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In Salt Lake City, Channeling a Big-City Feel With Promising Potential

by Tawnee Madlen Walker

Perhaps living in one of New York’s high-rise buildings is nothing special to some, but trying to find that same experience in Salt Lake City, UT is nearly impossible. In an area surrounded by traditional homes, Heidi and Colin found the antithesis of that style in a stately mid-century building.

Heidi Jube is the owner and creative force behind Monokle Candles and co-owns the gallery and dwell shop, Arte Haus. Her husband, Colin, works as a financial planner in downtown Salt Lake City. They were in the market for a good view and a low-maintenance living space with big-city charm when they found their condo. Captivated by the floor-to-ceiling windows that look out onto a blend of mountain scenery and cityscape, they made the leap and purchased the condo — untouched since the 60s.

In what appeared to be a diamond in the rough at first, the couple saw past the work and focused on the potential of this remarkable high-rise gem. Renovating while attending school, maintaining full-time jobs, and launching businesses took time and patience, but in the end they were able to truly transform their space.

For a small condo, Heidi and Colin packed in a lot of character — from industrial vibes with a concrete floor to traditional touches with wallpaper and wainscoting. The mid-century accents and furniture tie it all together while paying homage to the exterior aesthetic of the building. “We were going for [a] minimalist look, but we still wanted to personalize it and make it feel like home,” Heidi says. “So far, we’ve done a complete cosmetic makeover to the condo, but it’s still a work in progress and will probably always be. I have a lot of ideas spinning in my head about what I’d change in this place.”

Heidi and Colin might have big plans for their condo in the future, but in the meantime they can enjoy their well-balanced home of inspiration. And, who knows, maybe we’ll see their dream remodel in years (hopefully months) to come! –Tawnee

Photography by Tawnee Madlen Walker


candleholder is from Bohem
iron clock is from CB2

Living room
wallpaper is Tempaper
candles are from Monokle Candles
chairs are Knoll
books and lamp from Arte Haus

painted in Tempo Teal by Sherwin-Williams
glasses and plates are a mix of cb2, West Elm, and Crate and Barrel

Dining room
light is from West Elm
chairs are from eBay
dining table is a DIY project

Master bedroom
painted in Black Beauty by Benjamin Moore

Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
The late-60s wood paneling is original to Heidi and Colin's high-rise condo. “We didn’t know what to do with the wood paneling," Heidi admits. "We didn’t know if we wanted to paint it or remove it, so we just left it. It’s in good shape and adds texture to the home."
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
From the dilapidated wallpapered walls to the carpeted floors, every inch of their home needed an update. Keeping it minimal, but wanting that lived-in vibe, Heidi and Colin added wainscoting and wallpaper to add a visual impact. They styled their place with minimalist furniture for a clean and streamlined look. “We have a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows and decked-out walls, so we didn’t want to detract from the architectural details with heavy furniture choices.”
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
Right after the couple signed the mortgage, they ripped out the old carpeting and painted their concrete floors with a high-gloss seal. Heidi adds, “The concrete had lots of imperfections, from cracks to discolorations. The high-gloss sealant gave it a wet look and accentuated the concrete’s imperfections to appear like marble.”
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
Lacking the space for a long table, Heidi and Colin set a mirror where the table meets the wall, which makes the table look twice as big and reflects more natural light into their home.
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
“When we first moved in, I was inspired by the Old Hollywood glam of our building," Heidi shares. "I thought that the ‘Elle-Decor’ look with high-gloss cabinets and bold colors would fit the vibe. I can appreciate a lot of design aesthetics, and my biggest mistake in redoing our home was making design decisions that were based on what I thought was pretty instead of making choices that reflected who I am. That mistake has taught me an invaluable lesson, especially when creating my own brand.”
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
The sheen of the high gloss reflects light and makes the kitchen appear larger, while the carrera marble keeps it luxe. Add that with the open-shelved cabinet, white tiles, and lack of hardware, and Heidi's kitchen strikes the perfect balance of classic design with personal flair.
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
Heidi and Colin’s workspace is located adjacent to their living room. Even though the layout is open, the orientation of the walls made it easy to define the spaces.
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
“We actually have two bedrooms, but one of them is storage for my work. Otherwise, we could have a private workspace. But I’m just so inspired to work in the open, so it would be too hard to move into a room knowing that the large open area with an abundant amount of natural light is just sitting there,” Heidi shares.
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
They anchored the bedroom with a dark wall – adding depth and warmth to make it feel more cozy. “When I walk into the room to go to sleep, I see the dark wall and it makes me want to curl into a ball. But when I wake up, I'm looking at three bright white walls and I'm ready for the day.”
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
It's hard for Heidi and Colin to pinpoint what exact label their home fits into. "It's just us. It’s industrial meets mid-century and classic meets minimalist."
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
With the time commitment that comes with launching two businesses within the same year, Heidi and Colin put their renovation wish list on hold. But that doesn't stop them from daydreaming and planning for the future.
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
From about 90 feet up (which is relatively high for Utah's housing standards), Heidi and Colin enjoy being surrounded by trees, mountains, and the small, yet charming cityscape of Salt Lake City.
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
Heidi and Colin enjoy looking west over a portion of Salt Lake City's cityscape. But nothing compares to their majestic view of towering mountains to their east.
Channeling a Big-City Feel on Design*Sponge
The couple's two-bedroom, two-bathroom house is 1,250 square feet.

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  • I love the bold color in the small kitchen!! With the white plates and bowls, it just makes it stand out more! And the fun textures in the bedroom! I want to plop on the bed; looks very inviting!!

  • Uuuh, I need to go home and completely redesign and rearrange everything in my house now! Byeeeee.

  • I love Heidi’s idea of the dark wall making her want to sleep, and the white walls helping her wake up. That just may help me make the plunge of painting a dark wall!

    Love the bold kitchen colors as well. It may be a learning experience, but I hope it’s not a regret! It looks gorgeous.

  • What a great home and photos! I love the teal blue cabinets! If only I were so bold/brave! It’s great that they left the paneling as is!