10 Statement Earrings for Fall

by Grace Bonney

A few weeks ago I was talking to Jessica Murnane on her podcast about how little time I put into anything related to my wardrobe, hair or makeup. I’m usually 100% fine with that, but with my ongoing book tour, I needed to pull it together a bit. I was talking with my mother-in-law about what would work best for traveling and still feeling professional and presentable (I don’t think my typical dog-walking shorts will do it), and we both agreed that keeping things simple and focusing on a strong piece of jewelry would be a great idea.

I’ve always felt comfortable in something more uniform-like, so I hunted down a handful of simple black outfits I can wear and then a few pairs of awesome statement earrings that work well with my short hair and make me feel “dressed up” enough to honor these special events. I thought I’d share my favorites here today and see if they’re anyone else’s cup of tea. If anyone gets one of these pairs and comes to the book tour events, come find me! We should definitely take a twin-earring picture ;) xo, grace

These arc and line earrings ($100) by Natalie Joy have been at the very top of my list for a few months now. I think they're splurge-worthy for the book tour.
These hand earrings ($76) are so fun and funky.
I love all the color and texture in these tassel earrings by Shashi ($60).
I love that these Eclipse earrings by Seaworthy remind me of fancy safety pins ($78).
These Cosmic Ray earrings by Natalie Joy remind me of Matisse cut-outs for your ears ($70).
These Obliquity Hoops by Seaworthy ($75) are so light and airy but still so bold.
These handmade Matisse-inspired earrings at Etsy ($32) are a fun way to play with cool cut-out shapes.
I love, love, love the small crescents in these hoop earrings by Amanda Hunt ($75 in silver here).
Fay Andrada's Marissa Earrings ($160) are so sleek and simple but still make such a beautiful statement.
Vanessa Mooney's knotted tassel earrings ($45) are so dramatic and sophisticated. They would look amazing with a long ponytail...

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  • These are wonderful! I’m going back to work next month after having a baby over the summer and was planning to simplify my outfits – but a few statement accessories will go a long way. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Loved them all <3

    I have always preferred long statement earrings over studs and few of the one you have compiled would make their way to my personal collection :)

  • I share your pain. Working from home really doesn’t require a glamorous wardrobe, but occasionally events in our lives mean we suddenly need to up the game. I love the idea of keeping things simple and using statement Jewellery to glam it up.

  • I loved the dress you wore in L.A. Those sleeves! It was a wonderful evening. Thank you, Grace, for always inspiring!

  • Grace! Can you send the source for the earrings you wore in SF? They were so eye-catching on stage, with the perfect amount of “bling.” I remember them looking similar to the first earrings in this post, but I don’t think they were them….