Small Victories Cookbook + Best of the Web

by Grace Bonney

One of the greatest feelings in life is getting to celebrate the achievements of our loved ones. And today, I am thrilled to announce that my wife Julia’s new cookbook, Small Victories, is available for pre-order!

After a decade of co-authoring and recipe developing for some of the most successful and meaningful cookbooks on the market, Julia decided to write her very first solo cookbook. That book, Small Victories, is the sort of book you can only write once: a book that combines all 31 of her years of life experience and passion for cooking at home into one giant love letter to all that she believes in. Small Victories celebrates the way so many of us cook: one step (or “small victory”) at a time. Each recipe of her book (which contains over 100 recipes and hundreds more spin-offs) starts with a tip, trick or technique that you can use to create something delicious, and then offers how to alter or expand on that dish to make something new and different. There are recipes for everything from delicious chocolate cake with raspberry jam and morning muffins to Julia’s beloved Caesar dressing and a Korean clambake.

After our summer break and Labor Day, Julia will be here on DS sharing a week of healthy lunch ideas inspired by her cookbook, and we’ll be doing a very special giveaway you won’t want to miss. Until then, you can pre-order (and get a free tote bag, pictured below!) and check out Julia’s book right here –and say “hi” in person on her book tour in September! Until then, have a great weekend! xo, grace

Photographs above by Irene Kim Shepherd




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