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14 Floral-Happy Rooms That Bloom and Blossom

by Sabrina Smelko

Some of the most memorable moments from my life have been marked by flowers. It could be the lingering aroma marking significant life events, the romantic connotation surrounding everything from childhood games of “he loves me, he loves me not,” to getting engaged, or even the coming-of-age experience of cultivating my first garden as a first-time homeowner. Mother Nature’s bountiful bouquets have a way of making an impression not only on your memory, but flowers have forever dominated the design world.

Whether they’re printed on a wrap-dress, displayed in your table setting, or climbing up your walls in paper-form, florals are a timeless trend that never go out of style — in home design, in fashion, or art. Today, we’re toasting to all things that bloom and blossom with these 14 floral-happy rooms. –Sabrina

Contained in frames and printed on fabric, oodles of vintage florals are honored in this restored vacation home in Earlton, New York.
The only thing better than this pink bathroom -- outfitted in brass hardware and a clawfoot tub to boot -- is the floral wallpaper that lines the hallway. This one photo vignette is what my dreams are made of!
Home to a floral designer, you'll find pressed botanicals from various travels hanging on the walls in this curated Brooklyn Brownstone.
In this former Dutch church, florals can be found at every turn in nearly every room, but my favorite use has to go to this darling kid's room. The mural-like wallpaper from Mr. Perswall was applied only to one wall as an accent and echoed by the bedding and decor.
In Paris, France, this customized home is full of many memorable moments that start right upon entry. Decked out in wallpaper from Svenskt Tenn, the homeowners hung this gifted piece in their entryway from a grandfather who was an accomplished hunter.
In the London home of our very own contributor, Rohini Wahi, three enlarged floral prints of Dutch still-life art by Surface View hang in the bedroom. The scale helps ground the space, and I just love the choice to hang them from clothes hangers.
Sometimes the tiniest rooms in your home scream for the most attention. In this North London home, an old mahogany cabinet (that doubles as a linen closet) pops off of a nature-inspired wallpaper backdrop in the bathroom.
From stripes, to full-color blooms, to black-and-white florals, I love how myriad patterns and textures come together in this Portland, OR apartment. It feels easy, breezy and effortless.
I have yet to commit to bold, large-scale wallpaper in my own home, but in this Minneapolis home, large pink flowers greet you in the entryway, and bid you farewell as you leave. Talk about making an impression!
The muted colors on this floral-print armchair perfectly complement the Victorian touches found elsewhere in this farmhouse.
In this floral studio, it's no surprise to find ample flowers in real form, but having them hang as art on the walls -- and applied as wallpaper in a little nook -- is a lovely embodiment of the business.
In New York's Upper West Side is this relaxing family home where a little goes a long way, such as the use of florals on the headboard in the bedroom. In an otherwise neutral space, this bed's headboard is awash in a watercolor print on linen.
This little powder room is elevated with some dark and moody flowery foliage wallpaper. Against the white trim, it contrasts beautifully and makes the room appear more expensive than it likely was.
Peppered throughout this entire home in Israel are florals of all kinds. They don't quite jump out at you, rather, they seamlessly blend into the scene and become one with the space. You'll experience a "Where's Waldo" moment trying to spot them all.

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  • Loved this collection of floral spaces! Such a great mix, too – you managed to find some great lady-like rooms as well as some neutral, more quietly sophisticated spaces. Perfection!