10 Handmade Vases for Winter Flowers

by Grace Bonney

Just about anything can be a vase in our house. Tin cans, mason jars, water pitchers, old perfume bottles — anything that can hold water and a tiny stem or two gets put to work. I tend to pick up old odds and ends at antique stores and thrift shops for vases, but every now and then I find myself coveting something new online. Lately on Pinterest I’ve been pinning flower vase after flower vase, perhaps as a way to capture the last fading blooms of fall, before everything gets covered in snow upstate. So today I’m sharing 10 of my favorites that are handmade by some great ceramicists and potters. xo, grace

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I've never met a Frances Palmer vase I didn't immediately want. Her work is beyond beautiful and worth investing in, without a doubt. I have a small but growing collection of her work that I use daily, and her pieces always make me smile. Black & White vase $295 here.
Nic Newcomb's Milk Jug Vase ($72) is one of my personal favorites. It's tall enough to accommodate leggier blooms, but wide enough to handle branches and heartier stems.
One more Frances beauty for the list. This narrow beaded vase is just begging to be filled with colorful roses, ranunculus or daisies. $160 right here.
I love how simple Vitrified Studio's vases are. These simple grey glazes would look so beautiful against fall foliage. $65-$150 right here.
I love these sweet little bud vases on Etsy. $60 here.
This trio of ridged bud vases would make a nice, simple centerpiece for a small table -- but they'd also look so cute in a row on a window ledge. $15+ at Etsy.
If I can be 1/10th as cool as Paul Greif one day, I will be a happy lady. Paula is one of the coolest and most talented people I've ever met and her work is phenomenal. This giant vase ($500 here) is definitely an investment piece, but boy does it make a beautiful statement!
Workaday Handmade makes this beautiful stacked vase and I love the soft blue indigo color he uses for the patterns. $345 here.
Jeremy Ayers' vases focus on classic designs that would look at home in a super modern glass home or a country house in the woods. I would fill this with wildflowers any day.
I couldn't resist this vase-on-vase moment from Sandwich Shop. This blue vase feels like a modern spin on Greek vase paintings and would be so cheerful filled with a huge bouquet of Queen Anne's Lace. $147 here.

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  • I love a good vase, too, I highly recommend Pip Wilcox Ceramics! Her work is amazing and she’s got such a sweet personality to boot!

  • I absolutely love Frances Palmer’s stuff too! I have yet to invest, I mainly just reuse other things as vases, but when I take the plunge I know where I’m going

    – Natalie

  • i am lusting after every one of these! my favorite collection of objects that has ever bern posted on ds.