tiles. This is one of those white whales for renters, and DS is my #1 go-to for product recommendations, so would be great to get an actual roundup of available peel and stick options!

        • I agree. Because they laid the floor in a single vinyl sheet it doesn’t shore up with the floor molding. I need peel and stick tiles that are cute right now!

          • Mo, I’m searching, too! FloorAdorn but not many choices and about $4 a tile. Need options. Everything is brown and beige and not pretty…

            • http://www.mazurwholesale.com
              Family Dollar or Dollar Store Tivoli brand which i have used many times with fantastic results. $10 for 20 tiles
              Nexus from Walmart not as satisfactory as Tivoli brand. some $10 for 20 tiles
              Peel and Stick will not stick well to MDF floors.

  • Brilliant!!! I love these. I’ve seen them on Pinterest before but never realized they were stickers! We have dreams of remodeling our kitchen in the future, but these might be a terrific cure-all! Our kitchen currently features odd cherry cabinets, tiling that looks like it belongs in a Florida bathroom circa 1992, and floor tiles that I can’t wait to rip up (it’s not all bad: there’s also an historic chimney, which presumably served as the hearth since our home was built before kitchen had modern stoves or ovens). But budget constraints (college savings for the kids/need to support charities right now) and practical considerations (we can’t be without a kitchen for 2 or 3 months) have caused us push off the project for a few years. These tiles would be FABULOUS in the room! I’m ordering samples today. Quadro says they are “laminated to take some serious abuse”- but I’ve got two boys who can really do a number on even the most well-made designs :) so I’ll need to test them out first. Thanks for the intro!

  • Interesting patterns! I like the options!
    These remind me of another removable vinyl tile that I LOVE, designed specifically for walls called Tyles.
    I just love that there are removable options out there for renters or home owners who reserve their right to change up their style from time to time.

  • I put Quadro Style tiles over the hideous flower border tiles in my shower about a year ago. To date, there’s been no peeling, wrinkling or fading. They hold up great!

  • hmmmm…that photo of the Zig Zag tiles makes me a bit suspicious that they aren’t using real photography of their product, but rather taking images from other sources with the same patterns and using them to market their product. Hopefully they got all the permissions necessary, but I’m pretty sure the image shown here is real cement tile from Tesselle:


    And it was designed by Katie Martinez…again, most likely they got the proper permissions, and I really hope they aren’t just stealing pretty pics from artists / designers to market their products…

  • Such pretty patterns! Has anyone used these in a shower? I’d love to update the kiddos’ blue floral tile now, instead of waiting a few years when we redo the whole bathroom.

  • I am also desperately searching for some pretty peel and stick floor tiles that are’nt depressingly neutral. I have a plank wood sub floor with peel and stick congoleum that has lasted thirty some years in our summer cottage!!! Finally, they are are starting to curl up. We’ve been searching for the last four years for something decent to replace them. No luck. The patterns are too large, the colors non existant (looking for blue field), I have foundd perhaps three or four, fairly unimpressive styles offered by nexus in the WHOLE WIDE INTERNET. How is this possible?