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A Vintage Collector’s Treasure-Filled Home in Salt Lake City

by Tawnee Madlen Walker

Not many houses can make you feel instantly at home. As I walked into Rachael Skidmore’s Salt Lake City, UT place, the warm personality of unique vintage decor, collections, and vignettes instantly made it evident that the space was full of thought and dedication. “I wanted to fill our home with vintage and antique finds, but not have it feel like a museum, or untouchable. Balancing unique, fun finds with functionality was my goal,” Rachael shares.

Around every corner are carefully placed knick-knacks strategically arranged in a way that feels full, but not cluttered. It’s like walking into a treasure chest full of beautifully curated highlights of the past century. From a stunning plate wall to her vibrant gallery of preserved butterflies, each display is acquired slowly as Rachael patiently compiles goods piece by piece.

Rachael’s passion for special stories and the past has translated into her work as the owner of Maeberry Vintage. From clothes to home decor, everything isn’t just bought – it’s collected. Refusing to follow trends, her home reminded me that decorating is a reflection of your own personality and an outlet of expression. Rachael’s refreshingly interesting taste differs from the everyday interior enthusiast, but it’s still relatable enough to truly enjoy. –Tawnee

Photography by Tawnee Madlen Walker


Living Room
Green Chesterfield Couch: Anthropolgie 
Green Antique Wood Coffee Table: CG Sparks
Raspberry Mid-century Chairs: World Market 
Cactus Wall Hanging: Target
Vintage Mexican Blankets: Maeberry Vintage 
1940s Bust Lamp: Estate Sale Find
Paint: Olympic Commercial White OL108 N36
Green Herman Miller Chair: The Green Ant

Antique Hand Painted Fireplace Cover: Yard sale
Mid-centery Moden Planters: Deseret Industries
Floor Pillows: Urban Outfitters

Dining Room
Table: Yard Sale Find
Chairs: CG Sparks 
Picture Frames: Ikea
Metal Antique Dish Rack: CG Sparks (One of a kind)
Gold Metal Antique Mirror: Maeberry Vintage
Green Paint: Valspar Superior Green 6003-8A

Metal Table: CG Sparks (no longer available)
Dining Chairs: World Market 
Vintage/ Antique Dishes: Thrift Store Finds
Paint: BEHR Sculptor Clay PPU5-8
Vintage Beauty Pageant Trophy: Estate Sale Find

Sun Room
Chartreuse Floral Chair: Thrift Store Find
Chartreuse Chaise Lounger: 3 Dotters Market
Faux Fur Poof: Target (no longer sold)
Small Buffalo Print: Innerspacism
Golden Buffalo Planter: Little Vicious

Jack’s Room
Mid-century Atomic Print Chair: Estate Sale Find
Geo Print Poof: Target
Mid-Century Dresser: Estate Sale Find
Yellow: Va Va Voom Olympic OL616.5
Turquoise: Valspar Bay Mist 5006-7C
Teal: Valspar Fish Story 5006-8C
White: Sherwin Williams Origami White- SW7636
Lumberjack Doll: My Dear Hazel

Master Bedroom
Yellow Hat: Gigi Pip
Antique French Folding Laundry Basket: Ebay
1930s Framed Print: Estate Sale Find
Yellow Quilt: Anthropologie
Turquoise Antique Throw: Bohem

Drawing Room
Grey Daybed: World Market
Black Storage Unit
Yellow Wooden Deer Head: Bohem
Antique Barber Chair: CG Sparks

An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
Taking risks with colorful statement furniture paid off big in this room. "I am not a person who has ever gravitated toward the color pink, but for some reason it took over my living room, and oddly enough I love it," Rachael says. Her obsession with emerald green made taking the plunge on a chesterfield sofa a little easier.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"The fireplace cover is from the late 1800s," Rachael explains. "It’s hard to see, but it’s actually a painting of a man and women in a garden. I purchased it for pennies at a yard sale and love mixing the 1800s treasure with other oddities, including mid-century modern planters and a female bust from the 1970s."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
Rachael isn't exclusively moved by vintage pieces and can find inspiration in newer things as well. "The cactus wall hanging I found at Target had to come home with me. It spoke to me, because first off, I love cacti. Second, I have a two-year-old and the little things are what make up our every day. It’s a good reminder to me to take it slow and take it all in."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
When Rachael isn't running after her two-year-old son, she finds time to enjoy the abundant lighting and comfortable seating areas in her home.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
Rachael appreciates the stories behind things, which makes it no surprise that the things she loves most about her house are the people in it and the memories they make.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
In the beginning of her marriage, Rachael lived in Peru as her husband completed his internship. While there, she visited the Amazon Jungle and started her butterfly collection. Now that she is back, she tries to only buy butterflies secondhand or vintage.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"The gallery wall in our dining room hangs portraits of my ancestors. I have ancestors from Spain, Mexico, England and elsewhere. I put the portrait wall in the dining room because that is where the family gathers. I love the thought of being around the dinner table and telling stories of our ancestors," Rachael shares.
The metal shelf is one part added storage and one part display. Rachael loves having her vintage dishes she's collected through the years so accessible.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"The plate wall is in our kitchen and is something we gaze up towards as we eat breakfast. I have collected plates over the years, mostly from thrift stores that have caught my eye. Some are vintage souvenir plates. I try to pick up any plate from a place we have actually visited so we can reminisce about our trip from the places we’ve traveled."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
This room's windows and openness sold the Skidmore family on their home and is typically where Rachael spends most of her day.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"My husband and I bonded over the love of the outdoors, so this wall is homage to that part of us," Rachael shares. "We both have family cabins we love going to in the summertime and we both adore camping. We can’t wait to make memories with our son and future kids in the great outdoors."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"The bookshelf is from my old shop I [used] to have online. I closed my physical location in February of this year to focus on online sales and spend more time at home with my son," Rachael explains. "The shelf fits perfectly in the sun room and is a happy reminder of a dream I [fulfilled] by owning a shop."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
Arranged in stacks vertically and horizontally, her collection of vintage books is grouped together by hue, making a colorful statement in the room. "I hoard vintage books. I [love] the colors, the texture, the smell, the pictures, the typography," Rachael shares.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"The drawing room is a multipurpose room," Rachael explains. "It’s a place for ideas, creativity, afternoon naps, and overflow storage. As our family grows it will end up being a kid's bedroom, but for now, we love the extra space."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"Each room usually starts with one found object that I become obsessed with, and I create the color scheme and vibe off that," Rachael notes. "In this room, it was the orange antique quilt. I found the antique quilt at an estate sale and fell in love with the color and pattern. The rest of the room was designed around it."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"The black storage cabinet was my first large purchase as an adult. It’s been with me for years and I may be buried with it. We will see," Rachael jokes. "The yellow chair is an antique barber’s chair from India I purchased at a local shop."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"I painted Jack’s room white and while painting it white, Jack got very upset. He said, 'No mom, no clean the walls!' I love white, it opens up a room, it is simple, fresh. But it can also be very boring, especially for a two-year-old. I painted the mountains to give the room a pop of color and I pulled the color inspiration from the 1950s chair in his room I picked up at a yard sale. The lumberjack doll looked a lot like my husband. It’s made by a local company called My Dear Hazel. If my husband is ever away, we bring out the lumberjack and play with him."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
Next to Jack's sleeping area are books for bedtime stories and a gallery wall with a family photo as the focal point.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
"Our room is tiny and our bed is huge," Rachael explains. "That’s pretty much the only thing in our room. I picked up the orange tufted headboard at an estate sale."
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
In the corner of the bedroom is an antique French folding laundry basket, which collapses to be completely flat. "I love the design and functionality of these baskets." Next to her display of hats is a print from the 1930s, which she picked it up from an estate sale about five years ago. "I come from a long line of educators, and it’s a friendly reminder about the importance of knowledge and education," Rachael shares.
An Eclectic Home Filled with Vintage Treasures
The Salt Lake City, UT home is 2,600 square feet. Upstairs: 3 Bedrooms, Living Room, Kitchen, 2 bathrooms, Dining Room, Sun Room. Basement: Guest Room, Living Room, Laundry Room, Bathroom, Shop/Storage Room. The home was built in 1968.

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