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A Home Celebrating a Love of Vintage Finds Near Seattle, WA

by Tawnee Madlen Walker

Moving from one side of the country to the other, Dawnelle and Jonathan Sarlo transplanted their family from New Jersey to Renton, WA — a city outside Seattle. For Dawnelle, one of the biggest concerns of changing coasts was the difference in climate. “I was very worried about moving to Seattle because of the gloomy, cloudy, dark weather during the winter,” Dawnelle admits. Her concern for overcast weather conditions put having a home with natural light on the top of their priority list and thankfully, they found a home flooded with it.

With vaulted ceilings, high windows, lots of land, and a good location, the home felt like a good fit even though it was far from perfect. The Sarlo family’s home was a foreclosure that needed a lot of love before they moved in. “The dusty pink carpet straight out of the 90s just wasn’t cutting it,” she notes. The couple painted the entire home, remodeled the kitchen with modern cabinetry, and opened up spaces. “Most of the work we did ourselves. It was a major learning process, but totally worth it!”

Installing the kitchen’s backsplash was a little more intensive than they anticipated. “What we expected to take about six hours took us well over fourteen. I woke up the next morning more sore than I ever remember. The good news? I absolutely love it!”

Dawnelle loved seeing her hand in the work she did on her home, which also translated to how she decorated it. “Overall my goal for the space was to create a place that was full of color, pattern, texture, and interesting things with interesting stories.” Her love of pieces with backstories inspired her to co-found D+K Renewal, a vintage store she runs with her cousin Kirsten. Their passion project is built by their love of global goods, and vintage and handmade pieces. From Dawnelle’s eclectic style, you can see her genuine fondness of decor with history shown throughout her home. –Tawnee

Photography by Delgado House


Dining Room

Sheepskins — Cowboy Kate
Sisal Rug — World Market
Kilim Rug — Kaya Kilims
Wood Lamp — Vintage, D+K Renewal
Mudcloth Pillow — D+K Renewal
Dining Chairs — Vintage and Amazon

Kids’ Room

Map Tapestry — Urban Outfitters
Dresser — IKEA
Dresser Handles – Anthropologie
Baskets – IKEA
Serapes — D+K Renewal
Duvet Covers — Urban Outfitters
Indigo Pillows – D+K Renewal
Lights – IKEA


Table — IKEA
Chairs — Target
Stools — Vintage
Calendar — Stendig.com
Curtains — Urban Outfitters
Pendant Light — World Market
Rug — Kaya Kilims
Candlesticks — World Market

Living Room

Leather Chair — Craigslist
Fur Pillow — West Elm
Kilim Pillow — Kaya Kilims
Corner Floor Lamp — IKEA
Sheepskin — IKEA
Gold Table — Target
Woven Wall Hanging — @artsyjes on Instagram
Kilim Pillow — D+K Renewal
Wood Tables — vintage
Chrome Floor Lamp — Lamps Plus
Rugs — D+K Renewal

Master Bedroom

Duvet — IKEA
Kantha – D+K Renewal
Long Pillow — Urban Outfitters
Mudcloth Pillows — D+K Renewal
Sheepskin Pillows – IKEA
Macrame — D+K Renewal
Dressers — Vintage
Shell Chandelier — Vintage
Curtains — Urban Outfitters
Necklace – Nature Bound
Paint color – Sherwin Williams Black Magic SW 6991


Hanging Chair – Vintage
Trunk – Vintage
Artwork – IKEA
Sheepskin Pillow – IKEA
Antlers – Yarn Bombed Antlers
Gold Pot – H&M Home
Rug – D+K Renewal
Orange Chair – IKEA
Kantha quilt – D+K Renewal
Mudcloth Pillow – D+K Renewal
Kilim Pillow – D+K Renewal
Black Side Table – Target
Graphic Artwork – Jenna Kutcher on Society6
Mirror – Pottery Barn
Plant Hanger – D+K Renewal
White Arm Floor Light – IKEA
Sofa – zGallerie
White Mudcloth – D+K Renewal
Kilim Pillows – Kaya Kilims & D+K Renewal
Other Pillows – IKEA & West Elm
White Moroccan Inspired Rug – RugsUSA
Green Trunk Coffee Table – Vintage Red Cross Supplies Box
Curtains – IKEA

With consistent overcast weather, Dawnelle is enthusiastic to have a home filled with an abundant source of natural light. Not only for her own pleasure, but for the many plants she proudly displays throughout her home.
From the oil paintings on the mantel from when she was teaching in Ghana to all of her collected textiles, the entire space is dedicated to creating a vintage bohemian vibe.
Contrasting the sleek finish of the coffee table with vintage pillows, Dawnelle loves mixing new with old.
Her favorite corner is home to the comfiest chair she owns and made even more relaxing with soft, cozy textiles.
Dawnelle fell in love with the unique dark wicker peacock chair. It was her very first Craiglist find and she was grateful that she had a car big enough to transport it. “To this day, years later, it is still hands down my favorite piece of furniture I own!”
From new cabinets and a backsplash, to a new floor, the kitchen was designed with modern touches to make a perfect canvas to Dawnelle’s vintage pieces.
“The eating nook of my kitchen is one of the most used spaces in my home hands down!” Dawnelle says. She chose a vibrant green color to define the space. “Best decision I’ve made!”
“The dining room is open to the living room and sometimes feels like all one space. Defining that space has been a challenge. Area rugs [have] definitely helped, though, but it really has been a revolving door of furniture and finishes trying to find the right pieces.”
For anyone that has ever created a gallery wall that they’re proud of, you know it’s quite a feat. “It is a mix of artwork collected from our travels around the world, family photos, and personal favorites,” Dawnelle explains. “The dining room table was given to me when we moved into our very first home by my mother, who originally got it from my grandmother. It is the table I remember eating Thanksgiving dinner on as a child at my grandmother's and holds a special place in my heart.”
"My master bedroom, as much as I would like to call it my own personal space, the truth is it is a revolving door of dirty clothes and children. It is our gathering place in the evening and my children’s favorite place to hang out."
Besides the macrame piece she made for above the bed, Dawnelle’s favorite pieces in her master bedroom are her vintage glass lamps. She’s been designing her bedroom around them for the past five years. “They were a gift from my husband, who beat my mom out at an auction for them, actually. The details in them are absolutely gorgeous!”
With an abundance of pillows and a cozy couch, this family space is easily the most popular place in the home. They use an old Red Cross supplies box as a coffee table, which adds a lot of interesting character.
The cozy reading corner also works as additional seating for when the family watches movies.
The family created the wood wall themselves as a labor of love and enjoy the texture it adds to the space. The hanging chair is another Craigslist find and was luckily in amazing condition.
“I've found the key to keeping my kids' room under control clutter-wise is making sure they have a place to put things at all times,” Dawnelle explains. “I've found having plenty of baskets, drawers, and their cork boards has helped keep everything under control. When their baskets and boards are filled up, they know it is time to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Plus, it gives them a place to put it all so all the papers aren't taking over every surface of my house.”
With graphic curtains and colorful bedding, Dawnelle mixes patterns for a fun-loving kids room.
This room is for their two oldest children, a boy and a girl. The whimsical mix of bright colors and pops of bold black and white works well for both kids.
"When I design my children’s rooms, it is always important for me to include elements that help the room feel like a child’s room without being childish,” Dawnelle explains.
Designed with a vibrant and cozy hangout space, Dawnelle's little girl's room is one of her favorite places to spend time.
Dawnelle from D+K renewal enjoys designing her home with curated treasures she finds.
"Growing up, my mother always told me to not have anything in my space that I didn’t love. That has always been my goal. I want my home to be a collection of things I absolutely love," Dawnelle shares.

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  • Absolutely beautiful. Such an array of talent. Shows like a house but FEELS LIKE HOME.

  • Wow! You are so close to us in Auburn. We also moved a distance to the PNW a few years ago. I love the character of your house! We seem to have a lot in common design-wise. White walls with loads of light, dark bedroom walls, white kitchen with marble backsplash, the love of plants, eclectic/collected bits, and so much more. We collect & refurb furniture & remodel homes, always with a vintage flair and a nod to the past and I am so excited to meet kindred spirits. I am on my way to check out your shop!