10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show

by Garrett Fleming

Temperatures are dipping here in Chicago, and the winds are starting to whip. What’s a guy to do? Hunker down, of course! While I wish I could do so in a warm bath, the fact is I’m still a renter, and finding an apartment with an enviable soaker is not an easy task. Luckily for me, when I want to get that bubbly, pruny-fingered feeling, all I have to do is imagine I’m in any one of these 10 tubs that refuse to blend in.

Some are modern, others are hundreds of years old, and each one is swoon-worthy in its own way. What makes them all so fabulous isn’t only their shape or inherent design. It’s what their owners have done with them that makes these tubs so wonderful. As you’ll see, not a single one was simply plopped into a space. They were all positioned to stand out, and made to be the star of the room. So click through, close your eyes and let this collection of soakers whisk you away. Enjoy! —Garrett

10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
The bathroom in Joseph and Rachel's South Carolina cottage is their favorite part of their home. The design was heavily influenced by the nearby Biltmore Estate. "We loved the timelessness of the subway tile and brass fixtures. When constructing the space, we made sure to raise the ceilings and put in lots of windows to give [it] an airy feel," the pair tells us. The bathroom's tub and faucet are by Barclay.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
Clean and fresh tile with minimalist white fixtures and rustic, warm wood accents help give graphic designer and illustrator Anile Prakash's bathroom an elegant look.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
In Colin and Justin's Canadian "luxe lodge," wood finishes, leather details and grey linen work together to create a soft and relaxing vibe. Without a doubt the styling is on point, but it's the unique wedge shape of their wash zone that makes their bathtub sing. It features dreamy Caesarstone, and the installation and fabrication was done by The House of Granite.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
Rachel Bending's home in Byron Bay, Australia is so remote, she's able to enjoy all the relaxation that comes with soaking in a luxurious outdoor tub. The salvaged clawfoot bathtub was a gift from a friend, and the flooring is travertine.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
Vintage finds enliven the bathroom in Myriam Balaÿ-Devidal's home in France. The tiles that cover the walls are from an old factory in Villeneuve les Avignon. While pretty, they are hopeless in trying to overshadow the bathtub -- a 19th-century gem she painted orange.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
The tub in Tara and Percy's 18th century Catskills house's gothic steampunk sensibility is a breath of fresh air in a time when clean lines and nearly-all-white interiors are in vogue.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
Designer Emily Henson's unexpected lime-colored tub makes it the star of her bathroom.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
The guest rooms in Bali's Bisma Eight Hotel feature Japanese soaking tubs perfect for unwinding.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
Photographer April Cochran-Smith made a lot of smart decisions when she redecorated her bathroom: The fresh white walls and tiled floor bounce tons of light around the room, while the bright-but-not-overly-primary hues of the tub (in Behr "Citrus Splash"), artwork and vanity provide a cheerful zing.
10 Times a Bathtub Stole the Show, Design*Sponge
Jess' sleek bathroom doubles as her closet, and this Duravit tub sits smack dab in the middle of it all.

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