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10 Well-Organized Kitchens

by Garrett Fleming

Kitchens – more than any other room in a home – come with a serious boatload of accessories. Every inch of every cabinet is typically full, and most surfaces are home to some type of tool. That being said, I always find it fabulous when homeowners discover a way to keep their cooking spaces clean and cool even amongst the chaos of daily life. In honor of those families who have nailed it, we are rounding up 10 of our favorite, well-organized kitchens. Whether their accessories are gathered by color or function, style or by need, each proves how living with all the fixings can be as stylish as it is functional. Enjoy! —Garrett

10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
Ryan and Cary Ray swapped out a few drawers with these of the exposed variety. They allow the couple to show off their collections and add an eclectic touch to their space without overwhelming the kitchen visually.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
Erin keeps some of her most-used ingredients -- well stocked in pretty glass jars -- and some of Granny's hand-me-down tools close at hand, making cooking a breeze.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
Florists Melissa and Sean Stevenson keep their kitchen tidy by only buying and displaying tools in pastel, barely-there hues.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
The New Orleans home of Merry Lake is a colorful wonderland with each room inside getting its own look, thanks to pretty paint colors. To let the orange-and-mint combination here shine, Merry has grouped similar items together in an open-shelving system. This way, the items don't distract from the real star of the room.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
This vintage range was sitting in Emily Blount's mom’s cabin in Montana, not getting used. When her mom offered it to her, Emily drove from Mississippi to pick it up and made it the centerpiece in her new kitchen by surrounding it in symmetrical decorations.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
Brittany Kingery and her husband Justin keep their kitchen counters free of accessories, letting the floors in their 1920s Craftsman do the talking.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
Alison and Trevor's condo in Vancouver is so well organized, they're able to fit a bed right next to the sink.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
A monochromatic color scheme similar to the one seen here in Jeffrey and Clayton's Catskills home helps small and large accessories alike blend together into one look.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
Cabinetry that seems to vanish keeps Skye and Jeremy's Brooklyn townhouse feeling light and airy. The cabinetry hardware is custom made in brushed brass. The stove, hood, and refrigerator are Viking, which the couple sourced for one-tenth of the retail price. Sink faucet is by Grohe.
10 Well-Organized Kitchens, Design*Sponge
Frances and Thaddeus Harjeet removed a fridge from this enclave and replaced it with a collection of vases so cohesive in color, you don't realize there are over 40 pieces on display.

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  • This makes me wish I didn’t live in a share house and I could organise everything and have order and labels and matching utensils/jars/plates/cutlery. A girl can dream

    – Natalie

  • Those are absolutely gorgeous. I was just talking to my wife about getting a house, and we were just looking at some ideas about interior designs. The only problem with those is that they are all beautiful, and it will be a hard decision to make.