10 Rooms Flaunting the Depth-Enhancing Wonder of Deep Teal

by Annie Werbler

When I was a 90s kid growing up in the gardeny part of New Jersey, teal-and-raspberry was the hot suburban decorating color combo plastered all over asymmetrical window valances, geometric ultrasuede sectionals, and so much formica. Once in a while I still wince thinking about this strong, unapologetic high-contrast motif revealed in jagged compositions — pitched to my unassuming parents by designers with complex hairstyles and shoulder pads.

Despite our rough start, I’ve grown to love teal, especially in its deepest variations just on the verge of being distinctly blue, green, and even black. It has a hidden richness that changes in different lighting throughout the day, and also depending on the materials with which it’s paired. Here are 10 gorgeous settings from the archives that boldly bring teal back into the 21st century. —Annie

10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
Modern Meets Rustic in a 1900s Farmhouse in Bell Buckle, TN at the home of Elizabeth Ulrich, who gave her kitchen walls a hint of saturated teal color as the cabinetry, countertops, and fireplace were all coated in bright white. An antique buffet of her mother's and a vintage Ironstone collection give the color a historic context. Photo by Alissa Saylor.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
For An Airy Los Angeles Treehouse, Eva and Ian Goicochea ground their bedroom with a deep teal wall color that lends a cocoon-like feeling, while minimalist decor and luxurious finishes further warm the space. Photo by Jessie Webster.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
A Uniquely Renovated Brooklyn Brownstone contains the paneled business headquarters of Melissa Lee and her husband Keye, as well as "a library that holds curiosities." Photo by Ty Cole.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
A Gorgeous Georgian Home in Bristol features the original marble-clad fireplace in the parlor-floor apartment of UK-based Edward and Cassandra Nicholas, set off by contrasting dark walls. Photo by Matt Somerville.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
A Catskills Home Designed with Friends & Family in Mind by Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. features a downstairs powder room with rich painted paneling and warm brass accents for a classic look. Photo by Beth Kirby of Local Milk.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
A Cool, Calm and Coastal Historic Home in Warren, RI offers designer Andrew Mau the chance to live amongst saturated tones. Because of all the white-painted trimwork, the deep teal wall color keeps the room feeling bright during the day but cozy at night. Photo by Andrew Mau.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
Candis and Andy Meredith's Before & After: Old Home Love has a dark teal parlor room serving as a backdrop for antique furniture and artifacts on display in the American Fork, UT residence. Photo by Cami McIntosh.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
In Joel Holland's Sneak Peek, a bedroom wall doesn't require a headboard or any artwork to feel finished, as the rich paint color seems to change and add interest to the expanse above the bed. Photo by Lesley Unruh.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
In Gemma Ahern's home, the kitchen doors were swapped out for MDF models sprayed a glossy, inky blue to reflect light and visually expand the tight space outside of London. Photo by Graham Atkins Hughes.
10 Deep Teal Rooms to Die For, on Design*Sponge
The restaurant tour of Gaskins in Germantown, NY shows an opportunity Nick and Sarah Suarez took to use teal for an outdoor room. Colorful flower arrangements appear even more vibrant against the contrasting backdrop. Photo by Kelly Merchant.

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  • I recently painted my dining room dark teal. I couldn’t decide if it was better for the living room or dining room. My husband chose dining room and he was right! I couldn’t be happier. I love this color so much. Its moody and its modern. I Thanks for sharing!

  • Any way to save us the research and list the paint brand/color in each post? Gorgeous, and I’m thinking that more than one must be BM Newburg Green. Thanks!

  • I love these rooms – they made me smile because I just posted photos this morning of our own bathroom renovation with wainscoting the same color as many of these photographs! I worried a little that it would make the room feel a little smaller, but I agree that it’s a color with so much depth.

  • I use to have my art working place decorated in dark teal. Is inspiring to me! I really love this place. Thanks!

  • I painted my studio apartment deep teal! A bold move, but immensely satisfies my hearts desire for grandeur and romance

  • These teal colors are amazing, after watching these beautiful designs i can say that Teal color will be a new choice for many home owners.

  • I love these rooms! Can you please say what the paint colors are in each one?

  • When I was in college, I rented an apartment and painted the walls a super vivid shade of teal touched with emerald. Every morning I woke up in that studio apartment I felt like I was living in a magazine. I can’t wait until I can paint another room such a rich color!

  • I had our powder room painted in BM Caribbean Blue Water – just love it! Had read an article in a design magazine about a room in a NYC Art Museum painted in this color, and visitors find the rich teal relaxing and a perfect compliment to display the Fine Art!

  • Deep teal, such a unique tone to enhance the walls.
    Loved all the rooms, especially the dark wall and ceiling ones, it seems like such a risk to go all dark with colors but these rooms have pulled it off with so much elegance and charm.

  • teal colors are looking so very nice. I think we must try these colors. This will make our walls more beautiful even without wall mirrors.